Fish kill in Canada

7.06.11.Tysyachi dead fish found on the surface of the water in the Rideau Canal (Rideau Canal) in Ottawa. Tourists and local residents complain of foul smell and speculate on the reasons for the mass death of fish in the canal.

Federal Organization Parks Canada, which is responsible for the Rideau Canal, says that there is no reason to worry. The organization has received many calls from residents concerned about the situation around the canal at the loss of the fish. However, representatives of the organization say that the fish died of natural causes, not related to pollution,

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FFA: Russia need a national forest policy for the next 100 years

National Forest Policy, the tasks for the development of the forest industry in Russia by 30, 50 and 100 years to appear in the country, the head of the Federal Forestry Agency Viktor Maslyakov.

"We need to raise the culture of forest management to the world standards. We believe that we should more actively involve community organizations for a discussion on the forest industry. There should see the national forest policy, which should set objectives for the next 30, 50 years. General, the objectives should be centennial, because the growth cycle of the forest is very large, "- said Maslyakov

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More than 10 wildfires raging in Portugal

About 12 wildfires raging in Portugal led to the overlap of major road and rail routes, reported on Monday by AFP citing local authorities.

In particular, because of the fire was interrupted rail service between the cities of Viseu and Mangualdi in the central part of the country.

According to the agency, at the moment of fire fighting about 1,2 thousand firefighters, but to cope with the fire prevents strong wind and dry weather. Since the beginning of the year in Portugal, a fire destroyed more than 70,000 hectares of forest and killed two people.

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Iraq threatens monopoly Gazprom

Last week there was a conflict between the government of Iraq and the Russian oil and gas monopoly Gazprom corporation. The thing is that in 2009 the Russians won one of the tenders to develop oil fields in eastern Iraq, near the Persian Gulf, which is very profitable for the company. However, in parallel with that Gazprom signed an agreement for the development of other fields with the government of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan — an autonomous republic in the north of Iraq, about the same as, for example, Tatarstan in Russia.

Naturally, such a relationship with the breakaway region

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Snowfall will leave Moscow region in the second half of the day

Snowfall in the Moscow region, will stop in the second half of the day on Monday, with the air temperature drops below 10 degrees below zero, the Internet portal "Meteonovosti."

Snowfall began in Moscow on Sunday evening and goes so far.

"Snow western cyclone, moving to the east, now leaves the Moscow region. Precipitation intensity compared with the night will gradually weaken, and in the afternoon snowfall expected to be halted. Monday will be cloudy weather with clearings, on the morning of snow in some places (mostly in the north-east region), "- said in a statement.

According to weather forecasts,

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In north India avalanche

Avalanche came down near the village Kafnu, located in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Initially, it was believed that the seven missing under the snow layer of people died. But later in the snow was found three missing people, each of them received injuries. After some time, all seven were declared alive.

Toe of the avalanche was caused by heavy snowfall continued in Himachal Pradesh for several days. In Shimla, the state capital has dropped about 300 mm of precipitation. A particularly large number of snow fell in the remote Kinnaur district, where at night and

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Asia responds to the case of mad cow disease in the U.S.

Countries importing U.S. beef is concerned about mad cow disease, which was found in California. Meanwhile, the U.S. government urged not to panic.

Gorbuniha river burst its banks. Video

In a small stream Tochilina Gorbuniha peremerzla and went out of their coasts. Residents of the private sector were in the ice prison. Flooded not only expensive but also garages, sheds and other buildings. Only in this way, along the fence, you can go down the alley Bochatskomu, and cars and do not drive past here. Over the past 30 years people will not remember this from the quiet and small river.

Antonida Batrakova, street committee chairman: "Everything is chained ice. Wicket does not open, the machine can not pass, the children can not go to school.

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In Moscow flowered viburnum

No one believed, but it took and back — Indian summer. Oh, yes, nature …

How is it like a woman — first to burst into tears at all the "I can not see you" and "how much you can", and then — to jump on the neck and sob, breathless tenderness, quite happily.

Is not it just came to us weather — scared endless showers, cooling, and then suddenly smiled blissfully behind the clouds and warmed up, and forced to hide umbrellas, raincoats and unzipped … Morning colleague, Julia, came with a smile. Shows pictures — viburnum

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In Krasnodar, chestnuts bloom

The heat from the city to leave, does not seem to. And chestnuts fall altogether announced a boycott and bloomed for the second time in a year.

Usually in August, the trees wither and drop their leaves. And their flowering season is in May.

Contrary to the nature of the trees are not the first time. Last year, chestnuts surprised Krasnodar even in winter. Now enjoy a truly beautiful sight you can in a park near the stadium "Kuban".

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