Archaeologists have found a unique Mayan temple and dam

July 31, 2012 10:32

For more than three centuries the Maya created a number of large settlements in Central America.

Existing from the VII century BC and abandoned in the X century AD, Tikal was one of the centers of culture and mayanskoy boasted a population of 100 to 200 thousand inhabitants. Archaeologists have long been concerned with the question about the life of the ancient metropolis, and in particular the behavior of the water system. Although the city began to explore in the XIX century, only now have found an ancient dam, which, according to American archaeologists, providing

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Ancient Technology of the Gods — 10,000 years ago

December 16, 2011 23:12

The first part of the film is devoted to the dolmens on the river. Janet, Sev. Caucasus. Second — indicates the common processing methods in the construction of ancient structures around the world (America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Japanese archipelago), and also points to some aspects of the past of the planet Earth.

Space Day stories — Back to the Future

May 8, 2012 20:34

Some scholars, referring to very specific, but the paranormal facts prove that time travel is possible. So, create a time machine, you can return to the past to change the future ….

UFOs. Aliens on the moon. Gods from Sirius

November 1, 2011 16:11

Scientists have shown that the events described in the ancient myths, did occur. And therefore, could exist and their members: the gods, people, snakes, fish-men, winged "angels," tailed "demons." Archaeologists and paleontologists to find confirmation. Alien that needed to humans, they are helping people and used them for their own purposes, why people used to communicate with the "gods", and now, we believe that the "gods" is not …

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Black hole — the gateway to another world

August 5, 2012 8:58

A black hole, according to representations of scientists, has long been an object from which nothing can escape, not even light. Recently, this claim was refuted by the theory of quantum mechanics. At the quantum level, particles escape. New theoretical research — applied research of the black hole is physically impossible at the moment because of her distance, and strong gravity, have shown that the microscopic, quantum mechanical level, the particles can escape from the trap of the gravitational black hole. Effect predicted by escape microparticles Stephen Hawking predicted that black holes emit particles spontaneously in

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Finders. Siberian UFO Express (10/12/2012)

October 15, 2012 6:09

In 1928, in Siberia, in the range Rem Cap was found a knife, made of an unknown metal. Literally translated from Yakut Rem Cap means "ship caught." How to tell the locals, this trout is "very long" crashed airship. Subsequently, the area was discovered many metal objects of unknown material. What is the true origin of all these metals? What happened to the trout Rem Cap? Which ship has crash there? And tolerate it? "The Searchers" outfitted an expedition to the site.

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An unexplained phenomenon — the anomalous zone Preyzera U.S.

February 12, 2013 15:26

UFO as a harbinger of disaster. X Version — 4/10/2012

October 6, 2012 19:04

Mingyur Rinpoche about meditation and scientific experiments

October 4, 2012 19:54

Mysterious natural phenomenon in the Khabarovsk Territory

August 27, 2012 7:19

Taiga mysteriously destroyed at the site of 12 square kilometers. Huge trees uprooted, broken and oddly twisted. According to residents in the area at night was the flash and heard a rumble. Someone even said about aliens. Details of the scene — in the report Andrew Bernikov.

One of the first reported on the mysterious phenomenon of local Mikhail Kirillov. He fished in those places, and saw that the slope of a hill friend, is called a child, looks unusual — it was not the trees. Mikhail Kirillov, an eyewitness, "We thought that

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