Storm cut down the major European data centers Amazon and Microsoft

Lightning strikes on Sunday night cut down the largest European data centers Amazon and Microsoft, located in Dublin (Ireland).

In the case of the Amazone, it led to the downfall of many sites that use the "cloud" platform, Amazon EC2. Lightning struck a transformer near the data center of the company, which led to the explosion, fire — and complete blackout of electricity in the data center. The explosion also made it impossible to connect emergency generators, as the system itself has suffered management.

Currently, services are restored, but from the reports of technical support, are still problems with

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For Kazakhstan swept blizzard

For the past day in Kazakhstan fell to a record amount of rainfall. Snow was so much that rescuers had to dig out of the listed buildings and the evacuation of more than 470 people. During a snowstorm on the roads of Almaty region stuck 36 cars with 95 passengers, which rescuers also had to remove the track.

Because of heavy snow and low visibility in the Karaganda region on the road between the city of Kyzylorda and Pavlodar, accident involving 47 passengers. Fortunately, they arrived on time lifeguards and first aid. In Kostanaskoy of drivers stuck in a

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Occurred in the Neva Bay ecological disaster

PETERSBURG, August 6. Unknown tanker last night to reset the oil in the waters Neva Bay.

The coastline is dotted with islands Kanonersky black viscous substance. Oil slicks floating on the waters of the Neva Bay, near the Golden Gate, their nails over the dam along the sea channel. According to preliminary data, the unknown ship somehow lost oil.

As the correspondent of "Rosbalt" local people and fishermen, The disaster was one of the tankers, who visited the night in the port of St. Petersburg. Eyewitnesses claim that the ship docked at one of the piers, "Petersburg Oil Terminal" (PNT).

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Philippine storm hit Thailand

Remnants of Hurricane Nokten, has caused a severe blow to the Philippines reached northern Thailand. At least seven people were killed and half a million homeless.

Nokten began its destructive march of the Philippines at the end of July. There as a result of heavy rains and storms have killed at least 66 people. Another 17 are still missing. The roads were flooded. In total, the hurricane Nokten the Philippines affected about 15 million people. Nokten then moved west. In Vietnam, he also brought heavy rain and storms. According to official figures, one person died. And in recent days,

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In the center of Yekaterinburg road collapsed into the ground

Evening of 5 August in the center of Yekaterinburg in the junction of the Decembrists — Krasnoarmeyskaya drivers are faced with yet another surprise from the CPM road "Basis" Honda Integra front wheel landed in the resulting hole in the road, from which immediately saw thick steam.

According to the victim of road maintenance and emergency driver Dmitry asphalt left from under the wheels of his foreign cars.

— There was a small hole. I wanted it to go round, but could not. Covering more collapsed — said "The evening Vedomosti" outraged driver, stressing that no markings to alert

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In the South Urals locust plagues affected more than 90,000 hectares of crops

In three districts of Chelyabinsk region maintained emergency mode due to the mass invasion of locusts. Economic threshold is exceeded by one third of the affected area. As the "New Region" in the Department of Agricultural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk region, acting in emergency mode Agapovka, Kizilskoe Uyskom and municipal areas. In addition to these areas locust plagues another dangerous pest — meadow moth. It should be noted that the locusts seen in almost all the South Ural territories except Kasli district. But there, in the main common local species of insect, does not pose

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Victims of avalanches in Tajikistan were three people

Three killed in Tajikistan over the past day by avalanches, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the spokesman of the Republican Committee of Emergency Situations.

"Avalanche, descended the day before in the area of Raska-east of the country alive and blocked two villagers — 20-year-old Faizullo Dzhamilova and 12-year-old Abdullah Mohammadi," — said the source. According to him, the bodies were found a few hours after the incident, members of staff on emergency Rasht region and local residents.

Another avalanche came down on the road Dushanbe-Chanak connecting the center and the north of the country, and dragged him into the 300-meter

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The invasion of locusts in the Voronezh region entered emergency mode

The authorities have introduced in the Voronezh region and Novokhopersk Borisoglebsky emergency areas due to locusts, told RIA Novosti on Friday press service of the regional government The appearance of the most dangerous kind of locusts — Italian locust — is fixed in the fields of 13 districts of the Voronezh region. Experts of the Department of Agrarian policy of the region surveyed 110,000 acres of farmland, chemical treatment were 13.7 thousand hectares. "In the two areas of the region — and Novokhopersk Borisoglebsky because locusts declared emergency. There pest control is carried out at the expense of the federal

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Near Volgograd lightning slept Sennik

The farmer was able to save 20 calves and sheep.

Major fire in a remote area near Volgograd Kamennochernovsky was due discharge of atmospheric electricity, but simply from a lightning strike.

According to the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the fire was yesterday at 14.41 local time. Lightning landed right in the wooden Sennikov, under whose roof were hay and cattle.

As a result, the farmer was left without hay — Fired 35 tons, but managed to get out of a burning building 8 sheep and 12 calves. The frightened animals calmed down and now graze

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OV treatment Martynov from 03.08.2011g.

Past foreshocks in the North Caucasus, the Caspian Sea, northern Iran, Almaty and meteoseysmoindikatory in the northern Caucasus, Almaty and testimony SHGM systems — require maximum attention of emergency services in Russia, Kazakhstan and the surrounding region to the Caspian states.

Prof. OV Martynov

Treble level remains high. The situation is tense. Expect a major event.


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