6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Papua New Guinea

Earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred on Thursday off the coast of Papua New Guinea, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Hearth tremors occur at depths 70.6 kilometers. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 34 km south-east of the city and Taron in 114 kilometers from Kokopo.

Information on possible casualties or damage were reported. The threat of a tsunami is not reported.

Papua New Guinea is part of the so-called "Pacific Ring of Fire" (powerful tectonic fault), characterized by high seismic activity.

In the UK, found a bipedal gorilla

In a zoo in Kent in the UK live male gorilla named Ambam. 220-pound primate loves to walk on their hind legs like a human. Laid out on the YouTube video with him was a hit — last week it looked more than 1 million people around the world.

20-year-old pet zoo Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, nicknamed Ambam week became famous. According zookeeper Phil Ridges, Ambam from birth differed more wit than his counterparts. He learned to stand in order to better see the zoo attendants who bring him food.

According to Regis, the Ambama have sisters who are

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School children in Anadyr second day out of school due to frost

Anadyr authorities on Thursday canceled the second day of classes in schools for pupils of 1.7 classes because of the frost, strong winds and snowfall began, reports City Hall.

On Wednesday, the Department of Education of the capital of Chukotka canceled classes for 1-7 grades of schools in the city in connection with the air temperature drops to 34 degrees below zero and the wind, the speed of which was 10 meters per second, with gusts up to 14 meters per second.

"On Thursday, in addition to the 30-degree cold and wind speed of 11.6 meters per second, with

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Death of bees in the Belgorod region

As a resident of the village called CPS Mospanov Novooskolskiy district of Belgorod region. He argued that because of the spraying from aircraft on the farm were killed by bees.

During an unscheduled inspection found that on June 17 one of the businesses actually conducted aerial chemical works on the farm Mospanov without first agreeing with Rospotrebnadzor, the time and conditions of treatment areas.

For violation of health legislation on the legal person conducting the chemical work up a protocol on administrative violation and passed a resolution to impose a fine of $ 10 000, the press

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In the Okhotsk Sea earthquake

An earthquake measuring 5.7 occurred this morning in the Okhotsk Sea at a depth of 380 km under his bottom. Shock epicenter was located about 130 km east of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Underground shock registered at 06:43 local time (23:43 MSK December 9). Sakhalin seismologists reported that the earthquake in any of the locations of the island was not felt, no tsunami threat.

The day before, on Friday night, an earthquake of magnitude 4.0 was observed in the Pacific Ocean off the Kuril islands of Iturup, center lies at a depth of 40 km. After 6 minutes, then push

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Freezing rain is coming to Peter

Emergencies Ministry warns of significant deterioration of weather in the northern capital.

Urgent message from the MOE for the residents of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area: the day on Friday and Saturday night in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region expected heavy snow and blizzard accompanied by strong winds.

Sunday is expected freezing rain, writes news4k.com.

Recall that took place in Moscow and the region at the end of December 2010 freezing rain, was the catalyst of the transport and energy collapse. Icing wire transmission lines, led to massive power outages and delays of flights.

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Deadly intestinal bacteria have been discovered in the waters of Germany and spread with extraordinary rapidity

E. coli-killer from Germany could fall into the sea. Deadly intestinal bacteria have been discovered in the waters of Germany and spread with extraordinary rapidity, as noted by German experts. A run-off of many rivers that flow into the country directly in the Baltic Sea. One of these days the bacteria E. Coli were in one of the streams of Hesse, then in other bodies of water, and soon the whole of Germany will be a ban on swimming in the rivers. Because of the risk of contracting E. coli Ministry of Environment of Germany recommends against swimming in rivers,

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Motorcycles of the flagship

Motorcycles always taken a special way among motorists. Have not found her replacement when it comes to urban traffic. Among the different types of this technique is the most popular scooter. For that there are many factors — low price, different kinds of design. But the main reason for choosing a scooter — is its high maneuverability. For a large city such as Sochi, where the problem of traffic jams and congestion on the roads, motorists are found every day, purchasing a scooter is the most sensible solution. Company "Flagman", which works on the market of Krasnodar Region and Abkhazia

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Ornithologists call Muscovites set in hot bowls for birds

Help wild birds migrate heat in the Moscow region is possible through the installation of drinkers and kupalok for birds, said a representative of the Russian Bird Conservation Union (accompanied) Elena Zubakina.

"Birds in this year's heat transfer well. It's not the heat, 2010, mass death of wild birds, I hope not. Now birds are killed mainly due to the descent of ponds. Nevertheless, in order to protect wild birds from the ensuing heat You can encourage all indifferent people exhibit, including suburban areas, elementary Drinking and bathing birds, "- said the agency interlocutor.

The heat is in the capital

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More than 130 homes affected in Gelendzhik in Hurricane

Hurricane winds, which last week hit Gelendzhik on the specified data, damaged 32 apartment roof and over a hundred private homes, said Tuesday's press service City Hall.

Strong wind, the speed of which sometimes reach up to 45 meters per second, blew in on Tuesday for a day on the Black Sea coast of Russia near Temryuk Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik. In this case, the air temperature dropped to minus 16 degrees. Due to the rampant disaster Tuesday night without light in the Kuban were 149,000 people. By Wednesday evening power supply was fully restored.

Earlier, authorities Gelendzhik reported that, according to

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