The climate of New South Wales raises concerns

May 14. Scientists are seriously concerned about the climate in the state of New South Wales (NSW), where one third of the inhabitants of Australia. 31% of the national economy is concentrated in this state. Over the past 40 years in NSW have increased significantly in duration and intensity of droughts and heat waves in western Sydney marked increase in the number of warm days of the year by 60%.

Experts estimate that by the end of the century the largest city in Australia, the number of days with temperatures above 35 ° C will be 14 compared to the

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Material aid to Haiti

Material aid to Haiti to save the planet

Clean water, sanitation, food remains a priority for the provision of material assistance to Haiti.

UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos went three-day visit to Haiti to see the progress of the project to provide humanitarian assistance. After the earthquake last year in the camps are still 600,000 people who need support.

Residents of the camps near the capital, Port-au-Prince expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation: the president and donors shifted to long-term projects that do not end up solving housing issues. "People are sensitive to the lack of

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Tropical typhoon "lied" in the Philippines

Tropical typhoon "lied" Natural disasters in the Philippines

After two typhoons in the northern Philippines water begins to recede, and the number of victims at around 60 people. First typhoon "Nesat" and then typhoon "lied" hit the north-eastern part of the archipelago (the province of Isabella, the island of Luzon and agricultural regions of Bulacan province). Local authorities are doing a great job to save lives, but at least 15 villages remain inaccessible.

According to the China National Meteorological Center "lied" headed toward the Chinese island of Hainan and central Vietnam, where last week there was a strong seasonal flooding

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Bering Sea froze. Coverage of ice — the second in history!

February 14. Coverage of the Bering Sea ice in January 2012 became the second largest in the history of the climate. According to the U.S. National Center for Snow and Ice, ice covered 562 thousand square meters. km — at 104, 6 thousand square meters. km more than the average for the years 1979-2000. Record remains for January 2000 (629 thousand sq. km.). This event follows from the weather conditions that led to the spread of cold air from the Arctic to the Bering Sea and the movement of the ice to the south, across the Bering Strait. The situation

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Indonesian authorities are advised to stay away from the volcano

Indonesian authorities are advised to stay away from the volcano danger zone

Authorities warned fishermen and travelers to stay at a distance of 2 kilometers from a smoking volcano, known as the "Child of Krakatoa." The volcano rises to 5 meters per year, and its current height of 400 meters.

Volcanologists believe that the danger of the volcano reached its highest level in recent memory. The reason for this was the sharp increase in tectonic activity. Number of shocks increased from 200 to 7,200 a day. Authorities most fear that the red-hot rocks can fall into the ocean, with higher

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Volcano Gaoua produces a vapor cloud

June 22, 2013. Just only 20 kilometers in diameter, the island Gaoua actually represents the upper cone and the top of the stratovolcano with a total length of about 3000 meters, and the total diameter is 40 km. Its main part is submerged under the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Also known as the island of Santa Maria (Santa Maria Island), Gaoua is part of the Vanuatu archipelago, a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific Ocean, which is the territory of the Republic of Vanuatu.

According to the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution (Smithsonian

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Discovered a supernova in the galaxy Arp 220

Discovered a supernova in the galaxy Arp 220 Facts

Space Observatory, astronomers Onsager Chalmers University recently discovered a supernova in the galaxy Arp 220, located at a distance of 250 million light years from Earth. Never before in a single galaxy was observed at the same time as many supernovae. Discovery proves the assumption of astronomers that the galaxies that are considered the best in the universe of "Star Academy" is also "supernova factories."

Using ground-based network of radio telescopes in 5 countries, astrologers were able to create detailed images of the galaxy Arp 220. Behind a thick layer of

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Found the smallest black hole

Found the smallest black hole Facts

The smallest black hole is detected by X-rays, called palpitations because of its similarity to the electrocardiogram. She was given the name IGR J17091-3624. A hole is referred to the binary system, in which a normal star rotates with the black hole, weighing three times less than the mass of the Sun.

Aware of only one similar star system — GRS 1915 +105, which also consumes less gas with stars shine. This system exceeds the IGR J17091-3624 to 5 times.

Many binary systems with black holes is highly structured, but only two, IGR J17091-3624

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China: 7 cm of hail in Pinggu

June 26, 2013. The urban area of Beijing submission — Ping, suffered loss 7-cm in diameter hail. For Beijing, this is a very rare phenomenon.

Were damaged roofs, floors and cars. No injuries and casualties were reported.


Ergonomic office chair design

Ergonomic office chair design guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 8 '  

Office chair series ReGeneration Knoll production may become the everyday thing that supports you while you work. The effect is achieved with the support of bends to the right parts of the chair and special vehicles and durable material that reacts to the movement of human being in the chair, creating comfortable working conditions. In addition, the manufacture of chairs were used recycled and rapidly renewable materials on the natural basis. Can be purchased at a price: $ 800

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