Cold in Russia: pupils are sitting at home, transport stalls on the tracks

A strong cold snap, which has been held for several days in many parts of Russia, has caused the deaths of several dozen people, cancel classes in schools and breakdown of vehicles on roads.

Summary of the approach of cold weather, and come from the regional Weather Service and FEMA clock. On Wednesday, the Kamchatka "pleased" that the temperature has not reached the promised minus 50 degrees and stuck to minus 45, and the cold weather in Novosibirsk prevented builders time to complete the work on the facade of the new Philharmonic Hall.

It's cold, but not very

In Penzhina

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Wind storm in Mariupol fells trees and tearing wires

Last day received 175 applications for the lack of light in homes. In Mariupol been simmering storm. Under the pressure of the elements in the old trees falling and exploding wires.

"Emergency situation Avenue May 1. Wind knocked a tree on the wiring harness. Now, the professional staff "Zelenstroya." Just one week in Mariupol has been cut and removed seven fallen trees, "- said the head of the production department of the utility of the" Green Building "Irina Pulgaeva.

The Office for Civil Protection and Welfare indicate that another application for sawing a fallen tree arrived this morning from

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To the nations capital hit freezing rain

Freezing rain fell on Washington. According to Radio "Mayak", the bad weather has led to congestion on the roads and a small accident.

Traffic police of Washington urges motorists to exercise caution on the roads, and if possible, refrain from traveling. Police also warned of the danger to pedestrians: sidewalks were covered with ice.

For residents of Washington and neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia, freezing rain was a surprise: in the last few days the weather was warm enough, at the end of last week, the temperature rising to plus 23. Now the temperature is around the mark of

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Rescuers have killed dozens of pilot whales

A large group of pilot whales, also known as the pilot whale, tried to commit mass suicide in New Zealand. Jumped ashore over a hundred sea creatures. However, nearly half of them killed by local rescuers.

The tragedy occurred on Stewart Island, located in the southern part of the archipelago. Witnessed massive suicide attempts were resting on one of the deserted beaches. Eyewitnesses said they immediately called emergency services.

Experts arrived on the shores of bodies counted 107 dolphins. Emergency staff stated that at the time of their arrival, 59 pilot whales have suffocated. Others were near death. In this

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Frost in Russia hit record

In Russia, assign its rights until the winter rush. The minimum value for February Hydrometeorological records in Yakutia. The next night the thermometer there to drop to 59 degrees. Extreme cold established in the Altai. Temperature reaches minus 40 degrees. Crackling frost and the Volga region. The Ministry of Education of the Ulyanovsk region encouraged schools to cancel classes for students from 1 st to 11 th grades. In Kazan today also expected a record minus 42 degrees. In St. Petersburg, the second decade of the month was the coldest in the history of weather observations. Frosts were even

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In Georgia, the snowfall cut off from the outside world for more than 20 villages

Due to heavy snowfall and avalanches over 20 villages Akhmeta, Dusheti and Tinetskogo areas of Georgia were completely isolated. The snow cover there reached 2 — 3 meters, which was discontinued due to vehicular traffic. Due to fog, snow and strong winds helicopter impossible.

As the representatives of the authorities and Dusheti Tinetskogo areas, on roads in the snow taken prisoners several passenger vans. Employees of road services and emergency services were able to take passengers and drivers in safe places. Employees of road construction equipment services with nearly around the clock trying to clear the roads leading to

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In Buryatia earthquake

In Buryatia earthquake intensity 5.6 points. The epicenter of tremors, which were recorded on Sunday, was 100 kilometers south-east of the village Severomuisk.

As ITAR-TASS in Russian Emergency Situations Ministry headquarters in the Republic, in Severomuyskiy tremors were not felt. No injuries or damage. All critical infrastructure Muya region are operating normally.

Underground elements did not affect the operation of the BAM and situated in the area of North-15-kilometer rail tunnel — the longest in Russia.

Mass mortality of wild ducks in Ohio, USA

Biological Threat number three on a five-point scale RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service.

Officials have no theories as the cause of death of thousands of ducks on Lake Erie and the river Maumi. Avian flu has not been confirmed. A mysterious disease was found a few weeks ago, a few birds, on Friday found a 200. Birds first head dropping back, then deteriorated motor skills, then die. Laboratory tests found nothing.

In the department of Wildlife said that can not yet set, which was the cause of death, but suggest natural causes.

Bad weather threatens to communication failure and utilities in 15 Russian regions

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry on Wednesday predicted possible disruptions to energy facilities, communications, and utilities in 15 subjects of the six federal districts of-zaneblagopriyatnyh weather.

"Operational forecasting of possible emergencies in the coming day will be caused by dysfunction of the energy facilities, communications, housing and transport in the Central (1 subject, 4 municipal district), North West (1, 7), Southern (1, 1), North- Caucasian (2, 12), Siberian (9, 62) and Far East (1, 4) federal districts, "- said in an operational forecast office.

According to the Center "Antistikhia" during December 19 adverse weather phenomena are expected in the Altai, Krasnoyarsk,

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Affected by oil swans sheltering people

Swans hit by oil pollution in Baltiysk found shelter. Host them indifferent citizens. Most of the birds were rescued.

Meanwhile, to understand the cause of environmental emergency in the Baltic harbor already engaged Rosprirodnadzor. At the conclusion of departments, oil contamination of birds occurred in January. At the moment the oil spill in the harbor there.

Rafis Kamalov, Deputy Head EMERCOM Russia's Kaliningrad region, said: "It helped guide the hotel" Golden Anchor. "For more than four birds are found in the basement of the hotel. Their cleared of oil, they are fed and kept in the warmth. So their life

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