How to construct and equip a temple

Temple is a sacred place of the community in which the rite, Slavic celebrations and sacraments to communicate with the gods. Therefore, the formation of the Slavic community construction of temples is given special attention.

Constructed it in the writings of the participation of the community, led by the priest of the community responsible for the accuracy of its construction. It often happens that formed communities still do not have a priest last rites on this classic. Then work can lead the head of a community or a spiritual leader. For such emergencies, and we give their advice on

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Strange phenomenon — Fire Wall

Strange phenomenon, which will be discussed in itself rather rare. Call it by different names: the "red mist", "purple haze", "ghostly wall of fire." And to this day a mystery it poses many questions for scientists.

Novosibirsk engineer Vadim Fedoseyev encountered this mysterious phenomenon in the taiga expedition Novosibirsk and Tomsk physicists. He then headed the palates olshuyu group of eleven researchers whose goal was to study the impact area of the famous Tunguska meteorite. But first in the order of training and testing people for compatibility expedition headed in the opposite direction — to the north. Is there

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Experts predict the country Russian riot or total extinction

Experts of the Center for Strategic Research commissioned by the Committee of Civil Initiatives Kudrin prepared extensive study, based on estimates of the participants formed focus groups of the broad-based.

Political analysts wondered how the revolution occurred in Russia — voluntary self-renewal authority or power of mass civil disobedience, writes "Kommersant". Alternative to political renewal respondents named a national scenario of extinction.

In the focus groups established the CSR, includes citizens of all ages — from pensioners to teenagers as well as with different levels of education (university or not). Group operated in Moscow, Samara, Vladimir, and

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The first settlers arrived in Siberia, about a million years ago

News, Oct. 20. Siberian archaeologists have identified as in Siberia were first settlers, media reported.


As deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, D.Sc. Mikhail Shunkov, primitive people, traces of which are fixed on the most ancient sites in the region — Karama, arrived there about a million years ago.

"It is certain that the old layer has an age of about one million — eight hundred thousand years", — said the archaeologist.

According to the scientists, at the stage of homo erectus man left his cradle — of Africa and reached Eurasia.


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Donetsk archaeologists discovered historical treasures

Smith teacher discovered the treasure of Dobropolie Alexander Petrenko.

The Slavic area in the excavations in the ancient settlement near the village Sidorovo expedition department of archaeological monuments of Donetsk regional museum under a senior researcher Edward Kravchenko discovered historical treasures. And also proof that in our region are ten centuries ago, there were quite impressive settlements, who, having laid their fate otherwise, could eventually grow to large cities.

The settlement could destroy Svyatoslav

Edward Tamm, who recently returned from Poltava, which gave a report on unusual findings at the International Conference, I found in his "office" of

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The right kind — Dvoedushnik (one who lives for themselves and for the guy …)

There is in Slavic mythology is a little-known concept as dvoedushnik — a man in whom no one soul, and more, and he had to live for two. Slavs dvoedushnik or dvoedushnitsa — is being capable to combine the two natures — human and demonic. And it is important to understand that this is not a time share a room, get rid of that is possible with special prayers and the sacrament, and the organic tangle when the "disconnect" man without a serious risk to his life impossible.

Most often, this happens when the mother before

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Epic hero Ilya Muromets

Heroes. Picture VM Vasnetsov (Ilya Muromets — in the middle)

Epic hero Ilya Muromets — whether he was in reality, in which years he lived, where he was, not his relics are in the caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra? History is silent. But there is information about it in the noosphere layer of the Earth. In this article it is presented and received by the author.

Ilya Muromets — the real hero of ancient. Served at the court of Prince Vladimir the 1238 to 1255 years. Hailing from the village was really Karacharovo near Murom. At twenty years

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Unknown influence of geophysical factors on human life

There are many factors that affect human health and longevity. Certainly, it and its habitat, the quality of water and food consumed, the human genome, the physical and chemical parameters of air, lifestyle. The impact of these factors well studied medicine. However, there is another factor effects on human health — geophysical, poorly studied medicine and other related disciplines. We know the power grid on the surface of the Earth, the so-called network Hartman, Kuri and Wittmann-Schveytsera. There have been even larger network. They have their energy parameters, the size, geometry and orientation in space, and are elements of the

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Caution — Christianity!


I had and now have to confront supporters of widespread Jewish sect "Nazareth heresy", now known under the name of "Christianity." And not once one of the supporters, followers, or professional ministers of this mysterious cult could not specifically and convincingly answer questions about their religion. One would tell me not to understand, and I may also become a Christian? But do not want to explain anything to me monotheist! Always try to get an answer. Popov's usually attack deafness and urgent matters, ie convinced of his own impotence, they just run away from the issues.

Supporters call

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Earths magnetic field — the good or harm?

This article is not a revelation of various "masters" and "lord", as the information was obtained through various intricate practices and communication with spirits.

This material is the author's thinking. Just at some point there is a fairly interesting logical sequence of facts and events. I apologize in advance for possible inaccuracies and blunders. I would be grateful for criticism and possible additions. I would like to hear from people who know.

I want to talk about the magnetic field of the Earth. Plenty of information about him and the whole reduced to one — Earth's magnetic field protects

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