History of Santa Claus

Ancestral spirit (version number 1)

Santa Claus appeared here for a long time. This real-life spirit, welcome, by the way, to this day. Once upon a time, before the advent of Christianity in Russia, our ancestors believed that the spirits of the dead guard your family, take care of the cattle and the offspring of good weather. Therefore, in order to reward them for their care, every winter people gave them gifts. On the eve of the rural young people wore masks, turns coats and went from house to house caroling. (However, in different regions had their own features caroling).

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In Russia, on January 4 will be a partial eclipse of the Sun

January 4th in Russia will be seen first partial solar eclipse of 2011. It will be seen in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in most of the rest of Russia. True, unless you are lucky with the weather, say the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Candidate of Sciences Nikolai Zheleznov of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences reported that the January 4, 2011 at 9 hours 30 minutes orb will appear before the eyes of the curious in a truncated form. When partial solar eclipse will be

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Planetary processes on Midgard

Earth is forced to abide by the law

Yes, indeed, all over the paramount importance of acquiring planetary processes, because they set the direction of future scenarios of the evolution of the Earth, which means life and ensuring its climate. Natural that planetofizicheskimi processes planet implanted (sic) into interplanetary space and solar-terrestrial relationships. Hence, the entire solar system is near-space habitat lifetime of humanity, and this medium more deeply, studying, and not the "will of the people to conquer outer space." But habitat for the solar system is the interstellar medium, ie Galactic branch, with their star sequences.

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How to sell global warming

Frequent weather anomalies are pushing the state to the negotiating table on which are all of the same invention, the theorists of global warming of the last century — the UN Framework Convention for Climate Protection and the appendage to her Kyoto Protocol. This in his own genius document: of the global problem, he created a new global market, which is a virtual commodity trading — trading on the emission of carbon dioxide (the main cause of warming assigned).

But the period of the protocol ends in 2012, and the country can not possibly come up with a replacement. Meanwhile,

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Explosions, smog and weather anomalies — the main thing for the Russians in the past 2010

Yandex announced the list of the most popular search queries in the past year

Russians have attracted the most attention explosions Moscow subway station on March 29 this year. In terrible tragedy killed 40 people, and about 90 were injured. This event is of interest to a lot of users, the peak number of requests rose past 950,000 a day.

The second most popular are forest fires in the central part of Russia, as well as the associated cloud of smog-shrouded Russia up to the Urals. In August, at the peak of

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Toxic humanity prophesied apocalypse

Highly toxic compounds released to the environment due to the various effects of global warming, threatening the existence of mankind. Participants said this climate summit in Cancun, Mexico.

Because of climate change increases the vulnerability of the planet to the so-called persistent organic pollutants (POPs). These hazardous substances are more likely to end in the ecosystem and, ultimately, threaten the health of mankind. This is stated in a report of the UN Environment Programme, reports RIA "Novosti".

"We continue to discover more and more the consequences of climate change, which have not been seen before," — said the director of

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Mikhail Lyubimov. Operation Calvary secret plan restructuring

That gloomy February evening in 1983, I was watching TV. The time then was quiet, though imbued with restrained expectations: November 1982, died Brezhnev and Yuri Andropov was elected General Secretary of the Central Committee.

The phone rang — the day they lacked — but when I took the phone and heard a caller's voice, I felt a vague anxiety. — Good evening, Michael P., do not you recognize me? — There was a tube. — Sorry, do not know if — I said dry (do not like it when you do not

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On objects APEC 2012 people work for a cup of soup

It is known that the "big building" on the island of Russian "famous" all-out delay and non-payment of wages to builders. Here there is a massive deception that regulatory authorities do not notice. Local residents and visitors, klyunuvshie the promised "big money", literally running away from the island, and not having the money earned. Sometimes they live in poverty and can not return home. DV — Russia offers information prepared a group of residents of guerrilla, who was "lucky" to participate in the great building site. Builders GL Tregubov., SA Estomirov., GG Korzhakov appealed to the editors to publish their

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Secret preparations for disasters

The project «CNL-000/1"

Online Since November 2005 turned heated discussion on the project «CNL-000/1" Department of analysis and strategic decisions, located at the address: 101000, Moscow, Lubyanka, p / 220 Tel. (495) 220-50-14 (495) 220-50-14

According to the project in Russia, there are only three places with the necessary security status of the rapidly growing global restructuring destructive elements Planets and Solar System. In these three areas are under construction secret camps highest security "for the continuation of life on Earth." "Objects are designed for creative, successful and purposeful middle ground gene pool of humanity, whose families can provide

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Anomalous behavior of the animals

Magadan. Kolyma-INFORM 25.11.2010. Wild Predators lost their fear of man.

All four sites are located on the reserve Magadan great distance from each other, in remote places where there is no telephone and cellular communication. The exchange of information between inspectors and the management of the reserve by means of radio. Inspectors working for cordons, must every day at a certain time to get in touch with the management of the reserve and to report the incidents, observations of the animals, changing weather in protected areas, the press service of the reserve.

During another session state inspector radio Cava

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