Emergency investigation. Anatomy of Protest (2 films, NTV, 2012)

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Igor Kvasha: we hold for cattle

In December 2011, criticized, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin's "United Russia" has died at age 79 in 2012.


Igor Vlady? Mirovich Kvasha? (February 4, 1933, Moscow — August 30, 2012, Moscow, Russia) — Soviet and Russian actor and director of theater and film, television personality. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1978).

He died at the age of 79 years August 30, 2012 at 17:00 in Moscow from pulmonary heart disease caused by a purulent bronchitis with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Despite rumors of reliable data, suffered a lung cancer Kvasha not.

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DARPA is working on identification algorithms based on the keyboard handwriting

Advanced development agency of the Ministry of Defense DARPA is working on a new method of identification that can read the biometric data of the user during normal use of the keyboard.

The original purpose of the program is to identify a person who works in a normal environment — without compromising normal operation.

The goal of the new program DARPA — the development of "active methods of authorization", implying that the identity of the user will be set as the "individual using the keyboard with actions that are usually performed."

The Active authorization to replace the current authorization procedure

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Giant UFO near the Sun. Film-investigation


Film-investigation of UFO activity on our sun. The film features original photographs from the site of the mission NASA Stereo (2048×2048).


The deputies in the State Duma did not know what they are voting

None of the members really can not explain the essence of the amendments, for which they vote in a few minutes … However, read promised, but to do so they have clearly not succeed. To prove that MPs understand little something for that vote, REN-TV correspondent Valentina Trushninu had to pretend to be an intern reporter …

Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko. 02/11/2013

The planned revolution. Why the U.S. smashed "Arab hive?"; Afghan Breakdown. Why did the Soviet generals cry, remembering the war?, Ten feet below the keel. The newest ships of France and Italy, winged monster. All the Arms of the eleventh century; Ashes Bikini. As the Pacific atoll became a swimsuit?; French "Leclerc". The firstborn of the new generation of Baalbek. Who owns an architectural marvel of ancient thought?; Fury Revolution. Rosa Luxemburg and her love affairs; Sensation. Weapons of "Star Wars" in the service of special forces, encrypted message. What we have tried to explain our ancestors?

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Interview with Rabbi Abe Finkelstein of the Jewish control of the world

Zionist Rabbi Abe Finkelstein

How so?

Due to the absolutely shocking material presented in this interview, the question arises — how is it that such an explosive anti-Semitic, and information was provided by none other than as a rabbi, and a senior who knows the intricacies and details that are not available even to ordinary Jews?

He has that — the head is wrong to say such things for which Sio-Nazis to kill, especially when you consider that this rabbi — not just any ordinary rabbi, and the rabbi of Chabad — the ultra conservative sect that rules

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CIA kills and intimidates Russian scientists

Please note: this is said openly. According to reports, the CIA has a special operative account Russian nuclear physicists, which, in particular, made our scientists from RFNC — VNIIEF (Arzamas-16), including the developer of nuclear weapons for the ICBM "Topol-M", "Yars "and" Mace "Yuri Faikov. CIA monitors the activities of the Russian chief designers, who are promising developments in the field of conventional arms, of critical importance to the defense of Russia.

Not yet announced the official version of the crash near Petrozavodsk, the media highlight all new. While overseas are sometimes even more active and "inventive"

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Angel hair. Chemtrails


Chemtrails — a new phenomenon that is occurring around the world. It seems that the government specifically uses airplanes to spray an aerosol substance, which can cause fatigue and depressed people. But why?

Conventional exhaust stripes left by aircraft, to dissipate is not long enough, and depending on the mode of the engine. Chemtrails usually continuously expanding, gradually turning into a stratus, consisting of many rings.

We should add that after seeing the country watched the people magnified chronic diseases. Many witnesses reported falling from the sky spider web material. Laboratory analysis

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ROC: Warrior life

The Russians, who managed to keep common sense and at least some — the ability to analyze, much of what is happening in the country, is frightened, if not more. That there seems to be the territory is, what — no government, there is even a church, but that the state in which to live and work for the good of the people and not myself. In the near future, it seems, is not expected.

Events related to the trial of the nationals, violated certain canons of worship have highlighted a huge problem, not only historically, but first of

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