Grass instead of drugs

Where to go when you are sick — in the pharmacy or in the woods? Many have no choice. Hundreds of residents of Kamchatka settlements drugs unaffordable. Remain herbs and tips healers. No one knows that better — at least, experienced traditional practitioners are thinking about how to start a business. Interferes with the Russian legislation.


Nikolai Starikov: We will withdraw Russia from WTO

Military Secret (2012.06.04)

Hackers instead of soldiers: When will the 1st World Cyber War? Dead city: unknown details of a New Year's storm of Grozny. Armory duel: the Swedish artillery against the French. Japanese Imperial Navy, why the rising sun quickly builds warships? Observatory of ancient people: the mysterious riddle of humanity Treasures of the sea: how to find the gold the Spanish crown? Georgy Zhukov declassified details of the life of the great marshal. Shield and Sword: Harmony fight. Great parade of planets: the store for mankind mysterious galactic phenomenon?

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Guest Rod

Denmark: gay couple were married in the church

Danes Stig Steen Andersen, Eileen and became the first gay couple who were married in a church in Copenhagen. This became possible after the entry into force of the law, approved by Parliament. Denmark — the first country in the world to recognize same-sex civil unions. This happened in 1989.

Abstinence theory of Professor VG Zhdanov Full version

The parable of the value of life

The next wave of robberies began

Never mind that the dollar has given almost 34 rubles — worse, if the ruble will be given in the face.

The account went on a dime — a dollar today is preparing to break a new barrier to 34 rubles. To more expensive train cars turputevku and appliances.

Main topic today — the Russians last two months working for free. So economists thought — looking at the fall of the ruble against the dollar. Now preparing for the increase in the price of home appliances, cars and package tours — is in the first place.

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In Italy, made a film about the greatest era of lies — the Holocaust

Italian neo semi-legally distributed online documentary, which denies the Holocaust.

Within 90 minutes of the tape "Knowledge frees» («Wissen Macht Frei») tells us that the Holocaust — "the most colossal lie of the modern era", the newspaper La Repubblica.

The publication notes that it is the first film made in Italy. Though while it is distributed in the network, mainly through the neo-Nazi forums, there are plans to extend this cinematographic schools.

"We do not ask for it nor the euro and are ready to deliver it in high schools" — promised the filmmakers.

Activists Forza Nuova

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Arkhangelsk pioneer to ban low-alcohol products

Arkhangelsk region was the first region, where a ban on the sale of alcoholic drinks. The law will come into force on 1 July 2012.

Arkhangelsk Region Governor Igor Orlov signed a law establishing a complete ban retail sales of low alcohol products in the region. According to the legal department of the regional administration, in particular, the law prohibits the retail sale of alcoholic beverages containing ethyl alcohol from 0.5 to 9% of the finished product, wine beverages containing ethyl alcohol from 1.5 to 9% of the finished products and beverages, produced on the basis of beer (beer drinks).

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