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Tropical storm Dorian

August 3, 2013. Last week, U.S. forecasters noted the decrease in the activity of tropical systems, "Dorian" at the level of a tropical storm to a less dangerous tropical wave. Now, however, the cyclone re-gaining momentum, coming to the east coast of Florida.

This weekend in the Bahamas and the coast of Florida expected heavy downpours with thunderstorms and gusty winds. Although forecasters say that the cyclone is unlikely to again reach the level of a tropical storm, residents of coastal cities, including fishermen and owners of cruise ships, warned of possible floods.

"Dorian" has shown the first signs of

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The southwest Minnesota blizzard swept

The southwest Minnesota blizzard swept Weather and Climate

The Midwest U.S. is slowly moving powerful snowstorm. Snowfall is so abundant that after becoming neproezzhabelnymi road and accident-prone. According to reports from St. Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, around 355.6 mm of snow fell. In connection with this weekend Airport canceled 150 flights.

In Minnesota, it's heavy snowfall since then, two years ago under the weight of winter precipitation fell through the roof Metrodoum sports center. In 2012, the roof has been kept as the center owners do their best to melt the accumulated snow, while the air temperature

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Hydrographs confirmed the emergence of a new island in the Arctic

September 23, 2013. Expedition Hydrographic Service of the Northern Fleet has made a number of Discovery in the Arctic and confirmed the formation of a new island in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, told reporters on Monday, head of information security news service WEST along the Northern Fleet (NF) Captain First Rank Vadim Serga.

For the first time the question of secession of the island of Northbrook in the Franz Josef (Franz Josef Land) arose in 2006. The captain of the atomic icebreaker "Yamal" Stanislav Rumyantsev said that there is evidence that the isthmus between the western and eastern

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New Christmas menu with the global warming

New Christmas menu with the global warming Facts

With some of the climate change and influence unduly active catching marine life for a meeting of the Nativity in 2012 Spaniards forced to adjust some holiday menu. Already, it is clear that the number of dishes from fish and seafood particularly reduced.

This is confirmed by calculations of scientists, exploring the coastal areas of Spain. Recently, the population decreased significantly near the Galician octopus. Experts say that the reason for this was the increase in the average temperature of the sea water, which is detrimental to the species. On

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Six-point earthquake in Siberia

Six-point earthquake in Siberia Natural Disasters

In the south-western part of Siberia was fairly strong earthquake measuring 6.5-7 points. Its epicenter was in the thinly populated area about 120 km from the capital of the Republic of Tuva, Kyzyl with a population of 109,000 people. The numbers of the depth and strength of earthquakes have very large break off.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake in six points began B15 21:56 with an epicenter 96 kilometers east of Kyzyl, Russia, about 336 km north-east of Ulaangom, Mongolia, and 361 km to the east- south-east of Abakan, Russia

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"Green" roofs can increase solar panels

"Green" roofs can increase solar panels to save the planet

Two recent studies have shown that plants which are both on the roof and gardens and solar cells, can improve the performance of the latter, thus saving on energy bills. The effect is due to the fact that plants with a "green roof" due to the natural processes of water absorption and its subsequent evaporation significantly cool the air around them. And as we know, the performance of solar cells is increased in cooler conditions.

According to preliminary data obtained in a group of students of the Academy

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Pyongyang tossed with military exercises in the fight against floods

August 4, 2013. North Korea's leadership had to cut the Summer of military exercises to kick the military to fight the effects of the devastating floods. This is with reference to South Korean media reports Agence France-Presse. Flooding caused by strong rains, has already led to the death of 33 people, the destruction of homes and farmland.

In connection with the flood military units placed in the west and south-west of North Korea ordered to reduce to a minimum the teachings and do recovery work. Summer teaching North Korean troops were to be conducted in parallel with the joint exercise

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There is a growing number of victims after typhoon Bohan

There is a growing number of victims after typhoon Bohai Natural Disasters

It is reported that the Philippines, the number of victims after the most powerful typhoon this year Bohai continues to grow and now stands at 477. In addition, because of the typhoon about a quarter of a million people homeless, as the winds and rains with flooding and landslides almost completely razed to the ground a few settlements on the island of Mindanao. These people are in temporary buildings, schools, gyms and other locations.

Rescue workers are still trying to find 380 missing people, identify which

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France declared "orange" alert due to snowfall

France declared "orange" alert due to snowfall Weather and Climate

37 departments of France, including Rhone-Alpes, Ile-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Burgundy are experiencing difficulties due to blizzards and heavy snowfall, do not stop for about a day. As the center of traffic information, the vast majority of road traffic very difficult to act warning about the dangers of the 2nd, and in areas with sleet third level, everywhere a limitation of maximum speed. Citizens are advised not to make avtoprogulok unnecessarily.

Due to the heavy snowfall in the Paris airport Roissy become very popular blowers services, and now

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In northeast China floods in the south-west — the drought

August 4, 2013. While northeast China overcome cyclones which poured rain. So over the past 12 hours in several localities fell more than 60 mm, and sometimes breaking the mark in the 90 mm. Torrential rains accompanied by thunderstorms and strong wind. In some provinces, there are floods that have affected tens of thousands of people, destroyed crops. According to preliminary calculations, the local weather forecasters here will continue to torrential rains, and the level of risk associated with water logging can be increased.

In the south-west of China, in the province of Guizhou is a severe drought, which has

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