Stargate open. The invasion has begun. First, Texas, and now Portugal.

Events in Portugal took place on May 11, 2011 at 3:30 am local time

Video footage from Portugal and Texas resemble film stills alien invasion, it is not a feature film, and the actual events.

The invasion has begun?

I think all of you have watched the movie "Stargate", well, now it seems that the action of the movie fiction becomes reality. First in Texas on May 10, fixed plasma geomagnetic anomaly, involving the materialization and the emergence of a UFO, and now the same situation is happening in Portugal.

What is happening is similar to

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Svarog Circle and the essence of man

The essence of the Halls of Heaven combined in pairs, for neighboring Halls have some common characteristics.

Halls of the Virgin and the Boar give us a desire for knowledge of the world in all its diversity. People born in these Halls, do not recognize the pressure on themselves when making decisions, and aspire to be leaders, to decide all questions.

Halls of Pike and Swan. People born in the Halls of data, tend to calm, measured life, to the traditional way of life, filled with the sense of empathy. For them, the biggest challenge is to take an important

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hAriyskaya Karuna

Ancestor-Rod, Rod Heaven! Strengthen my heart in the Holy Faith Grant me wisdom and power of my ancestors, the sons and grandsons of Thy. Give happiness and peace to your people, now and ever and ever and ever! Byst tacos, taco Thou, taco wake!  

— Kako (k). Volume, union association. At the beginning of a word is placed as an explanation to the fact that carry the following runes. At the end of words indicates the similarity of someone (something). Ka-ing — encapsulating the energy Shchurov with the power of the Spirit, but

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Slavic calendar for May

Slavic calendar for the month of May.

May— Not just once a month this year, and one of the most crucial. This is a month of growing financial capacity, material goods. Also, this month is directly related to a love affair, and magic, and the connection you put on 1 January, its programming year. Now recall or update your records, you've spent the day, are correlated to the current month and the current situation. Need to plan a month so that the wealthy have become wealthier hours days and trouble — out of hours turned into minutes.

In general,

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Energy-effects in humans, or that the human factor

All people believe. Someone believes in one thing, someone else in, but it was not just unbelievers. A man without faith can not exist. The ancient Chinese saying that if you go to the doctor and do not believe in it, even the most skillful unlikely you will be able to help, so if you want to get well, you should not just believe it, you have to believe in it fervently. Even the false doctrine can be true, if it preaches sincere and believes in his people, and, on the contrary, the true doctrine becomes a false, if

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Slavic pantheon of gods and runes

I am often asked to read. By working with the runes, we communicate directly with the gods? The answer is no. There are certain spells for the treatment of a mediator between the predictor and deities. If you do not know the spells, and work with the names of the elements. You should always express their personal will and declare this before divination. This is a simple well-known rules.

Fehu Velez second in importance after Perun, the god of wisdom, master, owning cattle. Triglav Earth Goddess. Three of her head mean that the world consists of

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Weather satellite photographed a UFO the size of Belgium (PHOTOS)

European weather satellite recorded a huge circle, the size of Belgium? According Argumenti.Ru.

Unidentified flying object disappeared in a few seconds. But the picture all the same managed to do.

UFO shaped ring. He instantly disappeared, which gave rise to the impression of the failure in the equipment. However, experts pointed out that such a ring in the atmosphere — not the first time, reports Scientists are at a loss to know what the object is and why it is so quick in and out.

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Antarctica is classified as strictly confidential

This southern continent, covered kilometer layer of ice was not always so. But this is not to say. Especially, talk about the mysteries of Antarctica. They ask us to hide.

In Antarctica, there is a time portal

A team of researchers from the U.S. and the UK stumbled in Antarctica affects the mind opening. While working on a joint research project in the area of weather, the team has seen the emergence of rotating vortex of time.

Physicist at the U.S. Marianne McLean allegedly testified that she and her colleagues saw "spinning gray fog" in the sky above their

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Country Magi

In Slovenian (future Novgorod) before the birth of Christ, in the place of the current Hagia Sophia was a magnificent wooden temple Triglav (Svarog, Perun, Svetovid). Near the residence of the Supreme Magus of All Russia.

The temple served as the Triglav magician — the keeper, whose duty was to read the hymns of the holidays, bless warriors and sailors on feats. Conduct naming ceremonies and seeing the deceased. Magus — the keeper had to know astronomy, cosmology, mathematics. He also was the guardian of the temple library. At the Church of Triglav were Guslyar — storytellers.

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History of Russia and Hyperborea

Hyperborea (it Arctida) — mother of world culture, a country known to us from ancient manuscripts. Location — northern Eurasia.

There is no doubt that the ancient Hyperborea is directly related to the ancient history of Russia and the Russian people and their language is directly related to the lost legendary Hyperborean country. Not for nothing because Nostradamus in his "Centuries" Russians referred to as "people of the Hyperborean."

According to esoteric teachings, Hyperborea has long been the most sacred places on the planet, but the wise Hyperboreans possessed a huge amount of knowledge, even more

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