Partial solar eclipse

Partial solar eclipse Facts

February 21 at noon in the cosmos can be observed the partial solar eclipse, when the new moon passes between the sun and NASA spacecraft. From the Earth to the phenomenon can not be seen. However, NASA's solar dynamics observatory could take a picture of a dim eclipse from geostationary orbit at an altitude of 36,000 km. Moon has closed a small, but fairly bright part of the sun, allowing the spacecraft to calibrate their data and record the eclipse, making pictures and videos more clear.

Combined satellite photo of the Moon and the Sun


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Czech Republic again threatened by flooding

June 26, 2013. Do not have time to recover from the Czech Republic rampant disaster, which struck her a few weeks ago, as here, she was faced with a new threat of flooding. Heavy downpours continued in the country for the third day in a row. And, as reported by weather forecasters, the rain will not stop until Wednesday night for much of the territory.

On Tuesday, June 25, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute for the warning all residents that soon they may have to face a new threat.

Only for Monday on most of the territory fell to 40 mm of

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In anticipation of the big bang in the Death Valley

In anticipation of the big bang in the Valley of Death Danger Zone

Death Valley, intermountain basin in the Mojave Desert, was formed 800 years ago — later than previously thought. Geologists have determined that the crater Yubihibi in the California valley width of 800 meters and a depth of 180 meters is not formed by a prehistoric volcanic explosion, and that the conditions for the further changes exist today.

Presumably the crater was formed when rising magma column passed through the accumulation of ground water by activating the explosive processes. During phreatomagmatic explosion erupted superheated steam, volcanic ash and

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Unusually cold temperatures in Alaska

Unusually cold temperatures in Alaska Weather and Climate

Residents of Fairbanks, Alaska, to endure the most extreme cold in the last 10 years. January 29, 2012 International Airport was recorded temperature -51 degree Celsius. At this time, the temperature usually does not drop below 16 degrees. Record low is -60 degrees in 1933. Perhaps this record would be broken if it were not dense ice fog.

Since 1999, this is the second time the temperature reaches or exceeds -50 degrees. In January of this year for 2 weeks the temperature was between -40 degrees Celsius. Prolonged cold in Fairbanks, close

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Hurricane frequency depends on air purity

June 25, 2013. A group of researchers from the meteorological centers Hadley conducted studies on the relationships between the frequency and intensity of storms and air quality, and came to very interesting results. As the researchers found, the efforts of people to make the air cleaner does not always have a positive impact on the mitigation of hurricanes or to prevent their formation.

It has long been known that in the modern atmosphere is a certain amount of solid particles of a certain size, for example, waste aerosols from industrial facilities or home-types of human activity. It is these aerosols

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What are climate change Britain?

What are climate change Britain? Weather and Climate

According to national estimates of the risks of climate change in the next ten years, annual losses from floods in the UK can reach billions of pounds, while agriculture and tourism can compensate for the loss.

Arguments "for":

Reduction in mortality in winter in warmer temperatures. To date, 26 to 57 thousand people die prematurely from the cold. By 2050th these rates may be reduced by up to 4-24 thousand.

Reducing the amount of electricity consumed.

The influx of tourists to the UK.

The increase in wheat, sugar beet and potatoes, the

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The underwater volcano near Kalpakkam

June 26, 2013. Indian Council for Regulation of nuclear energy (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)) began a detailed study of how the detected underwater volcano threatens nuclear power plant in Kalpakkam, about 70 km away. from Chennai.

Evidence of an underwater volcano was announced five weeks ago. At the moment, Geological Survey of India (GSI) also conducts special research status of the volcano, although the initial analysis showed no geological activity.

In addition to the AERB and GSI, to join the National Research Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

All of these agencies have

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Tropical Cyclone "Iggy" is coming to Australia

Tropical Cyclone "Iggy" is coming to Australia Natural Disasters

A tropical cyclone is moving in a south-easterly direction to the north-west coast of Australia. It is predicted that "Iggy" caused numerous tornadoes in Indonesia, will bring heavy rains and storms.

Tropical Cyclone "Iggy" a tornado on the Indonesian island of Java to Bali. As a result, destroyed about 1,000 homes, with about 500 of them destroyed Seribu Islands. About 50 people were wounded, 7 died (three killed by falling trees in Purbalinga, two — in Bali — one in South Jakarta and one — in Vonosobo).

Formed in the eastern

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NASA: Torrential rains caused shoaling of the ocean …

September 27. "2010 was the worst in the history of global observations of the most destructive floods. However, only the first 3 weeks of 2011 have already shown their mega-flood as for the whole year ", — said meteorologist Jeff Masters.

All day I spent on the study of what columnist for The New York Times, Thomas Friedman calls "global meteohaosom": the destabilization of our meteosystems, shakes 3 million tons of emissions that enter the atmosphere, thanks to us the use of natural resources. So, today is a rare day when I was so shocked by a recent report

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Part of Bangkok will go under water in the next 10 years, scientists say

BANGKOK, Dec. 17. Thai scientists say that within the next ten years, a significant part of Bangkok could be under a layer of sea water, says the Thai newspaper Nation.

Director of the Research Centre for Environment Sirindhon the Princess Suri Supharadit professor said that if current abnormal climatic processes continue, Bangkok will share the fate of eight Asian cities, which in the next decade could face partial or complete inundation, the newspaper said.

Abnormal in the number and intensity of precipitation in the north-eastern, central and southern Thailand, led this year to the catastrophic flooding in some

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