Bulgaria. Caterpillars attacked Pazardzhik

According Dnes.bg, a huge number of tracks appear on plants in Pazardjik.

In recent days, they became so much that people began to find them in their own homes and apartments

"This is a real attack, which climbs the walls of houses and climbs through the open window in the apartment. In the last week I have 10 pieces of caterpillars found in his room, "- said a resident of Pazardzhik Peter Dimitrov, who lives on the 2nd floor of the five-story building.

The municipality reported that on Monday, local environmentalists will decide how to appropriately and effectively deal

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Tokyo badly shaken

Earthquake, a magnitude 6, 1 recorded off the coast of Japan. Quake epicenter was located in the Gulf of Suruga, at a depth of 20 kilometers. Tsunami threat has not been announced.

Seismological activity were felt in several cities, including Tokyo. In Shizuoka Prefecture, at least nine people were injured, all of them were taken to hospital. About the destruction is not reported. According to local authorities, nuclear power plants are operating normally.

Cold not off

Cold anticyclone retreats to the east of the Russian Plain. His influence on the weather of the North-Western and Central Russia is waning, however, it still remains the main weather-factor. Cold weaken, but only slightly. Besides increasing nasty south-east wind, the impact of which vyholazhivayuschee makes the weather even more uncomfortable. This is — a necessary evil in the perestroika period of atmospheric processes. In such a situation, despite the extreme cold, is much more comfortable to be near the center of the anticyclone — in the Volga area and the Urals. The warming will slow and drag on for

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Berlin scientist discovered implementation monster

Researcher at the Berlin Museum of Natural History found in the collection is still unknown implementation — a monster. "With its size and the black color is this wasp — a truly horrific event", — explained entomologist Michael Ohl.

It has a huge jaw and looks like a fighting machine. The same implementation caught there recently Lynn Kimsey, a female scientist from California. This wasp is about five times larger than the species that are found in Europe.

Homeland wasps — Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It belongs to the family of Dalara and together with other 10,000 already known and

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Volcanic mud in Malaysia

If you go to a resort in Malaysia Borneo, you'll see firsthand that him is pure volcanic mud. Last week, the mud erupted nearly three times more active than usual. This led to the fact that sulfur compound spread rapidly in the area equal to a football field. In addition to increasing the number of excited tourists from neighboring Tabin Wildlife Resort, there seems to increase in the number of animals. It is believed that volcanic mud contains healing properties of iodine, bromine, calcium, and magnesium. According to Wikipedia, since the mud is not toxic, it is used in the

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Bird flu has been more common than thought

American microbiologists found that the bird flu virus H5N1 infects people more and less fatal than those as indicated by statistics from the World Health Organization, said in an article published in the journal Science.

According to the World Health Organization, in recent years, medical institutions of the world have registered 600 cases of infection with avian influenza H5N1, more than half of which have been fatal. To date, the virus does not spread from person to person, but the "editing" of its genome can give him the "capacity". In this regard, the world's leading virologists announced a voluntary moratorium

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Deadly virus carried by ticks, captures China

China applies a new disease that is carried by ticks. This statement by the Ministry of Health. It is a fever passing against thrombocytopenia. It is caused by bunyaviruses views that threaten human liver and kidney failure, and able to cause internal bleeding, according to Xinhua. It is known that the human body, fluids are extremely contagious. Therefore, all those infected should immediately be placed in detention centers. According to the guidelines issued by the people who were in close contact with carriers of the virus must undergo a 14-day quarantine. According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and

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Natural Resources Commission will check the reserve in Moscow

MEP will form an expert committee, which will evaluate the situation on February 6-7 and verify the operation of the Central bison nursery Oka-Terrasny reserve, where the beginning of the year died two bison and a buffalo, told RIA Novosti Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy in the field of environmental protection MEP Russia Vsevolod Stepanitsky.

Since early January, the Central zubropitomnike killed female bison, bison-producer Shponti and female bison. Several media called the cause of death of animals poisoning, and environmental organizations have appealed to the Ministry of Environment with a request to look into the

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The plague in Lithuania recycled more than 10 thousand pigs

In Lithuania, the ongoing use of pigs from a farm in Jonava district, where he was found hearth swine plague. As REGNUM today, June 6, the State Food and Veterinary Inspectorate, the discovery of the plague recycled 10 thousand pigs. Recycling is the company Rietavo veterinarine sanitarija, where infected pigs delivered to disinfected transport which, after delivery is thoroughly disinfected. While repeated outbreaks of plague have been recorded, but Russia is still forbidden to bring Lithuanian pigs.

Meanwhile, after consultations with the Russian experts in the field of food security Lithuania promised to resume exports of pork

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Chinese environmentalists are sounding the alarm

Chinese environmentalists are sounding the alarm — the level of air pollution in the country with catastrophic otmetki.Kitayskie authorities try to control the process by shtrafov.Tri quarter of electricity in China is obtained by burning it in ugol.Pri emits sulfur dioxide.

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