Altai people attacked by rabid fox

In the Altai region intensified fox rabies, which increased the number of attacks on local residents, warned in regional management Rosselkhoznadzor.

"Foxes have increasingly come to the villages and attack people and pets. So, in the village Starobelokuriha Altai region Fox infiltrated the estate and by attacking the host, bite his hand"- Quoted by" Interfax "statement regional management Rosselkhoznadzor.

Agency staff were reminded that the region will remain tense for animal diseases. "Registered eight points on rabies disadvantaged, including five points from rabies in wild foxes Eltsovskom, Trinity, Altai, zonal and Habarskom areas," — explained in the regional department of

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Italy suffers losses due to drought

According to experts, the heat wave and drought have brought the state in the Apennine peninsula damages of 1 billion U.S. dollars. The most affected sector of the economy was agriculture Italy. Abnormal weather conditions continue to have a negative impact on grain crops, the prices of which have increased significantly.

In early August, the situation with the heat was at its peak. Ministry of Agriculture of the country is ready to declare most of the regions natural disaster zone and run programs to help farmers in 50 days earlier than usual. It is reported that in the

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In Spain, the summer heat

In Spain broke all temperature records. Despite the fact that the calendar already the middle of autumn, summer reigns in the country. The highest temperature recorded for October in Seville — where the temperature does not drop below 33 degrees. Even in the north of the country — on the shores of the Bay of Biscay — all the beaches are filled with vacationers. Heat waves will last even in Spain for at least a week.

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Moscow will lay a cold Christmas

In the first month of 2011 Muscovites waiting snowfalls and cold as minus 25 degrees. This was announced on Sunday, weather specialist of the Center "Phobos."

"Now, in January 2011 can be compared with last January. If you remember this month in 2010, the rainfall was a little — only 40% of normal, and the temperature anomaly missed the climatic norm 7 degrees" — quoted meteorologist "The View."

Meanwhile, according to him, this January will be colder than normal, although the difference did not exceed 3-4 degrees. "Christmas will lay cold Moscow in two waves. First start since January 6,

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Reserve Airport Efremov

In g.Efremove, Tula region, plans to build a modern transportation center, which will become a reserve airport for Moscow airports and air transport center. The city is conveniently located for cross-polar transport.

Such transport through the North Pole to help reduce costs and travel time. If the planes flying to the capital's air site, can not land there due to bad weather, we will reserve the airport in the Tula region. Meditation will help pass the wait for beginners.

In St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod has a backup airport but to Moscow from those cities about 5-6 hours away by

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NASA warns: Asteroid 2005 SE55 unpredictable

By the Earth is approaching a very large asteroid. Astronomers have calculated that it will pass close to Earth on November 8 this year. Its trajectory will lie at a distance of approximately 300,000 kilometers of our planet — it's closer than the distance to the Moon. Name of space visitor — 2005 SE55. Size — 400 meters. Just less than a hundred meters of the Ostankino TV tower.

Astronomers are going to study it with radar, optical and infrared telescopes. So the scientists a chance to study near very large asteroid that will allow a better understanding of

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A massive sinkhole in the U.S.

Extensive failure formed in the small town Dayzetta, Texas. He is more than 200 meters wide and 50 deep, increasing in size and consuming everything in its path, according

In Kerch garbage truck sank into the ground

Rend the asphalt under the wheels of the car. This morning, 15.12.2010, next to the Station House on Highway 51-A under the asphalt fell through garbage, reports

— I was traveling on its route, pick up trash from the tanks, the highway is the Station area, which I serve, — the portal of Kerch city garbage truck driver Nicholas. — And anything suspicious on the road was not — water poured out of a leaky pipe, as usual.

He turned off the road in the direction of the garbage area and asphalt .. suddenly fell through the machine. The

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In the Amur region will find an abundance of medical waste

In the Amur region revealed a number of irregularities in the medical institutions of waste, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" referring to the deputy head of the region's environmental prosecutor Constantine Serzhanova.

Prosecution inspection revealed violations in five health facilities in the region, including the skin and venereal diseases, cancer and regional TB dispensaries, as well as the city of the Annunciation and the Amur Regional Hospital.

The prosecutors found that medical waste class "B" and "B" in these institutions were kept in disinfecting solutions. Moreover, according to health standards, such waste should be incinerated.

Serzhanov noted that the violations were

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The earthquake and tsunami in Japan: photo

In Japan, there was a massive earthquake, Honshu, has covered 10-meter tsunami.

The earthquake was one of the strongest in the world by force, it is approximately equal to the Chilean earthquake last year, which killed 1.5 thousand people.

The consequences are terrible cataclysm. Many towns — including Tokyo — damaged. Thousands of victims. Many houses have been destroyed, there is fire.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan: photo

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