In the Stavropol region wolves bitten flock of sheep

The village Kochubeevsky supervisory district, Stavropol Territory on a herd of 500 sheep was attacked by a pack of wolves, destroying half of the animals

Evening of March 4 wolves of about five individuals drove a flock of sheep, a local farmer Isayev. The farmer did not have a gun to shoot the wolves, and the dogs have not resolved, and the wolves have destroyed more than half of the herd.

According to the head of the agriculture department Kochubeevsky District Sergei Fedko, uterine flock of about a month had kittens, the damage from this attack is about 2.5 million.

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In the Dominican Republic and Haiti declared maximum risk

Tropical storm "Irene" scored power and became a hurricane. Fell on the eve of the elements of Puerto Rico.

It left without electricity 800,000 homes. The maximum speed is at the center of the hurricane is up to 130 kilometers per hour. In the south of the Dominican Republic to urgently evacuate residents. The country has canceled classes in the schools, the police and the army are on high alert. In Haiti, the situation is complicated by the fact that over a million people there are living in tents. The island has not rebuilt after the earthquake

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Thousands of Europeans came home for Christmas because of snowfall

Thousands of Europeans were not able to get home on Christmas Eve because of snowfall paralyzed the airport, writes Rosbalt.RU.

According Lenta.Ru, yesterday in Paris airport Charles de Gaulle were canceled dozens of flights. The reason was the lack of deicing fluid to handle the aircraft fuselage. Airport administration expects to return to normal operation only on December 26.

To organize neuletevshih passengers administration had to purchase an additional 700 mattresses and blankets, as well as dozens of book rooms in nearby hotels.

"On behalf of the company I apologize to all passengers and airport staff. This country did not

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Biofuels. The movement in the wrong direction?

Modern concepts considering biofuels as a green alternative to oil is less harmful to the environment. However, according to two scientists, as expressed by them in the pages of Bioenergy (GCB Bioenergy), benefits of biofuels are overpriced.

According to researchers, the calculations of greenhouse gas emissions in the production and use of biofuels do not include sensitive information, leading to distortion.

The criticism directed at scientists model the life-cycle (Life Cycle Analysis, LCA) of biofuel production. Life cycle analysis is used to collect, synthesize and study of all factors related to the production, use and disposal of fuel or

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Heavy rain and hail fell in the north-west of Moscow region

Heavy rain and hail hit the northwest suburbs and the city.

Visibility is a few tens of meters because of the dense wall shower. Precipitation intensity is increasing, then decreasing. Hail is not terminated.

Lake Geneva can happen tsunami

Scientists warn that hundreds of thousands of people living or vacationing in Lake Geneva, is in danger because of the tsunami, the likelihood is high enough.

Thus, in the 6th century BC, and more precisely in the year 563, the collapse of the rock near the confluence of the Rhone in the lake triggered tsunami. Peak wavelength at Lausanne on the northern edge of the lake close to the 13-meter mark. Wave, rushed to the shore and covered Geneva, reached 8 m in height. This is despite the fact that a shift from rock to Geneva she had to

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Flood on Erevanovskoy street in Kiev

Business Ideas

In this article you will learn about a simple business idea, which will require a little time and patience. This idea is to build your business in the paintings of dried flowers and plants. These "works of art" are a kind of unique.

Have you ever seen a picture in the sale of dried flowers? Probably not. This is not strange. This kind of business is almost not developed in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

How is this kind of looks like art from dried flowers and plants? It is a composition made of dried flowers and plants,

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Dry pet food is often contaminated with Salmonella

U.S. health services started checking dry pet food in major retail chains, as they fear that the food can be a source of human infection with salmonella, reports Wall Street Journal.

According to her, the current Department of Health and Human Services Office of the United States by the Food and Drug Administration warned that the "particular concern salmonella transmitted through food and nutritional supplements for animals in the home, through the hands of the infection can get into the human body."

Inspectors management, according to the newspaper, have already started to take samples of feed in the largest U.S.

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19 people were killed in a landslide in South Korea

In South Korea, a landslide in Chuncheon, located 100 kilometers east of the capital, Seoul, killing 19 people, said the local authorities.

Mudslide caused by prolonged rains came down to the local mountain resort, destroying four residential buildings, including two small hotels. According to "Interfax", a landslide occurred after midnight on Wednesday near Soyangganskoy dam.

According to rescuers, 26 out of 40 people who lived in the destroyed building, taken to a nearby hospital. Some of them are in critical condition.

According to ITAR-TASS, the showers flooded southern South Korea, were under water and some subway line. Heavy

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