More than two tons of dead fish caught from the lake in Cyprus

About two and a half tons of dead fish pulled from the lake Athalassa Nicosia: fish mortality associated with sharp fluctuations in temperature.

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, told Cyprus Mail, that the deceased fish belongs to the species of tilapia (Tilapia) and probably fish "en masse" died when there was a sudden drop in temperature on the island of Cyprus.

The second reason for the mass death of fish — a large amount of rain that made a lot of dirt in the lake, making it difficult to obtain the necessary oxygen fish.

This combination of factors

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The car with the driver went into the ground in Samara

Today, September 7, in Samara there was another accident involving the collapse of the asphalt.

The incident occurred in the same place, where it is often recently — at the intersection of the New Gardening and Chelyuskintsev. By the way, it is on the street, Cheluskintsev only at the intersection of Lenin Avenue, August 22, a foreign car was completely gone in a hole in the pavement, and the driver died due to a heart attack.

The driver "Daewoo Matiz" parked on the side of the street, and suddenly cracked asphalt and into the ground along with curbing. As a

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The Aral Sea is progressing

The Aral Sea, which is an inland sea, has always suffered from the fact that people ruthlessly used its water for irrigation. But in the last few years, the drying process has been particularly noticeable. By 2009, large areas of the right-hand side of the sea, previously covered by water, are now the property of the land. Many sea dries so quickly because the rivers that feed it, are also in constant service to the agricultural needs of the region, not much supply of natural water sources.

Video just shows how gradually from year to year the Aral

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Tours in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Malaysia — a country that every fan wants to travel to visit at least once in life. One of the most attractive tourist Malaysian cities — Johor Bahru. The largest number of tourists here — from neighboring Asian countries, who come here to have a good time, besides paying quite a bit. It should be noted that the burning vacation in Malaysia in March and will not cost our compatriots, because, as a rule, such offers are low cost, and allow yourself to obtain a tour can be anyone.

Johor Bahru-Singapore ties bridge over the Strait of Johor. Every

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Montenegro can not cope with fallen snow

A powerful snowstorm paralyzed several states in the Balkan region. The most difficult situation was Montenegro. Because of the huge amount of snow and winds gusting to 80 km / h in the country blocked hundreds of roads, communication between some settlements can be established only by air. Celebrated in many places dangerous upheaval of fresh snow several meters.

Of listed mountain roads near the resort Zabljak of stranded vehicles had to evacuate dozens of passengers, because the snow depth has reached a point where a 230 cm in some places the road managed to clear only to move

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An explosion at a mine in Ecuador

The explosion caused the cessation of work at the mine in the Bella Rica Canton Ponce Enriquez Azuay province. Detonation occurred about 9:30 this environment.

As a result of this incident, killed at least five people, poisoned with toxic gases, ten miners were hospitalized. The mine has been cordoned off by police and military, who evacuated the entire staff.

Is investigating the incident.

Authorities did not have time to clean debris from Krymsk after floods — ecologists

Community services can not cope with the removal of debris from destroyed by flood Krymsk, told RIA Novosti the Environmental Watch on North Caucasus.

"People are carried out of the house that has spoiled in the home. Garbage on all streets huge amount. Hard to say why this is, perhaps, simply can not cope with the export of toxic waste … Many — TVs, home appliances. It's not clear someone went and collected the trash. problem now, of course, there is, but compared to the catastrophe she seems a trifle, "- said the representative of Andrew Rudomakha.

Words Rudomakha also

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Fish kill in Peru

The protest residents of small villages in the bay Cruz province Sorritos (Peru), prevented the return of tens of vehicles of Ecuadorian tourists, who left for the weekend and public holidays on Peruvian beaches Sorritos, Mancora and Puerto Pizarro.

According to tentative data, from Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon about 1,500 travelers from Ecuador were not able to return home and were forced to seek accommodations by paying USD 20 per room, or get to sleep in their cars in anticipation of the opening of the road.

Peruvian fishermen protesting this way against ocean pollution in the

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Forecasters predict in Krasnoyarsk sleet and ice

Forecasters predict a sharp deterioration in the weather in the Evenki the northern Krasnoyarsk Territory, as well as an increase in wind up to 23 meters per second and heavy precipitation in the central and southern parts of the region, told RIA Novosti spokesman GUMCHS on edge.

"On Tuesday, in the south of Evenkia places heavy snow expected in central and southern areas of the province forecasters predict a strong and very heavy rainfall with the deposition of wet snow on the wires. Possible breaks lines. Expected wind gusts up to 23 meters per second. On roads severe sleet. possible

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Flood in Tomsk 27.07.2011



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