Downpour destroyed roads in Irkutsk region

Builders in the north of the Irkutsk region rebuild damaged by heavy rain road connecting the center of town, where more than a thousand people, according GUMCHS the region on Wednesday.

Tuesday night received information that Bodaibo area by heavy rainfall occurred eroded road Kropotkin — transported and partial collapse of bridges length of five meters on the creek and the creek Aichi Lake. Currently, the road transport available.

"On Wednesday, a branch of the service road of the Irkutsk region planned road reconstruction. Renovation work planned in the next 3-5 days," — said the MOE.

The village is

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The landslide caused the water levels in the river of the National Park of Komi

Landslide from the Ural mountains caused trehmetrovogo improve Kozhim River in the National Park "Yugyd wa" and water pollution, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the National Park director Tatiana Fomicheva.

Abnormal increase in water level in the river Kozhim (almost three meters) as well as its strong turbidity July 15 documented workers National Park. As explained by the RIA Novosti Inta Mayor Pavel Smirnov, some environmentalists believe that the cause of muddy water may be the activity of JSC "GoldMinerals", has received a license to mine gold mine's worth staying in the area, officially extracted from the national park boundaries,

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Emergencies Ministry warns of almost 40-degree heat on the Black Sea

EMERCOM Russia in Krasnodar Region on Sunday announced an emergency warning for the heat to 38 degrees on the Black Sea coast of Russia.

"Sunday in the area of the Black Sea coast to the town of Anapa Shepsi (near Tuapse) from 14.00 to 17.00 MSK expected heatwave 37-38 degrees," — said in a forecast.

GUMCHS encourages residents and visitors of the Kuban in this period of time to be in a cool place.

Possible flooding in the Transbaikal

In the village of Trans-Baikal Chara rescue services is likely alert residents about flooding. In the emergency department of Trans-Baikal Territory, its headquarters was informed that due to the fact that in this area experienced heavy rainfall. Because of them in the river Chara raise the water level, which is 412 cm, while the critical mark is 470 centimeters.

According to the emergency department staff still ongoing rains could further raise the level and go through the critical point. It is reported that in the village of 572 homes, they are home to 2290 people, children among them children

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In Perm 3.5 thousand people remain without electricity due to bad weather

More than 3.5 thousand people in 23 villages in the Perm region are without electricity due to bad weather, reported GUMCHS the region on Friday.

In total, according to the rescuers, electricity disconnected people in eight districts of the region.

"To eliminate the consequences involved 422 people, 123 pieces of equipment," — says in a release.

Emergency power outage occurred in the region on Wednesday. The cause was a storm front that passed through the province on that day.

Several roads and bridges submerged by flood in Karelia

Heavy rains podtopili several roads and bridges in the city Lahdenpohja in Karelia, there were no injuries, said the administration of the country.

"Due to heavy rainfall in the night from 18 to 19 July there was a rise of water in the river Aura. At night the water rose from two to seven meters. As a result, several roads were flooded, there was erosion of support wooden bridge on the street in New house number 11 , destroyed one of the spans of the bridge, flooded basements of several houses, "- said in the information.

The affected bridge

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Emergency mode introduced in the area affected by Hurricane Mari El

State of emergency was introduced in the area Paranginskij Mari El, where the hurricane damaged the roof of nearly 800 homes, told RIA Novosti on Thursday GUMCHS Russian Federation in the Republic.

Tuesday through Mari El storm front passed, accompanied by wind gusts and hail. Brunt of the disaster was in the village Paranga where damaged roof 45 blocks and 750 private houses.

The main efforts are now aimed at the restoration of damaged roofs. Here additionally imported slate roofing, metal, roofing iron and other construction materials. Funds for the purchase of building materials and construction and installation works are

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Heavy rain and hail caused serious harm to the villages in Georgia

Several thousands of families affected by heavy rain and hurricane-force winds in parts of Kakheti (Eastern Georgia), reports on Thursday "News-Georgia".

In communities Gurjaani, Telavi and Lagodekhi district demolished the roof and destroyed the walls of houses, some of which were flooded. Binge disaster fell on a Thursday night.

"In all the villages, destroyed crops, killed livestock and poultry. In the village is not energized, destroyed roads, bakeries are not working," — said the regional agency "Kakheti Information Center."

According to the center, resulting in disaster affected 16 people, they were taken to the hospital Telavi.

Due to the state

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Hail the Kuban 160 houses damaged

Hail in the Krasnodar region damaged 160 homes, residents were left without electricity for 11 settlements, according to the website of the regional Emergencies Ministry.

According to the agency, as a result of bad weather affected residents Otradnensky district.

"The victim 160 households, slightly damaged the roof and windows. Has disconnected electricity to the villages Otradnaya Malotenginskaya, calm, Podgornaya Podgornaya, cyanosis, farms, encouraging Tenghinka, Lenin, Khloponin grateful village, towns Urupskiy Lighthouse. Fatalities and victims' — said in a statement.

In place of the emergency task force left. Set amount of damage.

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