Girl-woman — Motherhood

It is considered good form to blame Rozhanu categorically. However, the deeper I dig, the more I realize that many issues parous gentle and tender, as a loving mother and daughter unreasonable. For example, in a lecture to prepare for conception in order to achieve the best results, it is strongly recommended to have the wedding for those who have it not. Especially does not frighten you, just say that it is better to do it and some have explained why. And last Wednesday, I opened another deeper reason for weddings and the importance of the transition.

Do you

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That symbolized the oak in ancient times?

Oak — a mighty tree. Its symbolic importance in the mythology of the world very widely: longevity, grandeur and power, fertility, vitality, strength of mind, protection and refuge, the origin of the great small, the site of the glory and sacrifice, sacred axis of the world, the prosperity, the spiritual energy of heaven Gates, the prototype father and conductor guarding, leading the people and raise to a new level of cosmic perfection. Relationship with the gods of thunder.


One of the most well-known symbolic qualities of oak is to relate it to the Indo-European gods —

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