14-meter whale strandings in Belgium

Seriously wounded a 14-meter sperm whale stranded in Belgium in the early morning on Wednesday, February 8.

According to scientists, the giant mammal weighing nearly 30 tons was in the process of seasonal migration and found in the North Sea by mistake.

— North Sea — very treacherous place for whales, because it is not deep enough, because of this animal could injure themselves, — the employee of the Scientific Institute of Natural History of Belgium.

Despite the cold weather, look at the inhabitants of the seas on the beach gathered a great many local people.

Arrived on the scene

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Hail in Irkutsk region

In the Irkutsk region for ten minutes was heavy hail. Details in the video.

Sun is ready to hit the earth: the human remains without light

Powerful solar activity threatens to leave humans without communication, knocking out satellites, mobile phones and other equipment. About this newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

The fact is that in the period from September 22 to 26 at the Sun was recorded strong activity, the source of which was located in the so-called core 1302.

At the time flashes "Zone 1302" was on the edge of the world, and so most of the ejected plasma touched the earth on a tangent. Meanwhile, it was enough to cause the earth powerful magnetic storms.

Now there is a possibility of a second wave of outbreaks,

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In Pakistan, an earthquake of magnitude 5.7

MOSCOW, Aug. 10 — RIA Novosti.Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 occurred on Wednesday morning in the south-western Pakistan, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey.

The epicenter of quake, which occurred at 05.53 local time (04.53 MSK), was located at 147 km south-west of the city Dalbandin and center lies at a depth of 8.3 kilometers.

No casualties or damage were reported.

In October 2005, northern Pakistan was destroyed by a powerful earthquake. Then, according to official figures, killed more than 80,000 people. Since then, in the areas of post-earthquake tremors often cause panic.

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Mexican earthquake warning system fails test

In recent weeks, Mexico is exposed to earthquake. This series has already happened more than 400 aftershocks, some of which are more than 6 power points. Earthquake led to the destruction of hundreds of buildings and killing at least two people. To reassure the population of the capital city, the mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard said that since last week in the country in action, see warning system tremors. According to the news agency Associated Press, on Wednesday in the state of Michoacan in western Mexico were new tremors, leading to fluctuations in high-rise buildings and the evacuation of

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Frosts in central Russia on Tuesday, will be replaced by warming

Period of frosty and sunny weather in the central regions of European Russia ends its successor has come from Tuesday warming, which will be accompanied by snow, blizzards, and sometimes — freezing precipitation and ice, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"Monday will be the last really chilly afternoon in the center of European Russia. Tuesday frosty anticyclone will move away to the east. Starting from the north-western regions, will increase the influence of the vast Atlantic cyclone moves out of the north-eastern Atlantic. In European Russia will pour warm and humid air masses, "- said in a statement.


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One person died and 52 were injured in the tornado in Japan

The strongest tornado, the brunt of which hit the city of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, about 60 kilometers north-east of Tokyo and several prefectures hurt, killed one person and injured 52 people, told broadcaster NHK.

Storm ravaged the north-west to north-east of Ibaraki Prefecture, almost in a straight line: it creates a line traces of damage — destroyed houses with broken windows and ripped off roofs, overturned cars, battered power transmission towers. Devastated areas in the city of Tsukuba stretch of 7.5 kilometers.

The footage, taken from a helicopter, well see the houses that are left without roofs: the people

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Sheremetyevo Airport congratulates May 9

In honor of my 67th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, Sheremetyevo airport, every year according to tradition, organizes a series of celebrations for veterans. Airport terminals decorated, and the loudspeakers are the words of congratulations. By tradition, the partners provide airport shares, such as free flights for veterans with 3 — May 12.

The company "Transaero" also has become involved in and offers free tickets from April 13 to May 30, the international and domestic flights for members of the Patriotic War. Despite the fact that the flights these days is very difficult, and tickets are

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Leningrad authorities hope to create sanctuary for the protection of small swan

Authorities of the Leningrad region want to restore the park small swan — the Red List endangered species, which are hoping to organize a year-end reserve "Birch Lake", said on Thursday the press service of the regional government.

"The Committee on Natural Resources handed materials diligence reserve" Birch Lake "to the state environmental review. In the regional committee on natural resources are hoping that a new regulation on wetland will be approved by the joint decree Ministry of Russia and the Leningrad region during the current year "- said in a statement.

Reserve survey was conducted in the framework of

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In the Pacific typhoon rages «MUIFA»

July 28 afternoon in the south of the Philippine Sea, near the Caroline Islands, a tropical depression came ninth in this year's typhoon named «MUIFA». Pressure at its center was 998 hPa. He slowly shifted to the north and rapidly gaining strength. This morning, a tropical cyclone was at coordinates 18.5 ° N and 133.5 ° E Pressure at the center of these three days dropped by 68 hPa and was 930 hPa. Already day pressure at its center remains unchanged, it reached its maximum development.

Wind near the center of the hurricane reached values — 45 m / s,

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