Wonderful people of the Ural Mountains

Divya cave. Photo: enc.permkultura.ru

In the evening a group of tourists reached cherished cave they were going to investigate the past several months. Not to say that to get to her was very difficult trip constantly thwarted any surprises.

And from the cave linked in legend and myth. The most extraordinary of these, perhaps, was the story of the unusual people, who used it to log in to their secret underground city. They called these people — Divya people, and the cave itself was surprisingly consonant — Divya cave.

Pitched camp near the entrance of late afternoon. Did

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These amazing WOLVES

What people know about wolves? The fact that they are fierce and dangerous, treacherous and insidious. That they must be destroyed. So think about wolves, those of them who does not know anything. In fact, wolves rarely attack people. Like all predators, they hunt, what would feed themselves and live their lives, trying to stay away from people.

I suggest you lift the veil of secrecy and plunge into the mysterious world — the world of the Wolf.

Wolves live on Earth for more than a million years. They took place from carnivorous predators that lived 100 million

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Military confrontation grows

Forecast, which is published in its pages a popular science weekly New Scientist, looks very scary. The publication reports that the global warming that is observed today in the world, leads to a shift of its axis. This creates the risk that our native land de facto sdernet hinges.

The researchers found that the increase in average temperature of the planet is heating of the waters of the world ocean and the warm water greatly increases the inclination of the axis of rotation of the Earth. At this point the process of displacement is not as

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Zulu Shaman Mutwa Kredo kidnapping and Reptilians

It is often said that the elders of any indigenous tribe hold the keys to knowledge. This is not confirmed by more clearly than in the recent interview I had the great honor to spend with Zulu "Sanuzi" (Shaman) Credo Mutwa, who is about eighty years old.

Effort and with the help of David Ike, I was able to make contact with Dr. Johan Dzhubertom, who graciously coordinated with Credo Mutwa, thus allowing the interview take place over the phone, just a distance of half the world, in South Africa. We are in the "spectrum" would

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On the motion of the Golden Path of Spiritual Development in the World Reveal

The world around us is huge and maloizuchen, so there are many points of view on any issue. Everything is relative, for example, what is useful from the point of view of M-Ra-Ha, a position Pekelnyh worlds regarded as harmful.

To avoid empty debates about relativity of all things, immediately identified: in this article we will focus on the Golden Path of Spiritual Development in terms of the Cosmic Laws established by the great Ra-M-X.

Consideration of the laws in force in Pekelnyh worlds, is not the purpose of this work. Another limitation — will consider

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Interview Prof. EN Khalilov international news WOSCO September 14, 2010

The report of the International Committee Geochange first published shocking information about the "global energy jump" on the planet

With great concern to the UN Secretary General and Head of State asked more than 300 prominent scientists from more than 85 countries at the International Communication «Geochange». To circulation is a report of the International Committee on Global Change geological environment «Geochange», in which the results of scientific research pointing to the "abrupt" change of energy in all sectors of the world since the late 90s. We asked to comment on the details of the speaker, a famous scientist —

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This is a photo from June 12, 2011 from the port of Vigor Shipyards in Seattle (USA) with special radar image of the sea-based X-band (Sea-based X-band radar (SBX)).

According to the U.S. Navy radar is designed to track the trajectories of ballistic missiles in the open ocean. However, according to some organizations, it really is not a radar, and a mobile version is based on the complex Alaska HAARP, supposedly able to influence the weather and put on natural disasters in different parts of the globe.

As proof of his words, they

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Lukashenko: no crisis, stop running

As reported vesti.ru, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at a news conference in Minsk, that there is no crisis and economic difficulties caused by the panic and excitement. He called on citizens to "calm weather these days," promised to prevent the collapse of the ruble, and said that the foreign exchange reserves of the country weigh 32 tons.

Sell what is bought

"There is no crisis. We have a panic and excitement. Were panic and excitement. We still restore "- says the president of Belarus.

Lukashenko advised citizens not to panic. "Finance —

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HAARP. What can the climate weapon

In the news, we constantly see stories about hurricanes, disastrous floods, droughts, and other large-scale destructive natural phenomena. And more and more, mostly in the various conspiracy theories, distributed replicas that these disasters — the result of a new weapon — the climate.

Under the climate, or as it is called geophysical, weapons understand the impact of technology on one or another natural phenomenon. At the present stage it is basically a way to control the movement of air masses, precipitation, variations of the crust and other environmental factors. The question is, what techniques of geophysical

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Why dinosaurs became extinct?

That could serve as the extinction of dinosaurs and Neanderthals? What technology can be used to suppress the normal reproduction of the species and a reduction in their numbers?

Going back to the origin of life in the primary ocean and remember the first chapter of the book of Nikolai Levashov "last call to humanity", we can see that the accumulation of information in RNA, DNA, and the etheric level of every single cell of the body depend on the conditions in which this or that provided cell or virus. According to the scientific discoveries of the

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