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Hybrid dandelions will be used for the production of tires

Dutch company KeyGene and international tire manufacturer Apollo Vredestein began to explore the possibility of using dandelions as the main raw material for the production of tires for vehicle wheels. The roots of this plant contain natural latex, which is very attractive to developers of its environmental performance, production characteristics.

Among other things, the use of dandelion may be attractive from a financial side, because the rubber demand in many sectors of the global industry, including automotive. Given this demand, the capacity for the year "Dandelion" production would be about $ 100 billion It remains to solve one

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Off the coast of Tonga was a powerful earthquake

Off the coast of the Kingdom of Tonga in the earthquake measuring 6.1 points, reports AFP referring to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Earthquake epicenter is located 55 kilometers from the capital at a depth of 81 kilometers. No casualties or damage still is not known. According to experts, there is no tsunami threat.

The government of Tonga, located in the Pacific Ocean, in the so-called "Ring of Fire". This territory is contiguous tectonic plates. Therefore, in the region increased volcanic and seismic activity. The last major earthquake happened in Tonga in October 2009.

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A forest fire broke out in Turkey

Western Province Turkey Balikes is in critical condition because of a forest fire that engulfed nearly 50 hectares of forest. The fire has to be risen to nearby villages, so almost all the settlements in the mountains of Khaz Havran immediately organized evacuation.

One of the Anatolian news agency reported that the fire by the hour is growing rapidly and continues to go further into the mountains. Therefore under threat gardens with olive trees and land from local farms. Some of them have already suffered. Fire fighters trying to stop the promotion of high-rise fire in the region,

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Card sharks are underwater areas

In some species of sharks found cartographic skills. It was found that in the search for food, shelter or sexual partner shark fox and tiger sharks do not wander randomly at sea depths and expanses of the ocean, and is followed by a certain route.

And sometimes the territory they live up to several thousand square kilometers. This opinion of the fox and tiger sharks suggested Janis Papastamatiu. He is the Natural History Museum of the U.S. state of Florida and is a contributor to recent studies by sharks fractal analysis.

To study the ability of sharks were selected

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The starting point of the youth movement launches campaign to protect animals

The starting point is launching a campaign "Today dogs — tomorrow we will!"

Astrakhan city administration decided to kill 16,500 stray dogs. Youth Movement "starting point" starts the campaign in defense of animals.

The intention of the Astrakhan City Hall became known, when the portal of public procurement was posted information about the tender, in which the administration of the city of Astrakhan is willing to pay 5.5 million rubles for the shoot 16,500 stray dogs in the four districts of the city. Astrakhan youth movement "starting point" has issued a statement about the inadmissibility of such barbarism. The blog

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Why jellyfish supplant fish

Evolutionary advantages over fish jellyfish on closer inspection are not as obvious: the structural features of the body and the way to hunt jellyfish make their closest competitors planktivorous fish, and even a slight imbalance between jellyfish quickly gain the upper hand. At first glance, the jellyfish as predators can not compete with the fishes. Fish active and moving quickly, can see their prey and pursue it, all of this jellyfish is not available. Yet somewhere in the oceans observed paradoxical situation: jellyfish supplant fish feed on plankton. An international team of zoologists, the advantages and disadvantages of jellyfish

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Weather is ready to provide land for the city zoo — Poltavchenko

The Leningrad region is ready to provide free of land for future Petersburg Zoo, said the governor of the northern capital Georgy Poltavchenko.

In mid-December Poltavchenko told reporters that for the construction of the zoo vlastiischut new location, it is possible that it will be built outside the city. He noted that the decision was made to abandon the construction of the zoo in Yuntolovo because there moorland, where the animals are sick.

The project to create a new zoo in Yuntolovo worth about 15 billion rubles was developed under the previous governor Valentina Matvienko. After coming Poltavchenko been revised

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The number of Russian desman declined from the 1970s to ten times

The number listed in the Red Book of the Russian desman declined over the past decade, ten times, up to 8-12 thousand individuals, told RIA Novosti Deputy Director Oka Reserve Alexander Onufrenya.

Russian Desman is one of the largest carnivorous mammals. Once lived throughout most of Europe, the muskrat is now preserved mostly in Russia, and only in small numbers in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Muskrat registered in the Red Book of Russia and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

"The number of muskrat reduced dramatically: it dropped almost tenfold since 1970, when, after counts the number of individuals

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Sand storm hit the Oregon coast

Jeff Gloor reported sandstorm in Oregon. Wind speed reaches 113 km / h and all the sand flies in the house.


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Ecologists have found fish kills in the river near Novosibirsk

Specialists involved in a conservation of fish stocks, evaluate the situation with the death of fish in the river Balta in the Novosibirsk region, which came after the oil leak from the pipeline in 2008, told RIA Novosti on Monday, deputy chief of the Upper Ob basin fisheries management Upadyshev Eugene.

Death of fish in the river have found social activists, environmentalists who are trying different ways to prove the impact has not yet been eliminated. They came on March 15 in a place where there was an oil spill, and a chainsaw sawed ice on the river to the

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