Odessa beaches are filled with oil

According to the head of the regional administration of Edward Matviychuk all polluted city beaches will be cleared from the operation of salvation nefteproduktov.V beaches attended by about 500 people. Emergencies Ministry rescuers, soldiers and volunteers have collected more than 250 tons of contaminated peska.Soglasno preliminary information, the release of oil into the Black Sea resulted from bunkering.

To make the beaches suitable for leisure, participants tried to quickly collect oil.

Reference: Odessa — is the fourth largest city in Ukraine. Recall that a major oil spill occurred at the weekend in the town of Ilyichevsk Odessa area. Oil contaminated

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Rain in Southern California resulted in 170 traffic accidents

On the Pacific coast of the U.S. hit the second this week barrage of thunderstorms, accompanied by cold snap. In just eight hours on the roads of southern California, mainly because of the weather, there has been 170 traffic accidents. As noted by the patrol and inspection service of the state, the number of accidents has exceeded more than twice normal. On average, every day in California, recorded 82 accidents.

Now specify the number of victims and injured in traffic accident occurred. Thus, in the area off Highway 5 in Lake Pyramid Lake encountered two trucks. The driver of one

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Hail in New York baseball-sized


Some have described the incident as something "terrible" and others called "incredible", and one man said he even felt the sense of shock from lightning.

However, this was not the end of the world, but only a hail storm sweeping through the center of the district of Queens in New York. Some of the hailstones were the size of a baseball, they smashed windows of cars, street furniture and glass, reports dailymail.co.uk

Evan Sussman says he was shot in the head from falling hail, and have never seen anything like it. Another person was

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Bangkok flooded, the water breaks through to the city center

BANGKOK, Oct. 23 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Flooding, on Friday and Saturday spread to the northern and eastern suburbs of Bangkok, is gradually moving to the city center, said on Sunday reports RIA Novosti.

On Sunday, much of the Don Muang district and Lax (Cheng Vatthana) north of Bangkok, including a number of highways and railways, were under 30-50-cm layer of water. Water is gradually moving to the south, to the city center.

Efforts of the authorities to withdraw the water into the sea through-pass channels in the east and west of the city prevents began in the Gulf

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Abnormal cold established in the Far East

In the coming week in the southern districts of the Khabarovsk Krai and Khabarovsk in the frost will get stronger to 32 degrees during the day and 38 — at night. Issued a warning to this MOE. Heads of cities and regions offered to take preventive measures. Possible breaks power lines, transformer substations off, failures in heating and utility work.

Bird hunting due to influenza is recommended to disable the Kuban

Rosselkhoznadzor recommends a temporary ban on the hunting of wild birds in the west of the Krasnodar region because of the outbreak of bird flu, according to regional government agencies.

According Rosselkhoznadzor deaths of hundreds of birds occurred near Kiziltash of estuaries (Temryuk district and district Anapa). Experts made a preliminary diagnosis — "bird flu" (AH5), is recycling dead birds. According to environmentalists, the local mortality was collected about 1500 birds.

"The recommendations public hunting and fishing on a temporary ban on hunting permits wild birds," — said in a statement.

Estimated departments in the estuary, where the fallen birds,

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Science guard our beauty

Every woman dreams of ideal beauty. We do not always agree with what nature has given, or not ready to take age-related changes. Fortunately, science has stepped far enough to eliminate all that prevents us from having the proper self-esteem. Today, the most popular procedures are Botox, breast augmentation and liposuction.

Let's look at each of them in detail. Botox — the name of the drug, manufactured by Allergan. The name has become a common name. What he is is and how it works? Injected under the skin by injection drug blocks the transmission of nerve impulses. Thus, you can

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In the Volgograd region of 11 districts remained without electricity due to bad weather

DUBAI, 19 December. Residents of the 11 districts of the Volgograd region were without power because of the weather.

As reported in "Volgogradenergo", power lines were damaged last night because of fog, wind and icing wires after heavy rainfall. Without the light of the remaining residents of 19 communities in 11 districts.

Energy from early morning to start reconstruction. On key routes experts "Volgogradenergo" conduct so-called "ice melting" that allows you to stop the icing.

"Power shall take all possible measures in order to have this evening to restore power supply to the consumers, the natural elements impaired" —

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Katla volcano threatens flooding

On Sakhalin bears walk into town

As reported by the local Ministry of Forestry, last week, a resident of Makarov predator shot right on the doorstep of his house. And on the neighboring property bears ate guard dog. In Nevel Sakhalin region in the holiday array hunters also had to shoot the bear, which was often visited the dacha, attacking dogs. He pulled up in front of the owners of three shepherds, who were sitting on a chain.

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