A huge crater was formed in the village of Nizhny Novgorod

April 10, 2013. Two dozen tenants of private houses in the Nizhny Novgorod region was evacuated due to a funnel with a diameter of 40 meters and a depth of 14 meters, which was formed in the neighborhood on Wednesday night, according to the regional central board MOE.

"At 02:00 MSK April 10 at Nizhny Novgorod region, locality Buturlino, Railway Street, the house 26a, subsidence has occurred, resulting in a crater with a diameter of 40 meters, a depth of 14 meters. Of the next 20 private residences to evacuate 50 residents, "- said in a statement.

Source: RIA

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Weather surprises of the first week of 2012 (photos)

Weather surprises of the first week of 2012 (photos) Natural Disasters

The first seven days of the new 2012 distinguished by extreme weather conditions. For example, in Latin America occurred alternately fires, floods and droughts. Forecast for the region in the future is quite disappointing.

Happened in Port Arthur, Texas, the fog caused tens car collision, about 50 people were injured.

Strong winds and rain precipitated coast of Britain. In Aberdarone, North Wales, wind gusts up to 150 km / h In Kent, England, because of this kind of weather in the crash killed the van driver, faced with a

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In Australia lunar mineral found

Australia has found a lunar mineral Facts

In the west of Australia in rocks billions of years old earth scientists found similar trankilliteita, lunar mineral consisting of iron, zirconium, yttrium, titanium, silicon and oxygen. The mineral was named after the Sea of Tranquility (Mare Tranquillitatis) on the moon, where he first saw the Apollo 11 mission in 1970. Earlier trankilliteita found only in samples from the moon or lunar meteorites.

Fig. 2. Long believed that the mineral found in Australian rocks, is present only on the surface of the moon.

Birger Rasmussen, a geologist at the University of Courtney Bentley,

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Developed the most accurate model of mantle flow and plate movements

The research has earned a place on the cover of the current issue of the journal Science.

Geophysics of California Institute of Technology and University of Texas at Austin developed an accurate model of mantle flow and plate movements.

The model successfully combines data on the processes of completely different scales. It is known, for example, that the convection in the mantle drives the lithospheric plates are huge, but the result of these shifts is also strongly influenced by their interaction with each other. On their borders generates huge quantities of certain areas of

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Globally icing postponed "for later"

Globally icing postponed "for later" It's interesting

Last icing Earth ended 11,500 years ago. The new "Ice Age" to go back to the planet in about 1500 years. But this may not happen because of the constant release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of human activity.

The group of Dr. Luke Skinner, along with scientists from University College London, the University of Florida and the University of Berger, Norway, has estimated that the CO2 level should be reduced to 240 ppm (mg / kg) to ice possible. Even if the carbon dioxide to the atmosphere stops

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Dozens of people were affected by the typhoon, Solik on the island of Taiwan

July 13, 2013. At least one person was killed and 31 wounded in a typhoon that struck the island of Taiwan. Hundreds of thousands of homes were left without electricity, more than 8,000 people were evacuated. The hurricane also accompanied by heavy rain. After passing through Taiwan, "Solik" headed for the provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian provinces in eastern China.

Source: RT


Red danger: China and Japan are waiting for the 9-meter tsunami

July 12, 2013. In China and Japan are waiting for typhoon "Soulik", which could trigger a tsunami height of nine meters. Due to the

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In North and South Korea flood

On North Korea attacked the powerful showers

July 13, 2013. In the DPRK, as a result of flooding caused by heavy rains killed two people. Most rain — from 200 to 400 millimeters — fell in the central areas of the country. Powerful rainstorms hit the capital of North Korea, the city of Suncheon and Anju. As a result of the disaster more than 700 people have lost their homes, 1.7 thousand hectares of farmland were under water.

In line with the forecasts of local weather forecasters, on Sunday, July 14, the DPRK will be held again, heavy rains, and

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Earth rotates differently

July 12, 2013. The latest research suggests that the earth rotates at different speeds at certain times of the 5.9-year cycle. Scientists have also found a link between changes in the Earth's rotation and the sudden changes in the magnetic field of our planet. The speed of rotation of the globe can change quickly, a millisecond per day, because of the wind or liquid on the surface of the Earth. Scientists can measure how fast the Earth spins, watching the distant objects in space and time and counting how long it takes to get back into the field of view

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Floods top the list of natural disasters in 2013

July 12, 2013. This year, the floods in the lead among all natural disasters on the severity of the damage, the size of which reached several billion U.S. dollars. Particularly large losses experienced by countries in Central Europe after the June floods. All kinds of natural disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes and heat waves that occurred in the first half of 2013, cost the world $ 45 billion

Property damage from flooding in the countries of continental Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia amounted to about 47% of global losses. The most devastating floods recognized episodes in northern India and Nepal due

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Passed through Arizona dust storm

July 11, 2013. In the area of Phoenix, the capital of the U.S. state of Arizona, on agricultural land was a dust storm.

A cloud of dust was spread over 16 kilometers, seriously worsening visibility.

Dust storms usually mark the beginning of the summer season thunderstorms in the southeastern United States.

Source: BBC Russian Service

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