Terrans / Earthlings [RUS]

Terrans / Earthlings [RUS] Facts

Movie Title: "Earthlings» («Earthlings»)

Year: 2003

Country: USA

Genre: Documentary, Educational

Duration: 2 hours 12 minutes (full version)

Directed by: Shaun Monson

Commented: Joaquin Phoenix

Music: Moby

Sound: Administration implemented


Version: second extended edition

Extras. video:


'Earthlings"- Marked by multi-award winning documentary about the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, pets, entertainment and medical experiments. As, according to many people,"the most compelling documentary"" Earthlings "is also called" the creator of vegan "for his compassionate shooting scenes from animal shelters, kennels, pet shops, industrial farms, slaughterhouses, retail stores that sell clothing and

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The largest in the history of the nuclear leak in the marine environment

The largest in the history of the nuclear leak in the marine environment Danger Zone

Amount of cesium-137, penetrated into the Pacific Ocean after the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, is the largest nuclear pollution in the history of mankind. Coastal radiocaesium concentration was reduced by the ocean currents, thus allowing the authorities to say that there is no visible threat.

According to experts from the Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety in the period from March 21 to mid-July 2011 in Ocean fell 27.1 peta-becquerels radiocaesium (one pet-becquerel is equal to 10 to the 15th degree

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Indonesia and Sumatra drowning

The level of the Indian Ocean in the last hundred years rose to 13 cm However, it rises unevenly. Climate scientists have found out that the inhabitants of any area time to start thinking about relocation.

The fact that global warming will lead to an increase in sea level, is difficult to doubt. Many climatologists believe that the water will rise significantly before the end of the XXI century. However, exact figures are obtained by different scientists have since withdrawn them from different source data and models. For example, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes that the world's

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On the New Zealand hit a blizzard — the strongest in 20 years

June 20, 2013. The strongest over the past 20 years, a blizzard struck the New Zealand city of Otago, Canterbury and other parts of the country.

According to local media outlets, as a result of the disaster are de-energized over 3 thousand houses and dozens of flights canceled.

In the southern part of the country, in some regions, the snow depth reached one meter snow drifts blocked a number of roads.

At the moment, about the victims or the victims of the information has been received.


Delilah hurricane bearing down on the West Coast of Mexico

July 2, 2013. Hurricane "Delilah" — the second storm formed in the Pacific Ocean this season — is moving to the west coast of Mexico. According to the U.S. National Center for monitoring hurricanes in Miami, wind speed reaches its epicenter 120 kilometers per hour. Currently, the center "Delilah" is 305 kilometers from the city of Manzanillo, and moving to the mainland at a speed of 4 miles per hour. According to the forecast meteorologists in the next two days, "Delilah" can gain traction.

Earlier, on June 25, on the western coast of Mexico formed the first hurricane of the

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China: Rainbow clouds over the Jiangxi

July 2, 2013. Evening of July 1, the sky over Syushuanom (Suichuan), Jiangxi, after the rain painted in bright colors.

Unusual clouds, with a slight tinge of green, yellow and red, appeared in the sky. Colorful spectacle attracted passers-by, they stayed to enjoy the incredible skies.

Source: slide.news.sina.com.cn



Iridescent clouds — is a relatively rare optical phenomenon. It may be observed at all times of the year, but most often — in the fall.

So when the sun takes a certain position in the sky, while hidden in a fairly dense

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Following the floods in northern India evacuated 110,000 people

July 3, 2013. In the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand after landslides and floods evacuated more than 110,000 people, according to local media.

The evacuation was carried out mainly by air. Also, the Indian military had to manually restore the flood washed away the bridge over which stuck in the flooded area residents were evacuated to safe areas. Large-scale operation to rescue people codenamed "Solar storm".

Last Tuesday near a Hindu temple Badrinath managed to save 150 pilgrims. According to the Army Staff of India, as a result of the disaster killed 830 people. According to other reports, the death

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Residents flee Indonesia volcano intensified

July 3, 2013. Residents affected by the powerful earthquake on the eve of the Indonesian province of Aceh are fleeing in panic from the volcano intensified there Burnie-Telong, said on Wednesday the national news agency Antara.

"Panic peaked last night after the aftershocks of the earthquake," — said a police officer at the center of public relations Souroti (Suroto).

An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred on Tuesday afternoon on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The epicenter of the quake was located 35 kilometers north-west of the area, Bener Meriah in the westernmost province of Aceh, the center lies at a

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When born seven billionth inhabitant?

When born seven billionth inhabitant? It is interesting

The UN believes that on October 31 born 7 billion people on the planet. However, according to other sources, this event can happen in a year and in the next few years. This difference in the data due to the lack of precise calculations of mortality and birth rates. One thing is clear — the exact date of birth of the 7 billion people can not be predicted.

According to the Vienna Institute of Demography of the event will not happen before 2013, but it can also be stretched up to 2020.

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Report: Air pollution in Asia was the cause of the stop warming

In one study, the United States, published on Monday, said that the smoke emissions in an economically fast developing countries in Asia are more responsible for stopping global warming since 1998. The cooling effect is caused by emissions of sulfur, despite the fact that greenhouse gas emissions have skyrocketed.

The study raised the chance to slow down the process of climate change as soon as possible, otherwise the developing economies will eventually collapse because of the pollution.

As various data, global temperature has not increased from 1998 to 2008, while the man-made emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil

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