6 foods that help prevent cancer

The best cure for any disease, as we know, is prevention, but proper nutrition and healthy can help fight cancer even appeared. It is believed that at least half of all cases of cancer can be prevented with lifestyle changes, such as in regard to the diet, which in itself is one of the best ways to prevent it. Genetic studies suggest that antioxidants help to treat and prevent cancer, so it never hurts to include the super-rich in antioxidants foods in your daily diet.

Here is a list of six foods that fight cancer and help prevent it.

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Humpbacked Horse. The film — a fairy tale.

Director: Aleksandr Rou 1941 — Starring: Peter Aleynikov, Marina Kovaleva, Benjamin Guth, George Millyar,

Lev Potemkin, N. Urusov Mikhail Troyanovsky, Alexander Zhukov, Nikolai Gorlov Alexander Timontaev — an adaptation of the remarkable stories in verse Pyotr Yershov — the adventures of Ivan the Fool and his faithful friend Humpbacked Horse ..

Stultifying weapons Pentagon

It sounds incredible, and even absurd, but the U.S. military are developing tools to be "impair the efficiency of the enemy by means of chemical action in the brain," according cnews.ru. In simple words: to make the enemy "grow stupid" and not be able to use the creative potential of the brain or other armed struggle. While real experiments seem to go beyond just research chemicals and include various effects, including remote with directional emission.

Late last month, 711-e wing U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, engaged in human capabilities (711th Human Performance Wing), updated the competition of scientific research under

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The ideology of the Russian spirit

"The path of Truth" Igor Sinyavina — is now banned handbook Russian man with the author's reflections on the birth of Russian ideology. http://lib.rus.ec/b/164435

Belarusian TV: Area. Iron on glass

Reply Rusov Dulles

Riots in Minsk

Killer Yegor Sviridov — Aslan Cherkesov released

In blogs discussing sensation: released from custody Aslan Cherkesov, who released a pistol whole clip into an unarmed Muscovite Yegor Sviridov.

Report and details of this stunning news: Cherkesov released at the personal request of President of Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov. Motive — Clarification of what happened in Moscow.

Tabloid Life News, owned by the Moscow media magnate an Armenian Aram Gabrelyanov, referring to the chief of the press group ATC Central District of Moscow Elena Perfilova reported that Arsen Kanokov really left the building, accompanied by police police Karachay-Cherkessia.

Correspondent of the newspaper "News" in the North Caucasus

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Muscovites will be able to verbally agree to the removal of organs

Feed mandatory prior written application will not required

Moscow City Duma is preparing a mandrel in the legislation under which the people of Moscow can become posthumous organ donors, so to speak orally. It is reported Medportal.Ru.

As explained head of the Duma Committee on Legislation Alexander testes, Muscovites have the right to consent to an autopsy or the removal of organs after death, only on the basis of a written application. Meanwhile, according to federal law, consent to become a posthumous organ donor can give the Russians both in writing and in orally.

The same applies for permission

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Wikileaks announced gathering dirt on Russia: Russian will learn a lot about their country

Scandalous revelations of Wikileaks site launches in Russia and is determined to find and publish the dirt on the country's authorities. Even when running WikiLeaks Julian Assange wrote in a letter to potential investors that "the main target of the project will be the oppressive regimes in Russia, China and Central Asia", but in recent years attention has been focused on "Afghan" and "Iraq dossier".

Now the Russian section of the website Wikileaks has no important documents lamented assistant Kristin Hrafnsson founder of the site, in an interview "Kommersant". "We spent a lot of time to work with the Afghan

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