In the Indian Ocean earthquake

In East Timor, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8. Its center lies at a depth of 465 km, the tremors have been recorded in 276 km to the north-east of the state capital city of Dili. This is stated in the materials of the U.S. Geological Survey. Data on injuries were reported. Tsunami threat was not announced. Democratic Republic of East Timor — a country in Southeast Asia, which is mainly the eastern half of the island of Timor in the Timor Sea (Indian Ocean).

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Death from hail in China

According to Chinese news services in the eastern and south-western China, three people were killed and many were injured in the storm, which was accompanied by hail.

On Tuesday and Wednesday in the eastern province of Jiangxi continued hail, which caused not only damage to buildings, and the death of several people.

In the south-western province of Guizhou, about twenty-five people were injured by hail 3.5 inches in diameter and weighing 18 grams, were also damaged buildings and destroyed crops in an area of 2,700 hectares. As a result of this storm had evacuated

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Materials for facade cladding

The facade is an integral part of any building and its decoration is due to come to best fit it into the environment. Facing front of a responsible and time-consuming, the most difficult is to make a choice in favor of a coating material, as construction companies offer them in a huge range. Finishing materials must perform several functions: to protect the walls from rain, to give the building an aesthetic look to insulate it, and can not cope with this, not every design.

One of the most used and well-proven material lining is made of wood of different species.

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A new catalyst for the removal of carbon dioxide from industrial emissions

The current method of removing greenhouse gas — carbon dioxide — from the chimneys of coal power plants require so much power that no one even thinks about its practical application. Fortunately, Roger Eyns and his research team from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Lawrence (USA) have developed a completely new catalyst for the separation and capture of CO2, which mimics the natural enzyme that works is in our lungs.

Having succeeded in this case, the laboratory, the general view has become a true global leader in the development of catalysts that mimic the behavior of natural enzymes.

This small molecule

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In case of fire in the circus tent in St. Petersburg, killing all 53 animals

More than 50 animals died in a fire in St. Petersburg circus tent on Monday, said the EMERCOM in St. Petersburg. Data on victims of people have been reported.

According to authorities, the fire started at 13:00 on the extension to the circus tent in Avtovo in the south-western outskirts of the city, where there is an exhibition of animals. There was a danger of fire on the transition itself circus. The fire was given increased number of 3.

To localize the fire rescue workers took an hour to eliminate — a little over two hours. Animals were killed in

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In Voronezh blossomed lilacs

About natural anomaly talking in the New Year in Voronezh. There in January on trees and bushes active buds. What is happening on the streets, more like spring.

The reason was incredibly warm. Local residents could not believe their eyes when they saw the lilac bloom leaves. Voronezh scientists predict that that was not the end. In summer, the area can and does begin subtropics. I will add that the anomalously warm winter they say now and in the Crimea. Snowdrops bloom in Sevastopol, which are listed as endangered.


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Search for survivors in Turkey collapsed, now will focus on humanitarian aid

Turkey rolls up of search and rescue as a result of the earthquake postradashih because the chances of finding survivors under the rubble void. Efforts are now focused on providing humanitarian aid — thousands of people were left homeless. Currently installed is 35,000 tents

Four people suffered because of the typhoon in southern Japan Sunbeam

At least four people were injured on Sunday by the impact of Typhoon "Sunbeam" on the Japanese island of Okinawa, reported agentstvoKiodo.

Typhoon "Sunbeam" appeared on September 10 in the Philippines and became the 16th typhoon of the season in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

At present, according to the National Meteorological Agency of Japan, typhoon "Sunbeam" is located to the south-west of the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima and is moving north at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Central pressure of 950 hPa typhoon. Squally wind speed accompanying the cyclone up to 40 meters per second, with gusts up

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2012 was the hottest in the history of North Eastern U.S.

New data published by the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell, show that the average temperature in the north-eastern United States for the period from January to July was the highest since 1895 and was +9,9 ° C. It is expected that the annual average temperature will also be a record.

Last 12 months (July 31, 2012) became the warmest for 117 years of observations in the northeast, the average temperature is +12,6 ° C was only 0.1 degrees less than the record of 1932. New temperature highs in July were recorded in many of the regional weather

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West Poland powerful cyclone hit

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