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We cheer them on, experience. Here Nicholas retired from the village of Don grown in the garden zucchini weighing 20 pounds! But the student of the glorious Pyatigorsk broke the bank in the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Such examples are lacking. But we are in the framework of our immortal column as always talk about love. Only this time, the "television" the love that is born on the show "Let's get married!"

Meet Karina is a girl in our town known in certain circles. Kareena now lives in Moscow, and she came. In the survey day

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In Chile, the Russian winter came

Russia was the third top ten sustainable energy

Russia improved its result in the rating Sustainable Energy World Energy Council by one position to 26th place, despite the deterioration of environmental performance, according to a new publication of the report of the Board of World Energy Trilemma.

The annual ranking of sustainable energy, which the authors presented at the UN climate talks in Doha, takes into account the three dimensions of the concept — energy security, social equity in access to energy resources and reducing the adverse impact of energy on the environment. The study authors analyzed 22 indicators to be calculated for the member countries of the

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Hungarian 250-year-old sycamore tree was the year in Europe

European tree was growing in 2013 in the north-eastern Hungary sycamore, whose age is estimated at 250 years, according to a Friday online organizers' European tree. "

The third consecutive year by Internet voting Europe chose the tree of the year. With a greater emphasis on age is not the nominee, and its role in the social and cultural life of the local population, the associated legends and traditions.

"First place goes to the plane trees of the Hungarian city of Eger, voted for by 14,205 people," — said in a statement.

According to legend, under the tree in 1552,

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In Moscow, snow is expected

The first snow appears on the streets of Moscow on Wednesday in connection with the expected formation of black ice on the roads of the capital, said weather specialist center "Phobos."

"Formed in the environment, the snow cover will last a few days in the capital. Affect it stable temperature decrease to negative values," — said the weather center.

According to him, most of the precipitation will be on Tuesday, but they will fall, most likely in the form of rain. Meanwhile, the places will be snow in the afternoon — snow and rain.

"On Wednesday, the precipitation is expected

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Trapping of wolves began in JAR after their attacks on pets

Authorities Leninsky District of the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAR) formed a team for catching wolves due to increased attacks these animals to dogs and livestock, according to AMIA Jewish Autonomous Region.

"This time the police turned a resident of the village of Leninsky district Chocks. Climbed in the manor … wolf and attacked the home dog. Landlord arrived in time to rescue … and shot the wolf eighteen months," — said in a statement.

With the increasing number of such cases the situation is under control by local authorities, the population informed about the security measures and rules of conduct

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Heavy rain was held in St. Petersburg

Northern Lights in Estonia

September 9. Reader photographed the cliff Tyurisalu northern lights, which by its brightness was like a picture of the northern sky.

Conditions for the appearance of the Northern Lights are having because of the large number of charged particles of the solar wind, which on September 9 in the evening reached Earth. It is projected that it will also be seen even tonight.

River podtopila homes in two villages of Tuva, residents evacuated

Kizil, July 5 — RIA Novosti, Ivan Afanasyev. River Derzig podtopila 21 houses in the villages of Tuvan Saryg-Sep-Aqsa and Derzig and evacuated 101 people, First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Ten.

The heavy rains that came in Tuva on Sunday and Monday, led to a change in the river bed Derzig.

"In the village Saryg-Sep Street Yenisei podtopilo 10 houses, inhabited by 48 people in the village Derzig Aqsa Street Backbone — 11 houses, inhabited by 53 people," — said Ten journalists.

According to him, all the people evacuated from flooded homes in the settlements, which are

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Clouds are closer

During the first decade of this century, the clouds were a little lower — an average of 1%.

Researchers from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) analyzed the results of measurements of the cloud tops, made from March 2000 to February 2010 using a polygonal Spectroradiometer (MISR) American spacecraft Terra.

1% — is 30-40 m usually decrease was due to the fact that at very high altitudes formed fewer clouds.

Lead author of Roger Davis notes that the data cover too short a period to be able to make far-reaching conclusions. At the same time we can not ignore the

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