Over Moscow appeared noctilucent clouds

Noctilucent clouds over Moscow, June 21, 2013 © Dmitry Months

June 21, 2013. Noctilucent clouds as if waiting for a better time? the climax of his short season, which falls on the shortest night of the year, on the eve of the summer solstice, and the general lowering of temperature in the atmosphere.

"Take a picture of noctilucent clouds over Moscow"? modestly said Dmitry months, the author of a great classic photo of noctilucent clouds.

They look the same as ordinary cirrus: same wavy lines, ridges, ripples, swirls. But in contrast to the much lower cirrus clouds, which

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On the Aegean coast of Turkey hit a storm

On the Aegean coast of Turkey Natural disasters hit storm

Several Turkish provinces on the Aegean coast were affected by heavy rains and gale force winds brought by sea storm. Caused to the coast storm caused flooding of private fishing vessel in the area of Cesme, Izmir Province. On this ship, one person died, another Turkish citizen who was also on board, temporarily listed as missing.

Tragedy could have been avoided if the owners of the fishing boats do not ignore the message of impending leadership Antalya serious storm. Following the information in this alert, in the cities

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Flooding in central China: evacuated more than 5,000 people

June 28, 2013. More than 5,000 people were evacuated in Hunan Province in central China due to flooding caused by the continued heavy rains Monday. ITAR-TASS quoted the Xinhua news agency.

According to the information of all of the elements affected about 310,000 people in 173 villages.

According to the local emergency flood control and drought caused serious damage to irrigation facilities, transport infrastructure and energy supply system. The most affected city of Huaihua in the western part of the province. In the area of Hechen rainfall over the past day has exceeded 250 mm.

Forecasters, meanwhile, predict a continuation

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Counting the losses of natural disasters

Counting the losses of natural disasters Natural Disasters

Worldwide industrial chain deliverable no time to recover from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, in October new disaster undermined their work. Because of the unusually heavy monsoon rains floods in northern Thailand. Affected by both local and foreign companies (Honda, Western Didzhitalz) located in Bangkok, nicknamed "Asian Venice." Total losses amounted to $ 40 billion, which is 2.5% lower global industry revenue.

Over the past five years so costly in material sense natural disasters are common. According to estimates of the largest reinsurance company Munich Re, the world's loss

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Chronicle wreck in peacetime

Chronicle wreck in peacetime Facts

April 15, 1912


Passenger liner "Titanic" sank during its maiden voyage off the coast of. Newfoundland, faced with an iceberg. Of the 2228 passengers and crew of "unsinkable", as previously thought, the ship was lost in 1523 people.

May 29, 1914

The Empress of Ireland

At least 1,012 people died when the liner "Empress of Ireland" collided with a Norwegian freighter on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. On board was 1057 passengers and 420 crew members.

October 25, 1927

Principessa Mafalda

Italian luxury liner "Princess Mafalda" was going to Rio de Janeiro from

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Earth Paraguay covered by flood

June 28, 2013. After several days of heavy rain the river Parana, partly flowing in Paraguay, burst its banks. This was the cause of the extensive flooding which affected several provinces of the country.

The greatest damage caused water rose provinces of Misiones and Alto Parana. Now the provinces are actively held evacuation as the water level in the river, which reached 6 meters, continues to rise. From the city alone Ayolas, Misiones, for the moment had left more than 3 million people. People are evacuated by boat by yourself or with firefighters and police officers in a

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Paradise is at stake: how to revive tourism after disasters?

Paradise is at stake: how to revive tourism after disasters? It is interesting

Fig. 1. Queensland tourist industry revives after the cyclone and floods.

Due to natural disasters shattered tourism industry in many countries, especially in Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and Australia.

Peripherals fun,

or the place most crowded tourist services, usually includes the coastal areas in the tropics and sub-tropics, where there is plenty of sun, sea and golden sand for the best vacation. However, this area of the world are constantly exposed to cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes, which strive to destroy the earthly paradise. The most popular tourist

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Volcanoes of Alaska staged an explosive duo

June 28, 2013. As Pavlov volcano and Benjamin Volcano, located in Alaska, began to show signs of seismic activity a few weeks ago. All this time, both the volcano built up its internal capacity, and volcanologists are now watching their state the gain of eruptive activity.

Both of the craters of volcanoes in small portions began to flow to the surface of the lava, ash clouds have become more intense. In the Alaska Volcano Observatory Peninsula believe that like a volcano of Pavlov and his neighbor, Benjamin volcano will continue to haunt the few residents of the northern state

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Flooding in Pennsylvania has reached its peak

June 28, 2013. In the West, the U.S. state of Pennsylvania because of flooding occurred declared a state of emergency. The most difficult situation is in Dubois and Trautville where to travel almost all the roads are closed, most of the streets have turned into streams with the water level at 1 meter. The state of emergency also applies to counties, Jefferson and Klierfild which officially closed about 200 km of flooded highway northeast Pitsbugra.

From ignited by Dubois, the 150 mm of rain affected families of 20-30 houses, ground floors and basements are literally floating. For the

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In Alaska volcano erupts Pavlova

May 17, 2013. Pavlov volcano on the Alaska Peninsula, awakened this week, stepping up activity. According to the Center for Monitoring volcanoes in Alaska, seismic activity remains elevated, earthquakes occur continuously.

The volcano continues to erupt, the lava — gush. Vulcan produces a cloud of ash, steam and gas extending from 50 to 100 kilometers. It is situated at an altitude of about 20,000 feet (6.1 thousand meters) above sea level. The morning of May 16 the clouds spread in the south-east. Satellite images show a constant, elevated temperature, the surface of the volcano. Flow down the slopes of the

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