Culture and Tradition (Lesson 1 — Introduction)

Ancestral Heritage (Veda) ASGARDSKOGO religious school will help reveal the essence of the way of life, habits and world views of the Slavs, Rus, Rusich — people have preserved their original faith. This information for a long time is not covered by staying in the shadows, or presented in a distorted way. You will learn and remember that you knew your ancestors, and you will understand many things, and they come into your heart confidence, joy and peace. Stir your ancestral memory and you will gain the knowledge sought by, and who you know, but forget what

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It is learned, why are there were explosions in Dnepropetrovsk

As you will see below, to track people

City officials plan to install cameras in public places. A video surveillance system is already installed in the square named after Lenin. We are working on installing cameras at Railway Square, and within stations and on platforms.

Currently, in the hospitals in the remaining 18 victims of the four attacks on Friday. Half of them are teenagers.

Investigators have collected evidence at the scene of the explosion. Together with Ukrainian experts worked by Russian specialists. Experts in the field of security said that the attacks were carried out in

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Video RIA Novosti

Look in the report RIA Novosti Videos for construction of houses from glued beams from the production of material to build the building.

The same thing in an interactive format (with inserts of other subjects on a choice of what to watch).

Safari on Gaddafi over. Whos next?

Folds over Europe, as, indeed, the whole West, pulled on an African safari to Gaddafi. Scary monster caught and destroyed! Trophies than ever before. More abruptly than the previous — by Saddam Iraqi oil, a huge area, and it all under control.

Greek cancerous tumor that grew in the newly formed glabalizatsionnom climate on the traditional European market capitalism would be the inevitable appearance of metastases in other EU countries. No one is immune. The whole system is modified, so apart. Recent attempts to slow down the process — the seizure of foreign energy under any pretexts, or death.


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Film by Mikhail Zadornov Rurik. Lost profits show on TV

November 27 Mikhail Zadornov wrote on the site of movie: "Friends, I want to share the good news: our national documentary over. Together we have made a great and important work! December 12 at 20:00, he will be released on REN TV. On Tuesday, I held a press conference and prepared for you a small video-cutting. "

There once was a dog

Robot entered the secret passage under the Teotihuacan

Archaeologists conducted the first study of ancient ruins in Mexico with the help of a robot. The device was able to enter the tunnel from the age of 2000 years, which runs under the temple at Teotihuacan, and showed that hides secret passage.

Corridor width of 4 meters was immured locals at between 200 and 250 years. Archaeologists lowered into a remote-controlled camera and equipped with self-propelled machine to check whether safe passage for people. Robot the size of 30 cm, called «Tlaloque 1" after the Aztec rain god Tlaloc and thunder, filmed a narrow passage: at the beginning of

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Stolen Orthodoxy



Chipizatsiya. Implanting awaits all

Implants can identify you, to determine your location, and even affect your behavior, introduced under the guise of convenience. What is convenience? In what can easily be considered as your identification code? But why for such simple actions as reading the code chip implanted in the human body? Can cause the other? The chips are already being implemented everywhere, people are taught diligently the chip is only good and there is simply no other purpose and is not even technically possible to implement, but the facts suggest otherwise.


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Old Russian funeral

Burial seemed old Russian man outfit for the trip. Methods and burial rites, which were accompanied by the burial of ancient Slavs, had two objectives: to make a normal life for the dead in the new world and establish a vital connection between them and their families.

The ancient Slavs, depending on where they live there are several ways of burial main ones are: 1) where it was a lot of wood and natural wood for the construction of Croda (funeral pyre), used burning body, and 2) in the steppe regions of the Kuban and Don

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