Runes and Drop Cap — total. Obrazar

Runes — Secret images, provided a wealth of information of ancient knowledge. This is the key to the deep essence of the phenomenon. Runes and represent letters and numbers, objects and even effects (common or very important). Runes record under a common feature, which is called heaven.

Letter — More than a simple form of writing, but also draws on a system of figurative perception. In the initial letter is not the grammar, it does not teach the phonetic (sound) reading of letters and words, and the understanding of the true, original meaning of words, their way. Letter teaches creative

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The site owner superjob recognized labor migration substitute ethnicity in Russia site is the leading resource in the field of job search and employees. In principle, any revelations of his master did not say the same thing that we all know and are talking about. But the fact that this says a leading Russian businessman's recruitment — it means that much.

"… And talk about what's not low-skilled labor we can not do, because it does the job that does not want to fulfill our citizens, I think it calls enemy, — I just call a spade a spade, — because it goes, it was slow,

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Slavs ancient eyes busurmanov

Vedic Russia — Artist Vsevolod Ivanov


Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union destroys Western money

The collapse of the Soviet Union — "The August putsch — 20 years later."

1988. Start the collapse of the Soviet economy under the guise of cooperatives.

1990. Law on the autonomy of the country. Autonomization ethnic territories within Georgia (Education — Georgian republic, Abkhazia, Adjara and South Ossetia), a bomb planted by Gorbachev and Lukyanov, the purposeful collapse of the country.

1991. Gorbachev under the pressure of facts admitted KGB Chairman Kryuchkov that a secret meeting with President Roh — received a bribe of $ 200,000 in checks payable to bearer, for the recognition of South

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Why are not allowed in the Elbrus tourists?


In Elbrus in 2011, more than eight months of acting mode Counter-Terrorism operations. Tourist access to the area has been banned. As tourism — the only source of income for local people, downtime seriously undermined the financial position of local people. Earlier, the government of the republic, it was decided to provide assistance to the most needy citizens. 102 families have received compensation in the amount of 15 thousand rubles. Another 412 families received 1000 rubles. Note, however, that the regime who continue to 8 months, and the subsequent tourist season has brought locals

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Military Secret (aired on 26/03/2012)

1.Mirovoe pravitelstvo.Zagovor against people 2.Razvedka boem.Noveyshie development of Paris 3.Smertelny ukol.Rossiysky missile system. 4.Dinozavrov destroyed ancient people. 5.Pochemu the island in the Atlantic Ocean, disappearing planes and ships? 6.Ostorozhno! Close to Earth "eater" of the planets. 7.Obnaruzheny tracks time travelers. 8.Rytsari secret order. 9.Noev Ark — myth or reality? 10.Rassekrechennoe dose.Vsya truth about UFOs.

CONCEPT OF RUSSIAN and Slavs. Poisoning

Explanation of the meaning of words and Russian Slav. Father Alexander Dy.


Energy drink made of rats gnawing their paws and tails

Scientists from the University of Texas (USA) found that energy drinks contain caffeine and sugar in quantities that threaten the cardiovascular system as well as contribute to the manifestation of aggression

According to experts, such drinks absolutely contraindicated high blood pressure and people with heart disease.

In the experiment, rats drink drink "Red Bull". After that rodents have shown aggressive nervousness, and then began to mutilate himself, biting at paws and tails, reports

Shortly after the publication of the results of the study in France, Denmark and Norway have banned the sale of the above energy.

According to

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Prince Vladimir — who is it?


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