Yule, Karachun, Kolovrat, Kolyada

21 and 22 December — the shortest day of the year. From 21 to 22 December — the longest night. December 22, 2011 at 09 hours 30 minutes Moscow time as the sun go down to the southern hemisphere of the sky, that is moving along the ecliptic, reaches its lowest declination — 23 degrees 26.457 minutes (Sagittarius) and then comes the astronomical winter. 21 and 22 December — the shortest day of the year. From 21 to 22 December — the longest night. Longitude of the day at the latitude of Moscow reaches only 6 hours 56 minutes. At

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Kodar — riddle Transbaikalia

Scientists have claimed — should not be on the ice north of the Transbaikal, V.S.Preobrazhensky finds them in the second half of the 20th century, and not one, but almost fifty! Scholars said: Kodar Mountains — an ancient crown of the earth, never flooded seas. Suddenly, on the mountain tops a huge deposit of coal — anthracite.

And with that mountain Kodar, Kalar Udokan — the latest orogen the birth of Lake Baikal. Young mountains are often made up of ancient Archean rocks, along with a pretty young sedimentary rocks found ancient peneplain prapoverhnost

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Upon daybreak! End of Darkness for Light

I learned firsthand the truth about the world of science. After school, went to study in physics in the first university of the country, knowing very well that astronomy. Spent 5.5 years trying to understand what all that is necessary, that gave me the current higher education, I knew in high school. An example of educational researchers: you may have heard that lost satellite signal "University — Tatiana" and was played in the press release that he could bring down the Americans experienced the beam weapons (energy cannon, plasma is possible). My big boss did that satellite

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Do Russia and the U.S. climate weapon?

Weather anomalies recently once again forced to recall fans of conspiracy theories about a climate of weapons with which provoke our enemies abroad in unfriendly countries, natural disasters. "Unfortunately, a sin have not only politicians and journalists, and scholars" — recognizes "Independent Military Review", which decided to explain what the "weather" weapons, whether it exists in principle and, if so, what are its striking properties.

According to the definition of "Military Encyclopedic Dictionary" in 2002, the climate weapon — a "weather weapons for artificial weather and climate in order to inflict damage, it can be based on a

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Time — this is what is not

Modern philosophical science defines the space and time as the universal forms of existence, the coordination sites. The space has three dimensions: length, width and height, and the time, only one — the direction from the past through the present to the future. Space and time exist objectively, outside and independent of consciousness.

By this definition, the time — is another form of the object. The second form.

But can there be a second form of existence? Can there be a piece of wood in the shape of the chair and at the same time in the form of

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Hypotheses and facts about ball lightning

The fear of man often comes from ignorance. Few fears of ordinary lightning — electrical discharge spark — and everyone knows how to behave during a thunderstorm. But what is a fireball, whether it is dangerous, and what to do if you are faced with this phenomenon?

What are the fireballs?

Learn fireball very easy, despite the diversity of species. Usually it is, as you can guess, the shape of a ball, glowing, like a light bulb for 60-100 watts. It is much less common lightning like a pear, mushroom or a drop, or such exotic forms as a pancake,

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Pesnjary Svechkina — song Narache. Legend of Nara




Legend Lake Naroch


She lived in a black Twisted Lands ugly as this land of Nara girl with the soul brighter daylight. Once in love with her handsome young man, but evil people confirmed to him that she was not worthy. But the boy loved her and no one listened. He once gave her a mirror and said, "Take care of it, it is magic, it is cast out of spring grains. In its transparent depth you

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Birds killed testing kosmooruzhiya

Experts have linked the shooting a member of Congress that oversees the development of space weapons, and Masov sea birds.

Scientists have linked the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, oversaw the military-space complex, with a massive plague of birds. Bird watchers around the world can not figure out the cause of mass death of birds. U.S., Sweden, Canada, Italy, China, Japan and Russia are faced with a mysterious global plague of birds. Flocks bodied birds suddenly falling from the sky, carpeting the ground. — The dead carcasses everywhere: on the highway, on the roofs of cars, on the

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Who is building underground bunkers?

All sorts of predictions occultist wing scare most impressionable people the world ended in 2012. Others, too impressionable individuals watching the Japanese chronicles of events as panic, believing that nature will soon destroy all people.

Perhaps, for those of humanity enterprising builders decided to build underground houses with apartments-hoppers.


The pioneers in this field were the Chinese, they have built in 2002 in the northern and central mainland China (not far from the city Budalin) underground modern city in the event of accidents for the intelligentsia (doctors, scientists, university professors, architects, general, and, of course,

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Teraformatsiya in gray or the Fed against the Gulf Stream

Excerpts from the report of the formerMinister of Property and Deputy Prime Minister, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Academy of Natural SciencesV.P.PolevanovainInstitute of Dynamic Conservatism 

"Warm and Ultra-climate U.S. and Western Europe by 90% due to the thermal effect of the Gulf Stream ocean, prenosyaschego 50 million m3 of hot water per second — the power of 10 to the 15th degree KW (1.5 petawatt) heat. Which is equivalent to one million power plant to heat the centuries adjacent to the Atlantic regions. This "thermal additive" on 8-10? C raises the temperature in the EU and

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