Rumba was held in China

July 4, 2013. Tropical storm "Rumba" reached the coast of China and is moving from the south to the north-west. This is the sixth tropical storm in China this year, with his victims over the weekend were already 39 people, at least 13 people in the nine most affected areas so far unaccounted for.

Among the affected regions, where torrential rains caused landslides, flooding of rivers and as a result, large-scale flooding, were the south-western province of Sichuan and Inner Mongolia in the north, as well as the coastal provinces of Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

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Goodbye Comet Elenin!

Goodbye Comet Elenin! It is interesting

Scientists feared the collision of Comet Elenin with Earth, a three-day forecast an eclipse of the sun, but the comet passed the Earth on October 16 without causing earthquakes, tsunamis, or tidal collision risk. This is so that the body of the comet began to degenerate in August 2011 after the coronal emission of the Sun.

The comet was discovered in December 2010 Russian amateur astronomer, Leonid Elenin. It was predicted that the comet will pass 34 million miles, the distance is insufficient for the collision of two objects. Also, the small size of

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Britain to survive the very cold and snowy winter

Britain face a very cold and snowy winter of Natural Disasters

According to experts, in the coming months, the cold temperatures in Britain reached record levels in Britain. The first snow was in early October, a few days after the hottest autumn day in history. British authorities are preparing for the harsh weather conditions, planning to increase the use of road salt to 1,500 tons.

Cause of abrupt climate change may lie in the changing amount of emitted UV rays. Sun is in a quiet phase of the 11-year cycle. This means that UV radiation has become much smaller, thus

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Shiveluch Volcano in Kamchatka threw a column of ash 5.5 km

September 12, 2013. Emissions of ash to a height of 5.5 kilometers from the crater occurred, the northernmost active volcano in Kamchatka — Shiveluch, said GU Emergencies Ministry in the Kamchatka region.

"The ash cloud from the release spread over a distance of 30 kilometers in the south-east from the volcano towards the Ust-Kamchatsky municipal area. Ash falls in the settlements is not registered, "- said in a statement.

According to rescuers, there is no threat to human settlements.

"All the travel companies informed of the dangers that may lie in wait for tourists in case of hiking the volcano

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On the renewed eruption of the volcano Sakurajima

June 14, 2013. After ten days of relative calm, the Japanese volcano Sakurajima in the south of. Kyushu, reiterated currently three consecutive powerful eruptions. The first two eruptions occurred around midnight on June 12, the following occurred around dawn. After the eruption column of ash rose 3 km, and later rose to 3.9 km.

In addition to steam and ash from the crater of Sakurajima started flowing carbon dioxide, which is clearly visible from satellite images of the volcano. At further increase of ash column to 5-6 km altitude. In Tokyo, announced a warning about the danger to

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Flooding in China: 11 dead

July 3, 2013. 11 people have died from flooding caused by torrential rains in the south-western province of China — Sichuan. Four more reported missing. Millions of people were injured in the disaster.

The precipitation in the city of Suining County exceeded 620 millimeters — the highest rate since 1951, according to ITAR-TASS.

In the 42 counties in the province affected 2.55 million people. More than 127,000 of them were evacuated to safe areas.

Destroyed about 6.6 thousand houses, destroyed crops on 119,000 hectares of fields. Especially dangerous is overflowing reservoir. According to the Province, 13 reservoirs have been

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In Argentina, the most devastating floods in decades

July 3, 2013. About two thousand people were forced to flee their homes. In a few days the water level in the river Parana rose to seven and a half meters.

In coastal cities residents move in boats, many houses were flooded. According to meteorologists, the flood peak has passed. However, in the next few days again expected heavy showers and thunderstorms. Rescue workers are preparing for another evacuation.

Source: Channel Five

Weather confused British meteorologists

June 16, 2013. With the British weather was something wrong. Evidence of this — severe winters, snow in May, the summer floods and droughts. Weather forecasters are sounding the alarm.

Next week the Met Office (Met Office) UK will hold an emergency meeting to try to understand the strangeness of the weather phenomena that occur in the country. The main issue of concern to professionals — whether these are caused by global warming.

A spokesperson for the service, some studies have shown a link between the reduction of the ice cover in the Arctic caused by global warming, and weather

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In China, again expensive selskohozproduktsiya

Beijing, January 28. From 17 to 23 January 2011 in China again recorded higher prices for agricultural products. These are the data of the Ministry of Commerce.

Last week, the average wholesale price of 18 kinds of vegetables in China grew by 12.6%. Growth rates were 6.5 percentage points higher than the previous week. In particular, pepper, cucumber value rose by more than 10%.

Analysts tend to associate with a rise in extreme weather events in the south, where the cyclone brought cold snap and heavy snowfall. This has a negative impact on the production and transportation of vegetables

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The massive eruption of Shiveluch

The massive eruption of Shiveluch Natural Disasters

The massive eruption was on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Diameter crater of Shiveluch is 1.5 kilometers. Ash emissions reached an altitude of 10 kilometers above sea level. The snow melts in the crater at an incredible speed, causing landslides. Volcano eruption continues, increasing the danger of air travel.

Photo: / NASA / JSC

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