The biggest storm recently hit Chicago

7/12/11 About 45000 customers were disconnected from the electricity supply on Monday night. To blame for a series of powerful storms that swept through the Chicago area and its environs in the early afternoon, according to

Representatives of the power company said it was the largest blackout associated with weather conditions over the past 13 years. In general, the complexity of 868,000 people have been disabled.

Power outages were also reported in other cities.

In Chicago, a strong gust of wind broke the tops of large trees, trees fell on homes in Rockwell and Howard. Strong wind tore

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In Lipetsk region from biting midges killed livestock

To the area hit by a natural disaster. Midges, coming from the south is killing livestock. More than two dozen cows and bulls fell at Dobrinsky area. Local veterinarians clutching his head.

In this never happened. For animals that weigh several hundred pounds die within hours. Locals only one consolation for man, these insects are not dangerous.

Baby elephant born at Prague Zoo

Baby elephant born at Prague Zoo, for the first 80 years of its history, said on Tuesday the Czech informagentstvoChTK citing zoo director Miroslav Bobek.

"Descendant elephant born at Donna's baby immediately rose to his feet," — said Bobek. Donna was taken to the Prague Zoo in the spring of last year, from Rotterdam.

The head of the Prague Zoo, the elephant is still no name. "Management of the zoo said that the name of the cub should choose visitors by voting" — said Bobek.

He also said that the elephant will be released in the new enclosure, which is

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In Guatemala declared anxiety due to the increased activity of the volcano Fuego

"Preventive alert" declared in Guatemala due to significantly increase the activity of Fuego volcano, located 50 km south of the capital. As reported today by representatives of Guatemala, in the crater of natural colossus was an explosion, but from its vents have repeatedly erupted ash cloud that rose to a height of 1.5 km.

Civil defense units are on high alert for the need to evacuate settlements, in the vicinity of the volcano. While the immediate danger to the people there, but scientists do not rule out that as soon as the activity of natural colossus could increase.

Due to

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Waterspout in Latvia

Evening, June 25, several witnesses were able to photograph the Latvian smerch.Unikalnoe natural phenomenon was seen relaxing on the beach near the town of Tuy in Limbaži district.

Tornado — atmospheric vortex that occurs in a thunderstorm cloud and then distributed in the form of dark sleeves and trunk towards the surface of the land or the sea, on top of a funnel-shaped extension which merges with the clouds.

Photo by Andris and Edgar. Videos sent Alexander.

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Russia intends to create a network of nature reserves in the area of 122 million hectares

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia plans to increase the area of protected areas in several regions of Russia and Central Asia by 10% — up to 122 million hectares, which will create a network of interconnected protected areas, according to a new five-year environmental strategy, the World Wildlife Fund ( WWF) Russia.

"To save the species, maintaining the integrity and sustainability of ecosystems will create ecological networks" Econet "covering in the Far East — 16 million hectares (habitat of tiger and leopard) in the Altai-Sayan — 10 million hectares (habitat of the snow leopard and argali mountain sheep), in

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Tropical storm in Vietnam has killed 10 people

In Vietnam, a tropical storm raged Jaime took the lives of ten people. Another sixty — were injured, according to "Channel 5."

Three people — are still missing. Most of the dead — have died from lightning strikes, or — in the destruction of homes.

The hurricane has destroyed about a thousand homes. Now — it is moving to the north.

Ministry of Health of Germany: E. coli E.coli spread from person to person

Minister of Health of Germany Daniel Bar reported that E. coli E.coli, which causes life-threatening infectious disease spread from person to person.

According to him, doctors have proven that in Hesse, 20 people were infected with intestinal infection by an employee of the company exit restaurant service. She herself took up the bacteria by eating contaminated beansprouts. A few days later "gave" her restaurant customers, working on the production of the ordered dishes for family parties.

In Europe, an intestinal infection caused by the bacterium E.coli, killing more than 50 people. The number of infected E. coli in Europe,

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Plague of locusts and Russian summer

Russian agriculture, intense drama is experiencing drought last summer, this year, again reflecting the threat — of locusts destroying hectares of crops per hectare, and swine fever, mows whole farm Agriculture of Russia, only survived the drought of the summer of last year and the forthcoming remove grain embargo, this year, faced with the aggravation of the two problems. Ministry of Agriculture this year is seriously concerned locusts and expanding areas of defeat African swine fever.

As reported on Thursday, Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrynnik Agriculture Ministry next week will begin funding to fight locusts. In this regard, she asked the

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On Tsimlyanskii reservoir mass die young fish

Told "AIF-Volgograd" reported in the state institution "Nizhnevolzhrybvod."

According to the main institutions ichthyologist Sergey Yakovlev, from the end of last week, the coastal areas of the Gulf Chirskov Tsimlyansk reservoir near the village Novomaksimovsky littered with dead fish.

The number of dead specimens is about 10 thousand. Mostly died young of silver carp — the average individual weight of fish were dying — about one hundred grams, and overall weight lost about 5 tons of fish.

The probable cause of environmental emergency — pollution of the coastal area so called "ballast water" from passing through the Volga-Don shipping route

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