More than 160 settlements in Ukraine powered down due to bad weather

Rain and strong winds have left without electricity 166 settlements in the five regions of Ukraine on the night of Friday, the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"On the night of June 24 as a result of adverse weather conditions (rain, strong gusts of wind) worked protection of power lines, causing blackout occurred 166 communities in five areas," — said in a statement. In particular, in the Vinnytsia region energized 81 locality in Khmelnitsky — 46, Kiev — 22, Ternopil — nine, Chernivtsi — eight. To restore the power of settlements brought brigade power companies.

Rains have Urals in month siege

UFD. The current June remembered Ural'tsev endless rain of sit position for three weeks.

In the Chelyabinsk region on 24-26 June 2011 declared an emergency warning for thunder showers, hail and winds of up to 15-20 meters per second. As "Uralinformbyuro" in the regional emergencies department, bad weather can lead to a power failure, damage to the roofs of buildings and structures slaboukreplennyh, flooding. According Chelyabinskgidrometa, afternoon temperatures will be around 20 degrees. Next week, the rain curtain will remain, but the air warms up to 23-28 degrees. In the Sverdlovsk and Kurgan regions will be even warmer, and

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Locust invasion in Irkutsk region

In the 7th district of Irkutsk region whole flock ruthless locusts devouring farmland. Pests have occupied 42 thousand hectares.

Experts say that the insects begin to hurt particularly active planting in dry and hot weather. Indeed, in many places, Angara has not rained for over a month, the day the thermometer shows 37 degrees. The bright sun burned out grass hayfields and pastures, that locusts and pounced on crops even earlier than usual. In addition, pests multiply actively in abandoned fields.

— Especially a lot of locusts in Irkutsk, Usolsky, Bayanday, Ekhirit-Balagatskom, Kachug, Alarsky, Nukutsky areas — said "KP" deputy

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A number of villages in the Gabala region of Azerbaijan flooded agricultural, destroyed dams, bridges were in disrepair, severely damaged grain fields

Gabala. Shahnazar Bashirov-APA. Heavy rains and mudflows caused serious damage to Gabala region.

According to APA Shirvan, incessant rains that fell in the night of 22 to 23 June in the Gabala region, water and debris brought by the mountain rivers, caused serious damage to individual homeowners, grain fields, gardens, bridges, coastal dike, communication lines .

Debris water caused serious damage to the bridge length of 135 meters above the river Garachay, comprising the village Emirvan, Melikli, Sileyli, Blyh with the regional center. In an emergency condition was the bridge over the river on Highway Mirzabeylichay Gabala-Sheki.

As a result

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An earthquake of 4.8 points occurred in the Kuril Islands

An earthquake measuring 4.8 points occurred on Sunday morning in the area of Shikotan, notified the emergency department of the Sakhalin region.

"The center of earthquake was at a depth of 100 kilometers at coordinates 43.94 north latitude and 146.94 east longitude," — said in a statement.

Message received by the 5.9 earthquake on Sakhalin time. In the MOE added that the region tremors were not felt.

Mysterious Baikal swallows ships

According, on the lake disappeared the next ship to people. Now the search and rescue team is searching for the pleasure boat "Yamaha", who had gone to the lake-sea with four men on June 16 and has not yet returned. All of which indicate that the men were experienced sailors. But some, as it were "written off" crew boat: boat disappeared in the most mysterious area of Lake Baikal.

So, in order. The boat left the village district Kabansky region of Buryatia, there were four men. They should be back soon, just going to try out

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In the mountains of Sochi, the threat of avalanches

Emergency department for the Krasnodar Territory launched an emergency warning of avalanches in the mountains of Sochi, said the agency.

According to the regional meteorologist, on Sunday in the mountains of the Big Sochi possible avalanches. During the week, rescuers saw the weather and atmosphere at the resort and warned residents and guests of the resort, vacationers in mountainous areas of avalanches.

"Projected emergencies related to the cliff overhead communication lines and power, overlapping roads, bridges, tunnels," — said in a statement.

Rescuers encourages residents and guests to refrain from the edge of the output to the mountains during the

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The main avenue of Tbilisi failed asphalt — VIDEO

On the main metropolitan Rustaveli Avenue in the center of Tbilisi in the afternoon on July 21 failed asphalt. The accident car traffic was temporarily suspended, on-site emergency team works. According to the company, "Tbilvodokanal" asphalt roadway Avenue was damaged due to heavy rains that led to the eventual failure of the road. At the moment, the area under reconstruction.


Operator Demuri Kondzhariya, NEWSGEORGIA / News Georgia

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The NPP Fukushima again jumped dramatically the level of radiation

In the basement of the 2nd Japanese nuclear reactor emergency, "Fukushima-1" reiterated the high radiation. The level of accumulated water in the basement is more than 6 meters. "As a result of measurements inside the building before the unit was established that the level of radiation in water flooding the basement up to 430 millisieverts per hour", — reported today by representatives of the operator station of Tokyo Electric Power. Experts believe that such a sharp increase in the radiation zone of the 2nd reactor, fixed for the first time after the March disaster, may be associated with leakage

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Sinkhole in Guatemala

20.06.11.Prolivnye rains caused the formation of a large dip in the 235 kilometer road along the route of Alta Verapaz, near the village of El Jocote District Chicaman.

According to local residents formed a funnel Saturday, while in the area were strong dozhdi.Glubina hole about 30 meters and the diameter of its spans the entire width of the roadway and approximately 25 metrov.Mestnye authorities say set the dimensions of the hole and assess damage .

Despite the risk of further collapse of adjacent areas, motorists, especially working on the production of corn and cardamom, and using this

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