The earthquake occurred on the lake

An earthquake force of 3.6 on the Richter scale was registered on Wednesday at Lake Baikal in Buryatia. On it informs "Interfax" referring to the Defence Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Republic.

"Seismic events with a magnitude of 3.6 points occurred in the lake in Buryatia. According to preliminary reports, no one was hurt," — said the representative of management.

While tremors were felt in Irkutsk. There magnitude aftershocks score was 2-3, after loss of life and also the no.

Earlier in the regional emergencies department reported that the quake was recorded at 00:25 local time (19:25 GMT).

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Earthquake in the Kuril Islands

In the Pacific Ocean, near the Kuril Islands earthquake, whose magnitude was 5.0, said Tuesday the Far East Regional Emergency Center (DVRTS).

Rescuers, referring to the Russian Academy of Sciences Geophysical Service noted that the earthquake occurred on November 7 at 13:46 (6:46 MSK), 145 km north-east of Kurilsk Sakhalin Oblast (o.Iturup). The epicenter lies at a depth of 160 km.

Tornadoes in the U.S.

Whirlwind lasted about half an hour at the ground and in that time managed to destroy several farms. No injuries have been reported yet. Emergency services staff warn that the weather today will only get worse for hurricane winds may add hail, TV channel "Russia 24".

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Echoes of the earthquake in the Altai Mountains reached the Kemerovo region

Residents of cities in the Kemerovo region felt the echoes of the earthquake that occurred in the Altai Mountains, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the emergency department of the Kemerovo region.

Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred on Thursday afternoon in the Kosh-Agach region republic Altai Mountains, 65 kilometers from the village Aktas on a depth of 42 kilometers. According to MOE, victims and destructions.

"There has been a seismic event in the Altai Mountains. Informed. Echoes feel it. Destruction was not, but the callers felt swaying," said the official.

He added that residents felt tremors Novokuznetsk and Belovo.

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Storm warning because of severe snowstorms announced on Sakhalin

Employees of Russia's EMERCOM Sakhalin Oblast extended operational warning for strong blizzards in the region.

According to forecasters, on Friday-Saturday in seven districts of the southern part of Sakhalin expected strong snowstorm with visibility less than 500 meters in winds of 25-30 meters per second. Snow depth reaches 7-19 mm, locally up to 20 mm or more.

Adverse weather conditions are also expected on January 25 in the Kuril and South Kuril regions: in the islands is possible snowfall 7-19 millimeters, strong winds up to 24 meters per second.

"Due to the bad weather disturbances in the work of transport,

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USA: Oklahoma recorded the strongest earthquake in state history

Earthquake in Oklahoma, recorded late at night on November 5, local time, was the strongest in the history of the American state. According to some data the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), its magnitude was 5.6 (previously cited figure 5.2). Prior to that, says Reuters, was considered the most significant earthquake in 1952. a magnitude of 5.5.

According to the latest information, no one was hurt, but some of the buildings a distinct crack. Residents report that many homes were falling small objects broken glass, and people thought that now they will drop ceiling. In addition, emergency services reported the destruction

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In Yakutia, the temperature dropped dramatically and begin blizzard

On Sunday, November 6, an emergency warning for strong blizzards approach at temperatures up to 30 degrees below zero was sent in five districts of Yakutia — Anabar, Bulun, Zhigansk, Oleneksky and Ust-Jansky.

According to the press service of the EMERCOM Russia in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the storm is expected in the country on November 7. In the north area Bulun possible hurricane with gusts of 33 meters per second, according to ITAR-TASS.

Winter cold in Yakutia, despite autumn month, covering a vast territory of the country Sunday. Among the top ten settlements shows a temperature of about

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In Adygea strong wind shifted snow

Due to the influence of atmospheric fronts, from 9 to 10 November in the Southern Federal District is expected deterioration meteoobstanovki: possible breakages transmission and power lines, felling trees, collapsed loosely design. There may be damage to the roof, disrupting road and utilities, snow drifts on the roads of the federal and local level.

On the territory of Adygea possible precipitation in the form of wet snow. This was November 9 the official website of the Southern Regional Emergency Center.

According to experts of the center, in the territory of Adygea is likely emergency situations with heavy precipitation, wet snow

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Sinkhole on one of the main streets of Quito became the evacuation of dozens of families

The day before yesterday at 23:19 Emergency Service Central Office Fire Department received a report of Quito failure, formed in connection with damage to the main water pipe in the street Eloy Alfaro in Carolina Park, north of the capital of Ecuador. The accident was caused, most likely, the construction of a 12-storey building in the street Francisco Andrade Marin. Collapsed wall containment and pipeline damage, resulting in soil formed failure depth of 22 meters under the ground was almost the entire roadway. Three people — a woman, a man and three children — were hospitalized with injuries in hospital

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Hurricane flown to Arkhangelsk

On the night of Thursday to Archangel hit a perfect storm. Wind storm caused significant damage to the city.

"The storm and the wind raged midnight. Hurricane prevents people from sleeping. Wind plowed poorly sealed windows. Rescuers had to practically spend a sleepless night, as there were many challenges. Rescuers also paid close attention to the situation on the water," — said the source in Dnyam.Ru the city administration.

According to a municipality, the brunt of the hurricane raged from 1:40 to 04:40, came in Isakovor, Tsiglomen, Maimaksa, Varavino factor, Solombala. Brunt of the disaster also affected the island and

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