In Japan, about 700 people go to a doctor after a heavy snowfall

About 700 people sought medical help after heavy snowfall, which continued the second day in Japan. It was reported on Wednesday in the central fire department, which in the Land of the Rising Sun is also responsible for the elimination of emergency situations.

The heaviest snowfall recorded on the east coast of the Japanese island of Honshu. In particular, in Tottori Prefecture fell 2.5 meters of precipitation, more than double the annual rate for the area. Most parts of the country — from the southern islands of Kyushu and Shikoku to the northern Hokkaido — snow depth varies from 20

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Flooding in Mozambique

Violent storms that hit the African state of Mozambique in southeast Africa, has caused flooding almost the entire territory of the state.

According to the Committee for Emergency Situations, 22 people were killed and dozens injured.

Natural disaster has destroyed hundreds of buildings. More than 56,000 people were left homeless.

Government provides assistance to the victims, the people placed on temporary evacuation centers, providing food and clothing.

Showers disrupted the country's infrastructure. Most routes linking the city, washed to the ground. Traffic stopped.

Ekaterina Sidorova

Life News Online

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Ukraine suffers from heavy snow

Ukraine captive snowy weather. Three dozen localities of the country is still without electricity.

As reported referring to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the most affected due to snowfall Odessa and Zaporozhye region. The last even stopped work more than forty schools.

In Kiev three days of snow fell as much as sometimes happens, and for the winter.

Mass death of fish in the river Ob

Following environmental emergency found in Lower Eltsovka and our crew. Eugene and Vladimir — fishermen with experience. But this time the wells drilled is not for production, but to demonstrate. There's a dead fish under the water. They say on the eve of a dead perch clung hook one by one. Such a freeze ice fishing enthusiasts will not remember.

Vladimir Glazhenko, fisherman:

"The man was 15 and they were all in shock. No one had ever seen. Dead fish are biting. Well, do not bite, and the hook catches. "

The entire catch and remained on

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Omsk MEP will seek a solution to the problem of black snow

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Omsk region looking for a compromise between the residents of the village Rostovka where the third time in the winter fall "Black Snow", and the leadership of the Omsk TPP-5, which does not intend to transfer of heat from coal to more environmentally friendly fuels, convened an interagency meeting, RIA News on Monday of the regional representative of the MEP.

Omsk MEP Thursday collects interagency meeting to implement emergency measures to reduce pollution emissions CHP-5, with coal-fired ekibastuzkim, spokesman for the ministry.

According to authorities, the environmental indicators Available sizes are normal,

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Flooding in Limpopo, South Africa

Nearly 150 people were injured, ripped roofs, toppled trees, flooded villages. This is the result of heavy rains that hit the Limpopo — South Africa's northernmost province. During the day there fell 300 mm of precipitation.

Military, police, emergency services and private helicopters were involved in rescuing people caught in a water trap. Bridge between the air base and the town was washed away by the flow of water, and some roads were impassable, according to

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Earthquake in southern Sakhalin

January 22 at 10:45 am local time on the remote control duty for Civil Defense and Emergencies of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk reported earthquake in Sinegorskiy.

According to some data manager Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk seismic station at 10:44 am quake was recorded seven kilometers south of the village Bulls with a magnitude of 3.6. Fluctuations in addition to residents of Bykov and Sinegorskiy felt in Kholmsk and Uglezavodske. No injuries or damage.

Along the way the chief of Civil Defense and Emergency Yuzhno Alexander Polikarpov, rescuers were put on high alert to assist sinegortsam if necessary.

One of the first to come Sinegorsk Mayor Yuzhno

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Because of global warming limit of permafrost in the Arctic shifted to 80 kilometers

Over the past decade, the boundary of the permafrost in the Arctic regions of the country has made significant progress in the north. Reason for it — global warming, which is quite a significant impact in the Arctic. According to specialists, the boundary of the permafrost due to warming has moved 80 kilometers to the north.

Because of the displacement of the boundary of the permafrost in northern Russia observed the degradation of the soil and the soil significantly increased areas of seasonal thawing and thermokarst phenomena. In 2012, experts predict MOE, the boundary of the permafrost may shift further

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Major accident occurred in CHP Novokuznetsk

Major accident occurred in CHP Novokuznetsk. At one point went down once all 11 boilers. The apartments are 150 000 people and 11 social facilities plummeted temperature.

— Homes and Condo Novoilinskogo boroughs temperature dropped sharply — told Life News in the emergency department of the Kemerovo region. — According to preliminary calculations, the area fell off about 150 000 people. The temperature is kept at around 30 degrees. At the moment, only one boiler running. The exact time of removal of the accident is not yet known.

Specialists monitor the temperature in the premises, all the information is

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Fire at TPP-2 occurred in the Altai

In Barnaul, investigators and working committee TPP-2 understand the causes of fire, which occurred in a room turbine shop. Cabin burned in pipes turbo area of 30 square meters. meters.

— Message about the fire came from the employees of combined heat and power — told Life News, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Altai Territory. — At the time of the arrival of fire protection in the area covering the turbine shop burned in pipes turbogenerator.

As a result, emergency switchboard damaged turbine generator control and paneling on its pipes. According

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