Training Workshop: Magic Power Embroideries

The magic power of embroidery. Part 1

The magic power of embroidery. Part 2

The magic power of embroidery. Part 3

In this workshop, you will learn that the woman should know Bereguinya about symbols and signs that keep holy in every race. How do they help protect the house from evil intentions, to protect the family from curses, evil eye, ailments. Learn how to read the characters and use them in the home for protection, to protect family members from disease. Learn how to use embroidery to materialize desires. Learn

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Magic thread

The images of the goddesses of fate are often associated with the image of yarn, spinning wheels, spindles. In people, women needlewomen dealing with cloth and thread, also gives understanding the nature of things secret, and skillfully using their knowledge. With the thread work on all aspects of life: "what is the thread, so is life." The destiny of man is seen as the thread on the spinning wheel vypryadennaya deity, and then decorated (already by human hands) as a symbolic sewing magic knitting, weaving, etc. — To the designs of the future of the newborn, or to correct already

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How to prune apple seedlings?

In order to keep getting good yields bulk apples (especially in difficult climatic conditions), along with the best varieties of apple trees are very important to choose the form of the crown of cultivated trees. So, is required for correct and timely pruning.

I try to use when forming pruning "magic" numbers three, VA Sergeenko, personal archive

For heavy weather of my country site (Altay) the most appropriate forms of the crown of apple are or stlantsevaya or bush. For example, a good showing Krasnoyarsk stlanets bush and spherical shape.

I have a small site, only four hundred,

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YARGA — Swastika. Solar symbol Russes

This paper — a patchwork of future book. It's about the character — a cross with bent ends, existed at the dawn of our ancestors with the historical development of mankind. The earliest archaeological findings in the Little dated XVIII-XIII century BC / Bibikova, 1965 Shovkoplyas, 1965 /. It is often found on physical media Tripoli culture V-II millennium BC, which calls academician B.A.Rybakov Slavonic. Prominent Czech Slavic L.Niderle linked Mycenaean III-II millennium BC, is replete with various types yargi (swastika), with the Aryan tribes, not excluding that it was the Slavs. Clothes and towels XVIII-HHvekov decorated yargami, are found

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Culture, mystery and life of the Magi

All ancient societies had clearly demarcated caste division. Ukrainian spiritual community in ancient times had the same status as that in India, the Brahmans, the priests, the representatives of the highest caste.

In Ukraine, there are several names to refer to people who were involved in religious ritual: the wise men, priests, wizards, and sorcerers, diviners, nymphs, witches. Clearly, all of these nicknames are concerned people with different functional responsibilities. The Ukrainian Rusich, like all Slavs, there was a kind of hierarchy of priests: each village or tribe had a sorcerer. Stood at the head of the supreme magician or

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Camye big scam of the twentieth century

Twentieth century a new era in human evolution was marked by major events in the various spheres of society. The sharp jump in the development of science and technology, global wars and revolutions, natural disasters, the appearance of nuclear weapons, space exploration, new diseases, increasing public awareness. The man lifted his knowledge and achievements. But, that's embarrassing. Despite some progress in the whole world is man-made disasters, the spacecraft off track and need to be corrected trajectory. Falling aircraft and sink ships. Nuclear power plants are serious accident. , Periodic economic crises, leading to unemployment and social disaster. Hunger and

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The trial of money — I.Nilova

The manuscript of "The Trial of the money" was first published in Kemerovo, in early 1997, the newspaper Russian Idea ", where the author was also the chief editor. The result of this publication, after many violent events, became governor "coup" in the Kemerovo region, and express check-out website in Estonia. It so happened that the author, through the French Consulate in Estonia was in correspondence with the Club of Rome. From there, she received a Declaration of 1996, in which, the club set itself two goals: to find out the reasons for the economic expansion of the U.S. dollar

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What do we celebrate on Easter?

Our Easter Holiday turned out to be not so already Christian, but rather the opposite — not a Christian. Traditions that people celebrate Easter, have their roots in the distant past of our ancestors, and most importantly, there is nothing similar in the traditions of other nations. In addition, the official church strongly denies ownership of these traditions to the Christian tradition.

This has already become a tradition since ancient times, what is the Christian feast of Easter, and celebrate this day the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, that is, his descent from the cross. In the popularly

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Georezonatory — energy mazes

In the middle of summer in Perm will be the third All-Russian Conference of researchers unknown. On this day, Perm, and then anomalous zone Molebka visit many ufologists, both from Russia and around the world. But this conference will be notable not respected actors, but an attempt to recreate the ancient technology of building stone labyrinth, analogues of which can be found in Karelia. Are always wonders attributed stone labyrinth Karelia here and ancient magic rituals and stone observatory, and even the gates to another dimension. What researchers want to recreate from Perm. For the answer "Steps" asked the

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Original Slavic Womans Day

Let's celebrate the "Day" of our beautiful women, not when it established a "fervent revolutionaries," but when it celebrated the thousands of centuries, our ancestors — the vernal equinox! That would be perfect.

Spring is coming … In place of the winter slumber and night comes fresh spring morning. The sun, as if waking up from hibernation, shines brighter and kinder. Spring. With her in our lives come new events, impressions and emotions. Life will once again emerge, with each new animated grass, with each petal scented flower, with a radiant riot of greenery around wakes and gentle, mysterious,

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