Fog covered the sky over Beijing

Because of the fog, which blanketed Beijing, the capital's airport canceled and delayed more than 120 flights. Visibility in some areas of the city was reduced to 200 meters.

According to news channel 24, with reference to the U.S. Embassy, which employs laboratory monitoring of air quality in Beijing, air pollution has increased dramatically. In the air exceeded the maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances.

Thick fog enveloped as the northern, central and eastern regions of the country. Because of this sharp increase in the number of accidents on the roads of China. Reported several dead

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The storm train to Leningrad were four oclock

PETERSBURG, July 29. That night, because heavy rain and runoff water on contact network failure occurs Line voltage on the stretch Budogoshch — Pchevzha that the reason for the delay range of passenger trains.

As reported by "Rosbalt" Service Public Relations October Railway, at 21:48 on the eve passing storm front with heavy rain on the stretch Pchevzha — Budogoshch single-track electrified section Kirishi — Budogoshch suspension cable was shorting flow of storm water flowing down from the overpass to the contact network due to technical design features of the overpass.

It took about 3.5 hours by

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Minsk under the snow

January 7 Minsk region covered with snow. But in the next day snowfall stops, and in most of the expected fog, at night in many areas during the day on the east ice. Black ice on the roads. The air temperature in the country at night and from 4 degrees Celsius to 1 degree heat during the day — from minus 1 to plus 5 degrees.

Photo: Banchevsky

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Bears at the Moscow Zoo have fallen into hibernation

Changeable Moscow weather did not disappoint brown and Himalayan black bears from the Moscow Zoo, they fell into hibernation in late November, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, head of the Department of Public Relations zoo Elena Mendoza.

"In the wild, bears usually hibernate in late November, we try to lay them to sleep at the same time. They are now in hibernation," — said Mendoza.

She explained that the first zoo workers reduce the amount of power bears translate into "light" menu, then stop and go into the water cages. Thus, the animals realize that it's time to hibernate.

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Death of fish in the lake deep in Kazan

To all those who intended to go on holidays to the deep lake, breathe pine wind, sit on the beach — it is better to change your plans.

Along the coastline of Deep Lake extraordinary amount of dead fish. The sight and smell of dead fish do not give a joyful cheer of the holiday and May. The picture in the Deep Lake opens quite depressing.

In Sevastopol, trees attack caterpillars

Sevastopol on bird-cherry trees attacked by caterpillars of moths. Pest twist around tree web, then it completely eats the leaves. Risk of bird-cherry moth is that the caterpillars with cherry shoots webs entangle to form special socket, which can lead to the death of the tree.

On the French nuclear explosion

It was followed by a fire. This was "RIA Novosti" reported citing local media. Clarifies that the incident occurred inside the power plant have been stopped "Trikasten." According to preliminary data, there is a transformer on fire. Eyewitnesses say that the nuclear power plant in the sky rose a huge column of black smoke. This minute localized fire. In the fire involved a large number of firefighters and rescuers. Information about the victims and no harm to the environment have been reported.

Turbulent winter in South Australia

Winter storm hit the south-west coast of Australia. Wind speed exceeds 125 km / h Some homes were left without roofs, and streets — without trees. Meteorologists predict the intensification of winter storms to the south of Australia, and the cycle of inclement weather. Powerful emotion of the ocean, strong winds and heavy rainfall will affect the entire southern coast

Flooding in Quebec requires the intervention of the military

Quebec Premier Jean Charest again called Canadian Forces to help flood victims.

About 800 soldiers participated in the struggle against a natural disaster, but last week, about 200 soldiers returned to their base in Valkarte.

According to Charest, the level of danger to the inhabitants of a vast region Monterezhi due to continuing rains did not decreased.

At the same time, the prime minister of Quebec promised to increase aid to the victims. While the maximum of such aid is 150 thousand dollars.

Over the past five weeks, about 3 thousand households affected by flooding. Nearly a

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Costa del Sol — sunny harmony of life

Costa del Sol — a place where summer lasts 330 days a year. Here, everything is perfect and harmonious, and life just swing. Climate Costa del Sol is unique and is located in Marbella among the top three resorts in the world (along with the Cote d'Azur in France and Florida). On the Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean Sea, in the last decade to build the best and most prestigious real estate in Spain: villas, houses, apartments. It is expensive, but the cost is fully justified: the combination of a mild subtropical climate, beautiful scenery, warm sea, beautiful beaches,

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