In Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, an earthquake

On the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, 12 km east of the city Karvachar, an earthquake of magnitude 3.1. This Armenian News — reported Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. According to the report, the earthquake was registered on October 5 at 21:33 Yerevan time. Propulsion in the epicenter was 4 points.

The earthquake was also felt in Vardenis in Armenia — 3 points.

In Kiev recorded radiation levels exceeding the limit of 200

Employees incinerator "Energy" in Kiev recorded elevated levels of radiation in one of their garbage at passage controls. The press-service of "Kyivenergo", which includes the company.

"October 3 at the incinerator" Energy "equipment worked" Kordon ", which checks the garbage on the contamination, — said in a statement. — The radiation level was 53.8 micro-roentgen per hour instead of the maximum allowable 30 micro-roentgen per hour. "

Garbage truck with a radiation waste was transported to a special parking lot, and on October 4 commission of experts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and sanitation services has identified a

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The man in the Kostroma region died of bear hands

Kostroma, October 5 — RIA Novosti, Anna Skudaeva. Investigative Committee in the Kostroma region started checking into the death of man in the attack bear, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday Senior Assistant Regional Management IC Olga Vakurova.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night in a wooded area in Ponazyrevskom near Kostroma. According to the results of the screening, three local residents were in a field near the village of Gudkov Ponazyrevskogo area where out-of-wood shot the bear. After that a wounded animal into the woods, and the hunters went looking for him.

"In the forest bear attacked one of the

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In the Kuban flooded two villages

MOSCOW, October 5 — RIA Novosti, Tatyana Kuznetsova. More than 30 private homes Pridvorova territory on Wednesday were partially flooded in the villages and Divnomorskoe Aderbievka in Gelendzhik resort in the Krasnodar region, told RIA Novosti representative of the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory.

In Divnomorskoe population of about five thousand inhabitants, and in Aderbievke — about 1.3 thousand people.

According to MOE, as a result of heavy rainfall river level rose and Aderba Mezyb.

"In the village were flooded Aderbievka Pridvorova 15 sites in the village Divnomorskoe — 30

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The Japanese do not get cleaned of radiation seawater

Radiation levels in the sea near what is left of the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima-1'''', is still high, but since the accident has been more than six months. The highest point (100 thousand Bq / m) pollution reached in early April. It was expected that most of the radioactive iodine, cesium and plutonium quickly disperse to the Pacific Ocean.

However, this did not happen. Probably the reason is that the contaminated water is still flowing into the sea from the nuclear plant, and can, twist current radioactive material in one place. More likely is that both factors work together.

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In Samara, a passenger car left the asphalt

Experts find out who owns the heat pipeline near failure. Last Friday, September 30, in Samara again failed asphalt at the intersection of the Komsomol and Kuibyshev. VAZ "ten" front wheel fell into the resulting hole. In place of the departed deputy head of Samara, Chairman of the Emergency Committee, Alexander Efremov. The reason for the failure is the same as in other cases, when at the end of August in Samara went underground several cars and a truck — the soil under the roadway was washed away by rain, and asphalt sank. Nearby is the well of heating.

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In Japan, incineration discontinued because of radiation it

TOKYO — October 4, RIA Novosti reported. The high content of radioactive cesium in the ashes, obtained by burning debris from areas near the Japanese nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1", led to the closure of one of the incinerators in the east of the country, local media reported.

Recycling plants in Kashiwa (Chiba Prefecture) was the first company that has been stopped because it exceeded the maximum permissible limit for stored on it with radioactive waste. According to local law, the ash, which contains the radioactive substance can be used to spray on fields as a fertilizer and should

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Death of fish in the reservoir Tsimlyanskii

Told "AIF-Volgograd" reported in the state institution "Nizhnevolzhrybvod." According to the main institutions ichthyologist Sergey Yakovlev, from the end of last week, the coastal areas of the Gulf Chirskov Tsimlyansk reservoir near the village Novomaksimovsky littered with dead fish.

The number of dead specimens is about 10 thousand. Mostly died young of silver carp — the average individual weight of fish were dying — about one hundred grams, and overall weight lost about 5 tons of fish.

The probable cause of environmental emergency — pollution of the coastal area so called "ballast water" from passing through the Volga-Don shipping route

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Resident bitten by a rabid fox Tagil

For the first time in 20 years in Nizhny Tagil was a case of human infection with rabies after being bitten by the animal.

Operational assistance provided to the victim, but the risk of death remains. The bodies of Sanitary and Epidemic Control avoid emergency called for greater attention to tagilchan correspondent to Nakanune.RU.

A resident of Nizhny Tagil Svetlana decided to go with their four pets near the suburban area. Allocated for timber space dog found some fox and began to wag her. Mistress animal was sorry: it drove the dogs took polupridushennuyu fox and brought to his site.

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The devastating tornado swept over South Africa

South Africa has suffered from a strong tornado, which came to the territory of Ficksburg on Monday.

In the aftermath of the death of two children and dozens suffered minor injuries. Destroyed thousands of homes. Emergency services said they had never seen a storm of this magnitude.

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