Winter — the Life. Zimerzla

Zimerzla, Zimarzla, Simargl, Zimargla, Zimaerzla — this Winter — Goddess dyshushaya cold and frost. White clothes as if from ineev, veil of snow, frost izotkannaya — her children. On his head a crown of shining ice. Prayed to the goddess of mercy from her pure strength. She Morena, Winter — keeper, the giver of life, out of which the Spring. Blurred image of Winters, melts and turns into a new Reality — Living Spring — White Swan.

Teacher Ivanov has brought new knowledge about the cold, and with them the idea of life, and to spiritualize the beginning

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Moscow oligarchs styling private bunkers

Among Moscow oligarchs new fashion — to private silos. Now they are in the Russian capital for every taste — from a sample of the Cold War to the know-how of the 21st century. Vault VIP-class equipped with even a sauna. Larissa Zadorozhnaya walked through Moscow bunkers, to find out where and how you can hide from a hypothetical nuclear explosion?

On the surface — nondescript mansion. Dummy. But right outside the windows — concrete. This bunker was built for the party leadership. In the fifties — in case of nuclear attack. One

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February 1 — ancient Slavic holiday Gromnitsa

Gromnitsa — the only day in the winter, when the storm can happen — you can hear the thunder and see the lightning. Therefore his name Serbs "Svjetlo."

Dedicated Dodola-Malanitse (Lightning). She — a lightning protector and feeding children. In pre-Christian Russia, most children were born in February, because conceived in May on holiday Otmykanie Earth.

Dodola — the wife of the patriarch of the Old Slavonic Perun. They existed way back in the 4th millennium BC According to historical records, Perun — the son of Svarog, he used to go to Egypt and later of the rules. In honor

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Birth of a new reality: AN Dmitriev, A. Apanyuk

"Recently, people's interest in what is happening on our planet changes appears wider. Increasingly, these issues are heard in the media and on the Internet. Unfortunately, information often comes from incompetent sources, so contradictory and not credible. How seriously and deeply reflected the topic in general programs of scientific research? On this and many other questions we asked the professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Alexei Dmitriev. "

We happen to live in a difficult but interesting and important time of great change in the world, to avoid that hardly anyone can. Accelerating global warming, the sprawling social and

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Slavic lore and rules of their manufacturing

Creating charms, must comply with certain rules.

Rule one. Charms can be made for you.

Second Rule. No one can force someone to make a talisman for yourself or beg to do it. Amulets are made only in good faith and on the pure soul.

Rule three. The strongest wards — those that are made, are made for you by your blood relatives: father, mother, brother, children.

Marital ties are traditionally not considered by blood, but if the marriage is a happy and harmonious, mutually created wards also have great strength.

By the way, there's something coming up

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Cossacks and Christian morality

Contemporary Christian propaganda announced Cossacks "bulwark of the Christian faith." "Soldiers of Christ" — the Cossacks, perhaps, and many do not know, and indeed the majority of the Russian people deceived about the true relation of the Cossacks to the Church for many centuries. Let's try to analyze the basis of historical truth as it was.

In the church do not go, wedding and drive round the birch, as told to old customs … "

from the instructions of Stepan Razin



Rod Cossack roots are very long and

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Ayurvedic dietary recommendations

An excerpt from the book "Home Remedies Ayurveda" The purpose of this chapter — to help choose the best diet for balance, harmony and health. Most people who care about their health, it is now understood that good nutrition plays an important role in healing and maintaining health, while poor diet usually leads to poor health and low vitality.

Food for the different types of constitution

What you eat has to match your constitution. Ideally, you should know its own constitution and understand how it relates to the quality of food, in particular, how the food will

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Ask the wind: beliefs of our ancestors

Deifying nature, people in ancient times believed that the winds — being alive and endowed with great strength, they were called masters. According to Slavic mythology, the four winds, East, South, West and Midnight, are the sons of the old woman — the mother of wind. A god of the winds was Stribog, whose name means "senior", "paternal uncle." And there was more wind spirit (he wind, walking in, Vetrostnaya power, wind power, wind husband).

The Slavs were other "wind" gods. For example, embodied Dogoda quiet pleasant breath of air, and was associated with clear weather. He is depicted

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Birds words, the prophecy and the apocalypse flooded Internet search engines

The American Louisiana — after Arkansas — collapsed rain of dead birds. A few hours later, dead birds littered the streets of the town in the southwest of Sweden. Ornithologists are trying to figure out what is the cause of mass deaths of blackbirds and crows.

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DECLARATION Slavic-Aryan Academy of Sciences. On the basis of the universe and the history of Mankind

On the basis of the universe and the history of Mankind


Slavo-Aryan Academy of Sciences on the subject of his research

This declaration is based on ancient documents, chronicles, materials Old Believer communities and other various written and oral sources Aryans, Slavs and other peoples of the Earth, as well as modern science to create a historical and philosophical core research subject Slavic-Aryan Academy of Sciences (hereinafter — the Academy ). The

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