Karachai-Cherkessia bear killed a man

Karachai-Cherkessia in Teberdinsky State Biosphere Reserve bear attacked people, one person was killed and another injured, reports "Interfax".

"The incident occurred the day before, when the employee was cleaning the reserve aviary bear. Animal attacked people. As a result, one person died from his injuries, another is in serious condition in intensive care," — said the representative of the Ministry of Interior agency KCR Tuesday.

According to him, the bear who attacked people shot by the reserve.

However, the deputy director of the reserve Yuri Sargsyan said the news agency that the victim is not an employee Teberda reserve. "The

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Because of the bird flu in South Africa killed 10,000 ostriches

The destruction of 10 000 ostriches on farms in South Africa has not been able to stop the epidemic of avian influenza, which has been discontinued due to the export of ostrich meat, reports AFP.

The first cases of influenza caused by the virus H5N2, have been reported among birds in the Western Cape on April 9. Although this strain is not as dangerous to people as vysokoletalny H5N1, it represents a serious threat to the poultry industry. Therefore, on April 14 the export of ostrich meat from South Africa has been suspended.

According to the Ministry

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Severe storm in the north of Holland

In the villages in the north of the Netherlands declared evacuated for fear the collapse of the dam and the subsequent flooding, reports Associated Press.

Over the past few days in the north of the country had the monthly rainfall. Authorities fear that the dam, which is located 160 km from Amsterdam, will not sustain the pressure due to strong winds and incessant rains.

Local authorities urged more than 200 villagers voluntarily leave the danger area as pumps and windmills can not cope with pumping water.

Water protection authorities of the Netherlands report that while

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By night in Moscow will become cold as minus 22 degrees

In Moscow today, expected freezing weather with little snow. According to the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, during the day the temperature will rise to minus 10.8 degrees in the capital and minus 12.7 degrees — the area. In the capital, cloudy weather with clearings, light snow at times, the wind is weak.

On the night of 3 to 4 January temperature in Moscow was minus 13-15 degrees on the field — minus 12-17, in clarifying — to minus 22 degrees.

Afternoon the thermometer rise to minus 11.9 degrees in the capital and minus 8-13 degrees — in the area. Will

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In the center of Adler Huge explosion

Evening, February 17 at house number 173 on Lenin Street in the center of Adler in Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, a powerful explosion. As stated in his microblog Governor of Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev, the explosion occurred in the sewage pit.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the incident was a gas leak. Currently, investigators and detectives trying to find out the reasons for the accident. "The people were evacuated out of harm's way," — said A.Tkachev.

The blast none of the residents was injured. Krasnodar Territory Governor instructed the police to conduct an investigation to establish the perpetrators of

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Fukushima-1. Chronicle of March 20

18:30. State of the reactors at NPP "Fukushima-1" on Sunday night. (Kyodo)

Reactor 1. Partially

s nuclear disturbance, no cooling, space reactor hydrogen explosion damaged the roof torn off. Carried water attack Reactor 2. Threat to the integrity of the reactor cooling missing fuel rods partially exposed, premises damaged reactor explosion in the third reactor. Attack carried water and filling swimming pools with sea water, a connection to an external power grid. Reactor 3. Partial destruction of the core, there is no cooling, room damaged reactor hydrogen explosion. Water attack from land and air. Reactor 4. Risk of renewed

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Amur tigers are killed by canine distemper

Scientists have confirmed the presence of canine distemper virus in a population of Amur tigers. If urgent action is taken, the infection will put the future of the north of the tigers bold cross. Vikipediynaya article about endangered species is illustrated by a portrait of a tiger. The fact that this animal was chosen as the emblem of endangered species, in itself speaks volumes. Tiger numbers abbreviated because of reduced habitat caused by human activities, and because of the greed of the hunters. According to statistics, in the wild, there are about 3,500 tigers, and to protect that trace

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The scientific work of the security services concerned with avian influenza

Two scientific papers devoted to the virus H5N1, was first placed in the journal «Nature", the second in the journal Science, have raised serious concerns about anti-terrorism agencies.

Both studies showed that the virus could easily mutate into a form that can spread rapidly among people.

Biotechnology Advisory Board of the National Security United States appealed to the logs requested to be removed from the publication of certain details. According to them, they can be used by terrorists to develop biological weapons.

However, many scientists, including the researchers believe that the benefits from the publication of the full research outweigh

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The worlds largest crocodile died in the Philippines

The world's largest crocodile in captivity, died at the city zoo Bunavan (Bunawan) in the Philippines on Sunday, reports agentstvoAssoshieyted Press.

Saltwater crocodile, nicknamed Lolong (Lolong) was added to the Guinness Book of Records as the longest crocodile living in captivity. Its length is 6.17 meters and weight exceeded ton. Mayor of Bunavan Edwin Cox Elorde (Edwin Cox Elorde) said that Lolongu was more than 50 years, and the cause of death could be the unusually cold weather to the region.

The crocodile was captured in September 2011during a three-week hunt, open after the authorities suspected that the giant reptile

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Tomorrow in Ukraine to -30

According to forecasts of Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center in the coming days in Ukraine is expected cold weather and little precipitation in the form of snow. Black ice on the roads. The average temperature is about -22/-17 degrees at night and -10/-5 degrees during the day.

In Kiev -22/-17 degrees tomorrow night, -10/-5 day, precipitation is expected to sleet. Thursday also dry. -17/-12 At night, day -7/-2 degrees. Friday Chance of Snow. -11/-6 Degrees at night, daytime temperature is about -8/-3 degrees. In the Kiev region, partly cloudy. Temperature — from night to -22/-17 -10/-5 degrees in the afternoon. Wind north-east,

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