Is it possible to drown in a volcano?

Is it possible to drown in a volcano? It is interesting

Fig. Lava lake in the crater of the volcano Niragongo in Congo.

Many thrillers special effect used when the character is drowning in boiling lava of the volcano and dissolves instantly at about a thousand degrees. This happened with the villain Gollum from "The Lord of the Rings." But geologist Eric Klemetti sure that everything is a bit different.

Rather, it falls into the lava man will not sink, but will be retained on the surface of the hot mass. First, this is because the density of the lava

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Beijing — a city of the future?

Beijing — a city of the future? It is interesting

How can you benefit the environment with high-speed trains? The answer is simple — if you build megacities around these rail services, as China does in his new project "Innovative Development of Beijing-Bohai."

Expanding the borders of the Chinese capital will add to the existing area is 17.6 million square meters, which will be used for various purposes. But special emphasis on providing high quality location of head offices of the most advanced companies in the district capital of Bohai. This place is responsible for a quarter of China's annual

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Baikal goes under water

June 30, 2013. North Baikal region has turned into a disaster zone. After showers mountain river burst its banks, destroying everything in its path. Bridges razed villages and towns inundated. His hundreds of families have lost their homes.

Of the Trans-Baikal Tungokochena get to the mainland today only by helicopter. Yes, and the village itself has to travel by boat.

Due to heavy rains the small rivers on the north edge sharply overflowed. Located in flood plains towns flooded. Turbulent fluxes and demolished four road bridges and washed away the track. Who road services erect temporary crossing to

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The consequences of the earthquake in western Nepal

June 29, 2013. The earthquake that occurred in the middle of the Western region of Nepal in Rukum, had a magnitude of 5.5. The quake felt in 15 administrative units of the country and even in the capital city Kathmandu. Major destruction of the earthquake recorded in southern Rukum, in the settlement of Nuwakot destroyed more than a dozen homes. In Dzhagatipure damaged due to shock two-storey building. Others are damaged Khalanga built-9.

Among the people there are also affected, which reached number 20. Most of the people of the epicenter are still afraid to go back inside the house,

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The largest wind farm in the open sea

The largest wind farm at sea Facts

British wind power at sea is considered the largest of its kind. Capacity of 367 megawatts, Walney wind farm off the coast of Barrow-in-Furness Tenet superior farm, generating up to 300 megawatts.

Walney is composed of two separate projects: Walney-1, which was completed in May 2011, and the newly built Walney 2. Construction of the second farm was completed in record time — 5 months and 13 days. Wind farm consists of 102 turbines Siemens capacity of 3.6 MW each, capable of producing enough electricity to provide more than 320 thousand families annually.

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In the United States fell radioactive rain

In the U.S., radioactive rain fell Facts

Fig. According to the indicators of a Geiger counter, radiation levels in Toronto wet from the rain the grass is thousands of pulses per minute.

Residents of the U.S. state of Toronto witnessed the loss of "natural" radioactive rain. By measuring the specific levels of radiation dosimeter in rain dew of his house, people were stunned by the results. The device showed thousands of pulses of radioactive particles per minute.

In fact, the fallout has long ceased to be a rare phenomenon in the world, because every day in the planet's atmosphere gets

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On Madagascar, a new cyclone

On Madagascar, a new cyclone Natural Disasters

According to the latest information received from the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, within the next day on the line from 13.7 S — 53.3 E to 14.9 S — 44.0 E, the formation of a new powerful tropical cyclone. Wind speed in the zone reaches 45-55 km / h The system moves along the northern edge of. Madagascar to Mozambique Channel and continues to gain momentum. Pressure in the formation of a cyclone is one thousand millibars.

Fig. 2. Updated track cyclone.

Fig. 3. Track cyclone over Madagascar.

After tropical cyclone death toll

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Shiveluch volcano throws ashes again

June 29, 2013. Shiveluch Volcano in Kamchatka threw another column of ash six miles high. Plume away from it in a south-westerly direction. Residents of the villages located in the area, alerted and prepared. Ever since Thursday, when they already dropped ash Shevelucha, they are armed with gauze bandages and observe precautions. Then a layer of volcanic sediments were about a millimeter. People are recommended to try not to go out into the streets. According to experts, a direct threat giant does not carry. Meanwhile, the potential hazard to flight warned all interested service: declared "orange" aviation color code,

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On the New Zealand collapsed blizzard

June 21, 2013. On June 21 New Zealand collapsed ice storm, which led to the transport collapse, reports Associated Press. Information on casualties and no injuries were reported.

A wind speed of 36 meters per second. Because of the storm interrupted road and rail connections. Due to the continuity of power lines without light were approximately 30,000 homes. Wind uproots trees and tore off the roof. It is expected that the weather is already normalized by Saturday.

Local media report that the wave height near the capital Wellington reached 15 meters. They have washed away some coastal roads

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Agate dish and coasters

Agate dishes and coasters guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 4 '  

Kitchen utensils are made from raw materials produced in Brazil. Edge condiment sets intentionally left untreated. Dishes are ideal for feeding cheese, sushi and any other product that requires sophisticated presenting to the table. Each item in the set has a rubber bottom to protect surfaces from scratching. Colours sets surprising natural diversity. Hand washing is recommended. Can be purchased at a price: $ 59 for a set of 4 items

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