Kamchatka volcano Shiveluch unleashed on the neighborhood ash falls

June 27, 2013. Shiveluch volcano, erupting in Kamchatka, thrown into the air column of ash up to 10 km. Discharge plume away in the south-west, somewhere has already passed ash falls.

The streets of the village Keys, which is 47 km from the volcano, priporoshilo reddish ash, local residents handed out protective masks — in the air is the smell of sulfur. In the village buried most social institutions.

Ash falls took place in the village of Lazo, the thickness of the layer has reached a millimeter. Subject to ash "draft" in the townships Milkovo, Dolinovka and Atlasovo Milkovo district,

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In Colorado, the water leaving the whole ranch

September 14, 2013. Severe flooding continues in the U.S., its victims are already 4 people. Rescuers evacuated hundreds of residents blocked flow of water in their homes. Thousands of people have fled their homes independently.

Source: RT


Flooding in Colorado: Three people were killed

September 13, 2013. Order of the President of the American state of emergency was introduced in the state of Colorado, where strong rains caused flooding. During the day, several thousand people were evacuated, according to the three victims.

Incessant rains for several days resulted in the flooding of rivers and immediately several

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Tropical Storm Cosme turned into a hurricane off the coast of Mexico

June 25, 2013. Tropical storm "Cosme", which originated in the Pacific Ocean, on Tuesday became the first hurricane of category and moves off the coast of Mexico, according to the meteorological services.

Now, "Cosme" is not far from the Baja California peninsula about 580 km from the Mexican coast. Experts believe that this storm will bypass the coast and not harm.

Wind speed in a hurricane reaches 120 kilometers per hour, it moves in a northwesterly direction at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour.

Tropical storms are named when accompanying wind reaches speeds in excess of 62 kilometers

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Floods threaten UK

Floods threaten UK Facts

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom has published a list of 700 risk factors, including the threat of flooding to 3.6 million people, water shortages, soil erosion and destruction of flora and fauna.

Flooding that of climate change, pose the greatest threat to UK residents. By mid-century life from 1.7 to 3.6 million people will be at risk. Financial aspect can cost from 2 to 10 billion pounds, with the increase mortality from heat, and in large areas will experience water scarcity.

In assessing the 100 most immediate risks were allocated

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Singapore was hail — a rare phenomenon for those places

June 27, 2013. Last Tuesday, residents of the western areas of Singapore reported that with the rain showered on them. "In my window something was pounding and I opened the front door to see what was going on," — says the teacher Lucas Ho. — "I never thought I'd see hail in Singapore."

According to the National Agency for Environmental Protection, hail — a rare event in the city-state. The last time something like that seen here in 2009, reports Channel News Asia.

Hail is formed in supercooled clouds by the freezing of individual droplets of moisture. Large hailstones

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In the Arctic, discovered large reserves of water

In the Arctic, discovered large reserves of water Facts

For 15 years in the Arctic Ocean due to the changed direction of the anticyclone wind there was an accumulation of water. Since 2002, its level in the region rose to 15 cm, and the volume increased by 8,000 km ³, about 10% of the total amount of "fresh" water in the Arctic.

According to researchers from the London College Yuniversti accumulation of water has become possible due to the acceleration by powerful winds Arctic ocean circulation called the Beaufort cycle, resulting in the movement of the water surface. Wind makes

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Scientists predict major earthquake in Tokyo

January 27. This Tokyo during the earthquake. The city lights go out here and start fires. The city practically in ruins, numerous traffic jams on the roads, some cars on fire.

Now it's all just a fantasy computer graphics and computer designers.

However, academics Earthquake Research Institute at Tokyo University, said that in the next 4 years with a probability of 70% in the Japanese capital can happen earthquake of magnitude 7 points.

According to studies, 11 million people could die and about 850,000 buildings can be destroyed.

Shinichi Sakai, one of the participants in the study: "Last

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Cyclone Funso not retreating

Cyclone Funso not retreating Natural Disasters

Fig. 1. Cyclone Funso

Tropical Cyclone Funso formed in the Mozambique Channel and was fifth in the Indian Ocean cyclone season in 2012. Medley evolving and moving to the south, to the end of January, Funso has gained strength, and now the wind speed it reaches 224 km / h

Joining forces with a zone of low pressure Dando, the cyclone caused heavy downpours in the south-eastern part of Africa and Madagascar, which have provoked floods and overflowing rivers Incomati and Moven. Maputo residents are deprived of the main source of drinking water because

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Heavy cyclone unleashed on the Primorye semi-monthly rate of precipitation

July 3, 2013. The cyclone passed on Tuesday over Primorye, brought down on the edge, according to preliminary data, about half the monthly average rainfall, areas of local roads are flooded, trees knocked down by the wind, told RIA Novosti the Primgidrometa.

Forecasters Primorye due to the worsening of fronts over the edge of the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday night in the province predicted heavy rain. It was expected that 12 hours will fall to 50 millimeters of rain. Also, in the suburbs of Vladivostok predicted output of the river banks and Sedanka Bogatinka and flooding their floodplains.

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How to see the green light?

How to see the green light? It is interesting

Many people, when they go to the beach to enjoy the sunset, trying to see the green flash. What is it?

Green Ray — optical phenomenon that manifests itself after sunset or before sunrise the sun. This happens when the sun was almost completely hidden behind the horizon, and the top edge remains visible. Within a few seconds, this part may seem green. It is believed that if you ever see a flash, you can never go wrong in matters of the heart.

How could see the green light? Here's what

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