Without salt and table curve, considered Slavs

Because full solonitsa as bread, was a required attribute table.

There just are not castors our ancestors did: turned, woven birch bark or vines, hollowed and carved. In the central provinces — small boxes with a high back wall, behind which is convenient to carry, and hinged cover. In the north, always in the form of waterfowl with a cap on the back and head, duck, horse or even a snake. These salt shakers were fashioned out of wood, decorated with carving or painting.

Turned castor special refinement no different, but I still had a neat appearance — a

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Sergei Culkin and his vision for the future



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Russian version. Mysteries of consciousness

Methods to manipulate public opinion. The idea protects the body. The power of the mind and the mysteries of thought. Genetic memory and hidden reserves of the brain. How to live "Methuselah age"? Matrix of consciousness and the Russian idea. Life in the positive.

What is being hidden … (VseyaSvetnaya Diploma)

Stars and Earth — Astrology (Lesson 1 — Numbers of Life)

Ancestral Heritage (Veda) ASGARDSKOGO religious school will help reveal the essence of the way of life, habits and world views of the Slavs, Rus, Rusich — people have preserved their original faith. This information for a long time is not covered by staying in the shadows, or presented in a distorted way. You will learn and remember that you knew your ancestors, and you will understand many things, and they come into your heart confidence, joy and peace. Stir your ancestral memory and you will gain the knowledge sought by, and who you know,

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Open letter to the Slavic doctors in Libya


Victims of aggression of the West in Libya!

Russian President Medvedev DA,

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

from the citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

working and living in Libya

March 24, 2011, Tripoli, Libya

Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich and Vladimir Vladimirovich,

appeal to you citizens of the former Soviet Union was destined become today citizens of different Slavic CIS countries — Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Despite this, we believe it is Russia as successor to the USSR, the only guarantor of the interests of our countries

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Kolovrat — material science

Six management priorities humanity

Gift and charging talismans

Amulet display their properties are not only depending on what the person wearing it, but also in connection with the terms on which he went to the owner.

Stolen amulet or talisman brings only misery, even if it repeatedly outbid. Many years later, having got to a very nice man, a talisman may begin to show their miraculous properties.

In this connection I want to caution you against buying antiques, the history of which you know nothing. After laundering the stolen mascot lasts for generations.

Mascots, store-bought for themselves, are beginning to show their properties are

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Primary Russia. Feature film

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