Fukushima-1 threatening typhoon


After the earthquake and tsunami emergency plant "Fukushima-1" threatens the typhoon. It may come down to the station on Sunday.

Scientists fear that it would spread radioactive dust for tens of kilometers in all directions, said "Russia-24".

Units cover with plastic wrap and special synthetic resin to contain the radiation. Its content in the water and the soil around the plant is already above the norm of 100.

At the nuclear plant has accumulated tens of thousands of tons of radioactive water. The Japanese have a strong presence — want to complete the processing

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Major landslide in Sunshine Valley

27.05.11.Opolzen of tons of rock, mud and fallen trees in Sunshine Valley, destroyed three homes, creating a local state of emergency.

The landslide occurred at 16:00 in the quiet community located along Highway Princeton Hope, and collapsed in a huge mass of Douglas Firs for holiday homes.

The only person being there was 40-year-old woman. She managed to escape to a nearby a house, but emotionally she's shocked.

Neighbor's house MERNIER Jacobsen was safe, but it says that the test was "disgusting frightening."

"I can not say whether there was more dirt to fall off or calm

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The earthquake occurred in Buryatia

Ulan-Ude. May 28. Interfax-Siberia — An earthquake measuring 5.4 points occurred late Friday night in Kurumkansky region of Buryatia, the press service of the Main Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region.

Tremors were registered at 22:49 local time. Magnitude of 3.3. The epicenter was located 43 km north-east of the village Kurumkan.

No injuries or damage.

Saiga case again recorded in Western Kazakhstan

Saiga case again recorded in Zhanibekskom district of West Kazakhstan region, on Friday, local residents found 100 heads of dead animals, according to Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan.

"Duty Officer CSR West Kazakhstan region on Friday afternoon, it was reported by local residents about the discovery in the rural district of case Zhaksybayskom saiga in 100 goals in most adult females," — said in a statement.

According to MOE, akimat Zhanibekskogo district established a commission to investigate the deaths of wild animals and determining the number of dead antelope.

In place of the disaster left by the Republican

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In Adygea river burst its banks

In Adygea cope with the consequences of a powerful flood. Due to heavy rains local river burst its banks Hojo and podtopila several settlements. In the four regions of the country declared a state of emergency. It flooded dozens of homes, the rescuers had to evacuate the population.

Alexander Lyashko, rescue team leader Emergencies Ministry of the Republic of Adygea, "The situation is serious. Evacuate had only rafts about 100 people, it is only our squad. And on vehicles taken 200 people, maybe more. Today, talk to people, they say that in

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More than 500 tons of radioactive water leaked into the sea from Fukushima-1

The release of radioactive substances into the sea off the water inlet third nuclear reactor emergency, "Fukushima-1" about a hundred times higher than the permitted limit and was 20 terabecquerels. After detecting leakage from the premises of the third unit of May 10 specialists NPP operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) reported to the authorities of the extent of contamination. However, by then new measurements made experts to adjust the data to increase. Until now, TEPCO drew the most attention around the area of the 2nd reactor, the water intake is April 21 the content of radioactive substances in the Pacific

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Tropical storms have put Venezuela on his knees

Venezuela captive tropical downpours. Heavy rainfall triggered flooding. More than 7000 people in the state of Merida pray for help.

Now mud obolzni destroying homes, rendering useless the road and eroding agricultural lands.

In the affected areas conducted rescue operations.

Earlier, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has extended by three months a state of emergency in 8 states of Venezuela, suffered from the lingering showers.

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Fish kills in Ivano-Frankivsk

100 thousand hryvnia appreciated Regional Fishery Protection Inspectorate losses caused mass poisoning of fish in the river Burkach near the village Sivka-Voynilovskaya, Kalush district, Ivano-Frankivsk.

According to the chairman Sivko-Voynilovskogo village council Oksana Jackdaws, the first signs of distress farmers discovered on Sunday, May 15, and May 16 is a dead fish lying on the bank of the mass near the village.

Burkach — small river, stretching about three kilometers — originates from a source located about 150 meters from the farms to the Danish farm investments "Danosha." Farmers believe that this company was involved in the poisoning of fish.

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In Miass and Kyshtym water would last only a few months

After a few months in drinking water sources and Kyshtym Miassa could end water. This was on the committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region on Ecology and Mineral Resources said the deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Chelyabinsk region Svetlana Kostina.

As the correspondent of "New Region", on the basis of the most serious problems of the flood water is projected at two South Urals cities Miass and Kyshtym.

According to Kostya, the water reserves in the reservoir Iremelskom Miassa last for 3-4 months. In the past year, to

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For several hours after the storm Medeu and Shymbulak were cut off from Almaty

Suddenly began in the early evening of the eighth storm in Almaty has brought a lot of trouble quickly and rescue services to the city. Not only that, many of Almaty it not only caught off guard, but "taken prisoner."

As a result of strong gusty winds on the road connecting Shymbulak — Medeo — Almaty, in the environmental office, dropped a few dozen years of poplars.

Dozens of tourists returning from vacation, have been cut off from the city. Not only that, the segment length of about a mile, where it happened, by the fallen trees,

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