Freezing rain fell on China

In China, the New Year's Day was marked by bad weather in multiple regions. About two thousand passengers stranded in Lhasa (the administrative center of the Tibet Autonomous Region): Because of a dust storm 12 flights were canceled. Dust that is driving strong wind enveloped the entire North-West China, will move ITAR-TASS. Most flights canceled today in Chongqing and Chengdu (Sichuan Province).

And in the Southwest China, most recently — in Moscow and Moscow region, hit freezing rain. At the airport, Guiyang (Guizhou provincial capital) because they delayed 36 flights. In the 27 counties and cities in the province of

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Conifers protective belt of Moscow kills woodworm

The authorities in Moscow will spend about 2 billion rubles for protection of forest protection zone of Moscow from bark beetle, which affected 30-40% of coniferous trees around the capital.

As the head of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Kulbachevsky Anton: "The problems started in the late nineties — the beginning of the two thousandth's. I have witnessed situations when I had to open criminal cases against unscrupulous foresters, especially entire populated area bark beetle in order to fit more came in decline and could let the ax with impunity "- told Kulbachevsky.

According to him,

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Flood in Uzhgorod

Today in Uzhhorod because of heavy rain, which was held in the morning, on some streets formed a flood …

Residents to get to work today, the regional center was extremely difficult.

— To work today was getting a half hour. First like on the bus — the water off at the knees. Then tried to call a taxi. Almost all machines have refused to go — thanks to a good taxi driver who dared to swim the hundred meters in depth. Then we have for a long time in traffic, because, of course, the move is flooded and

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Seven and a half thousand U.S. flights canceled due to Hurricane Sandy

U.S. airlines have been forced to cancel about seven and a half thousand domestic and international flights due to approaching the U.S. coast Hurricane "Sandy", said on Monday the Associated Press.

Major U.S. airlines, including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, canceled Sunday and Monday all flights from airports in New York, Washington and Philadelphia — is expected on these cities will have the brunt of the disaster. Airports in these cities will also not accept flights. According to the publication USA Today, air traffic will be fully restored by Tuesday evening.

Representatives of air carriers reported cancellation

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In Colombia, the killer bees attack people

BUENOS AIRES, August 20. The attack on the people "Africanized" killer bees in Colombia killed 2 people.

As RIA "News" in the departments of Antioquia and Huila rescuers for the last day of more than 50 times went on call citizens who were attacked by bees.

Victims of bees were 90-year Marcos Pedreros and 6-year-old boy.

Experts say that this activity is related to the bees came in Colombia sometimes flowering plants.

Pupils of childrens camp near Moscow ill meningitis

In the children's camp "Dawn", located in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region, documented cases of meningitis in children, said, "Russian news service" camp director Alexander Garkusha. According to him, four sick inmates of the institution. Now everything is being done to prevent an epidemic. "Take all measures to ensure that no epidemic was not. They found — temperature, redness of the throat sisters, first at one, the next day the other girls (they are of different ages, one 14, the other 10 years). Sent them to the infectious diseases hospital. Then he found two more. Now have to analyze everything you can,

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The earthquake in Japan, followed by tsunami

The Japanese islands have been two-pronged attack in the form of a magnitude 7.3 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami in the northeast of the country. Push felt good even residents of Tokyo, wave height emerged reached 1 meter. Fortunately, the official data on injuries were reported, but in the danger zone canceled trains and closed airports.

This is done to prevent the tragedy at possible aftershocks, because the current earthquake occurred just in the place where a year ago in March, the infamous event happened at Fukushima. Then killed about 20,000 people and nuclear power has failed. As soon

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In India, the victims of the hurricane were 37 people

NEW DELHI, May 19. A hurricane struck the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, took the lives of 37 people. Reported by the BBC, referring to the official Indian media. According to some reports, during a hurricane a tree fell on a vehicle in which there were people. Eight people were killed.

In addition, numerous reports on damage to homes and power lines.

Recall the last time a cyclone strikes at the east coast of India in May last year. Then the hurricane Laila killed 23 people. In total, were evacuated about 30 thousand people.


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Snowy winter paralyzed southern Chile!

Incredible! While the whole world is suffering from the heat, heavy snowfall paralyzed the south of Chile. The snow cover in some places is almost two meters.

As reported, snow swept up several mountain villages. Bad weather has paralyzed traffic, does not work mobile and radio. Blizzard left without electricity for about fifteen thousand chelovekna southern Chile.

Residents of the Andes are cut off from the outside world. Clearing the roads to them special rescue team.

Two weeks ago, the abnormal snowfall seen in the Chilean Atacama Desert, which is considered the driest place on

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Saiga antelopes have died from eating too much

The cause of mass death of saiga in western Kazakhstan in 2010-2011 was eating animals, said Friday at a press conference in Astana, a professor from the Royal Veterinary College in London, Richard Koch.

Last two years in the 20 days of May Zhanibekskom district of West Kazakhstan region in birth areas Ural saiga population documenting mass death saiga. So, in 2010, killed more than 12,000 individuals in the current year — about 500 individuals, with 90% of the dead animals were females and cubs. According to the preliminary data of the Ministry of Agriculture, the cause of mass deaths

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