Storm warning announced in the Novosibirsk region

Storm warning because they expected in the coming hours sleet, snow storms and strong winds launched in Novosibirsk region, according to regional GUMCHS.

"In the next six hours with preservation of November 13 to expected snow, sleet, blizzards, wet snow, wind southwest 9-14 meters per second, sometimes gusts of 19-24 meters per second," — said in a statement, citing at Novosibirsk Weather Center.

Therefore MOE warns of a possible emergency situations related to damage and power lines, falling insecure structures, systems failures on Energy and Utilities, disruption of transport, road and utility services, increasing the number of road accidents.


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The ferry service is interrupted in Vladivostok in connection with the storm

Trucking companies "Mortrans" Monday morning suspended execution passenger flights ferries to all the islands and bays in Vladivostok in connection with the storm, told RIA Novosti the company Ekaterina Chernenko.

Storm Warning on 10-11 November, it was announced in Vladivostok on Friday. On Monday night in a heavy rain.

"At night the wind speed reached 20 meters per second, now — about 15-17 meters. Due to strong emotion, it was decided to cancel the move to all the islands — Russian, Popov and Reinicke, and the Cape Churkin," — said the agency interlocutor .

According to her, the ferry will

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Russian aid flies to New York

October 23, 2012 awesome hurricane "Sandy" swept over the coast of the Caribbean Sea. He took with him dozens of victims, from Jamaica to New York.

The first victim was recorded in Jamaica, where the hurricane gained strength. On Saffir-Simpson he was awarded the first category of danger.

October 25 winds have reached 180 kilometers per hour, the storm reached the coast of Cuba. Hazard rating rose to second. Tens of thousands of houses and 187 schools were destroyed, damaged power lines, roads. Completely destroyed sugar plantations. According to initial data injured nine people.

Next hurricane swept over Haiti toward

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Storm warning announced in the Maritime region due to strong winds

Maritime authorities have declared a storm warning in relation to the approach to the edge of a powerful storm that will bring rain to the region with snow and strong winds, according to the regional administration.

"From 11 to 13 November in the Primorsky Territory is expected to significantly deteriorating weather conditions. Preparedness of all services to the passage of the cyclone was discussed today (Friday) at a meeting in the Primorsky Territory Administration under the leadership of Vice-Governor Sergei Sidorov," — said in a soobenii.

According to the chief Primgidrometa Boris Kubaya the evening on November 11 in Vladivostok,

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5.5 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Fukushima

Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occurred on Monday at Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Japan reported mmo country.

The earthquake lies at a depth of 20 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean.

Fukushima Prefecture — one of the most affected by the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011. Strong tremors were felt in Ibaraki Prefecture.

No tsunami threat. Information on casualties or damage were reported. Information about damage to the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1" stopped "Fukushima-2" and "Tokai-2" have also been reported.

Strong wind and rain are expected in the three republics of the North Caucasus

Rain and strong winds are expected on Sunday in Kabardino-Balkaria, North Ossetia and Dagestan, said Emergency Situations Ministry.

According to authorities, wind gusts can reach 23 meters per second.

"It is possible emergencies to the municipal nature related to the cliffs of transmission lines, accidents at substations, falling trees and loose structures, as well as emergency situations at most local character due to irregularities in the road transport, increase the number of accidents," — warns MOE.

Powered by Statoil in the Norwegian Sea accident

The accident at the oil platform of Statoil occurred on Wednesday in the Norwegian Sea, hundreds of workers were evacuated, reports Agence France Presse.

Representatives of the company said that in the morning on the platform was discovered strong roll. After that, 374 people were evacuated from the emergency facility by helicopter.

According to preliminary data, the threat of oil spills and pollution there.

By core business Statoil is exploration and production of oil and gas. For over 30 years developing hydrocarbons on the Norwegian continental shelf, and is a pioneer in the implementation of offshore projects in harsh climatic

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New flooding possible in the Tuapse by showers — MES

General Directorate of Emergency Situations Ministry in Krasnodar Region on Tuesday announced an emergency alert in Tuapse region due to projected rainfall.

Tuapse district in August, suffered a devastating flood, which killed four people. Much of this resort town suffered Novomikhailovsky.

"According to the Krasnodar regional meteorologist, in the second half of the night from 6 to 7 November, and keeping to the end of the day on November 7 in the Tuapse region expected to be very heavy rain, heavy rain," — said in a regional GUMCHS.

Binge elements can lead to "Waterlogging lowland and coastal areas and settlements,"

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Active cyclone brought in Primorye rain and sleet

Advanced cyclone, coming from the Yellow Sea in Primorye, brought to the southern areas of the region the rain and sleet in central, said on Tuesday Primgidromet.

Previously, the emergency department at Primorye storm warning issued in connection with the approach to the edge of an active cyclone, which brought heavy rain to the region with snow.

"On Tuesday, in Vladivostok cloudy with occasional rain. Wind north, northeast moderate, strong evening. Temperatures range from plus 7 degrees Celsius. Cyclone in the coming days will slowly move over the northern half of the Sea of Japan to the east Primorye

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Primorye coming to severe cyclone

Emergencies Ministry on Monday issued an emergency warning for the passage of the cyclone to the Maritime Provinces.

According to forecasters, November 6 and 7 are expected worsening of weather conditions, reports EMERCOM on edge. Morning and afternoon, November 6 at the southern edge of the precipitation is expected, sometimes heavy with snow. 12 hours could fall from 15 to 35 mm of rain. Night and day, November 7 precipitation, sometimes strong, will be in the south-east and south eastern regions. Weather forecasters predict rain, sometimes snow.

Bad weather can lead to ice, reduced short-term flooding of terrain, roads. Also

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