Scientists have found that smokers give birth to criminals

U.S. researchers from Harvard found that women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to babies with criminal tendencies, reports The Telegraph.

The researchers analyzed data on children born in the years 1959-1966, as well as their mothers. It was found that children of women smokers are three times more prevalent antisocial behavior.

"We can not make accurate conclusions. Although all quite logical: after all, cigarettes contain many toxic substances that affect fetal development. In particular, these toxins can also affect the nervous system of the unborn child. Now we can say only one thing: women

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Russian history as written

The film is about how to write Russian history. Each country has a so-called official history. There is also Russia. The generally accepted version of Russian history began writing in the early XVII century after the accession of the first Romanovs. And in the XVIII century, this work has been put on a scientific basis. Description of the past in Russia were engaged and Russian historians, and foreign. Each of them was his attitude towards Russia and its history. Each gave his assessment of the Russian state and its rulers. Therefore, reading and comparing the works of different authors, you

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Customers terrorist attack in the Minsk metro is not found

General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus found that perpetrators of terrorist acts in the Minsk metro acted alone, reports "Interfax". According to Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved, no even indirect evidence that the attacks were the customer.

Swede announced that a preliminary investigation of the attack is completed. Soon the case, numbering 550 volumes, shall be submitted to the Supreme Court of Belarus.

The charges in the case of an explosion in the subway brought two residents of Vitebsk — Dmitry Konovalov and Kovalev Vlad. According to the Swede, these people are not only involved in

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Controversial site WikiLeaks rewrite history

Website Wikileaks, to deliver this year a lot of worries the Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence community, is preparing to publish a new batch of secret data. On Monday morning, the official "Twitter" message appears, in which the creators of WikiLeaks promised to publish a collection of materials on the website, at seven times the famous "Iraqi dossier" consisting of 400 thousand documents.

"In the coming months we will see a new world, where global history will be rewritten," — said in its latest report on the current WikiLeaks. What kind of material is in question is not clear.

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Origins of Freemasonry

Jews — the balance of benefit and harm

On the subject:

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Europe begins trading in rubles

In Helsinki, on a par with the euro began to adopt the Russian ruble. To use the national currency of the country allowed for a couple of months ahead of schedule, but many believe that it is too late.

Yarasvet. Education (children and not only)

Galina Tsareva: At gunpoint brain: psychotronic weapons (2013)

Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko. Aired on January 28, 2013

Amazon in uniform. How to make a female regiment retired minister? Fall of the "Black Hawk Down." Most a failure of the U.S. Army special operations. "Hurricane" — a miracle weapon of domestic designers. Adventure Marine Raiders. Why scientists can not solve the riddle of the ancient stones? Weapons facilities. Armored news. Surgical strikes. Secrets of victory. The mystery of water.

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