Russian blizzard caused problems on the roads

Due to heavy snowfall, which began on the last day of November and lasted more than a day, and ice movement on a Russian highway M-10 turned into a real torture for drivers. Thousands of cars and trucks were stuck for a long time on the snow-covered major roads of the country.

As reported by journalists, the length of the formed due to a snowstorm plug at the site in the north-western part of the Tver region was about 200 km. According to official data, however, the length of tube was only 20 km. To support the drivers in

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In Samara, continues a series of failures of the roadway

The next incident occurred the evening of September 4 the house № 15 Lenin Avenue, reports According to the information and intelligence administration g.o.Samara a daily report, a jeep "Chevrolet Captiva", drive right up to the steps of the porch of this house, the front left wheel fell into the resulting pit measuring 0.5 x 0.5 meters to the place PE were caused by rescue workers, who reported that the failure is low, life threat to the driver no. He pulled the car out of the failure, the experts rescue fenced dangerous place.

It later emerged that in the

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Powerful snow cyclone approached Kamchatka

Powerful cyclone approached the Kamchatka Peninsula brought to heavy snowfall, reports GUMCHS on edge.

"According to the Kamchatka meteorologist, during the day in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and places in the Elizovsky Milkovsky areas will be snow," — said in a statement.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where about 60% of population of the region is complicated road conditions. On the highways of the region low visibility and black ice.

Rescuers advised people to limit travel outside populated areas, without the need not to go out, to refrain from traveling to the mountains, and if necessary move on the route to be extremely cautious. Tour groups

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Massage the upper chest

Compared with other parts of the body such as such as the back, upper part of the breast is an area in less need of a massage, but there are muscles that are involved in carrying out a variety of movements and can often be pinned down and tired. These muscles are called the major and minor muscles are up to the collarbone and shoulder. Massage improves blood circulation in the chest and in these muscles. It also relaxes and warms the tissue, preparing them for a deeper massage.

If there is cellulite arose to reverse the process is very

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Impaired because of the weather in the suburbs electricity restored

Bad weather led to blackouts isolated suburbs of power, now all the consequences of the elements eliminated, told RIA Novosti spokesman for Moscow United Electric Grid Company.

On Tuesday afternoon at the Moscow and Moscow hit a tempest of hail and the intensity and density of which was high.

"Due to bad weather were recorded single fault in the power supply in the east suburbs, particularly in Shatura, but operational brigade of eliminated them quickly, and now all consumers receive electricity in full, not disabled," — he said.

WWF: complaints ekokarte regions reflect reality

The first citizens' complaints published on ecological map of Russia, indicative typical and help better understand the real state of affairs in the area of nature and open violation of the laws or reveal the massive, non-adjustable current law environmental conflicts, the director of Conservation Policy WWF Russia Yevgeny Shvarts.

Ecological map of Russia ( / ecorating /) was developed by RIA Novosti in support of the Russian Geographical Society. The map, which was launched in early October, anyone can leave a message on environmental pollution, violation of environmental laws, which he had witnessed.

"The problems raised typically indicative. Even

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Flights to the Japanese Okinawa interrupted by typhoon

Central Naha airport on the Japanese island of Okinawa will be closed for a day due to the approach of the most powerful in 10 years typhoon "Bolaven," according to Japanese media.

Currently, the typhoon is 10 kilometers south-east of the main island of the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa and is moving to the northwest at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. The pressure at the center of the typhoon is 960 hPa. Squally wind speed accompanying the cyclone reaches 50-70 meters per second.

The mandatory evacuation was declared in coastal areas where wave height is 10 meters. Brunt

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In Dagestan, a hole in the ground

Republic of Dagestan village Gurbuki

Ivanov proposes to introduce criminal penalties for the extraction of rare animals

The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov proposes to criminalize the production, trafficking and transportation of animals listed in the Red Book.

"Until now, the legislation is not amended to significantly increase the responsibility — as far as criminal, and I think that there must be a clear, criminal responsibility for the illegal production, trafficking Amur tigers, their derivatives, as well as their movement across the state border of the Russian Federation. In my view, this should apply not only tigers and leopards are equally and any other animals of Red "- Ivanov said at a meeting

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The Constitutional Court will consider the case of charging for pollution

The Constitutional Court (CC) of the Russian Federation on Tuesday will examine the case of charging companies for the negative impact on the environment, according to the website of the court.

COP will examine the constitutionality of Article 16 of the law "On Environmental Protection" and the RF Government Decree establishing the rules for determining the payment for environmental pollution. The reason for the consideration of the case was a complaint Ltd. "Topol".

"Society applicant is collecting, transportation and disposal of waste. According to the contested regulations, this activity qualifies as a negative impact on the environment. Accordingly, for it

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